Oolong Brewed Coffee

Oolong Brewed Coffee

Jun 27, 2018

It’s been oolong time since I’ve last shared a recipe 😛. This one is inspired by the Hong Kong styled tea known as “Yin Yang”. It’s essentially a mix of coffee and black milk tea. This one substitutes black tea for oolong tea.

Making it rich in flavour plus getting the benefits from coffee and antioxidants from the tea.

Oolong tea is partially oxidized, which puts it in the middle between black and green tea. It’s got tons of antioxidants which helps with decreasing inflammation, heart disease and in some cases help with eczema.

I’ve been having this in the morning. It’s such a nice calming ritual to start the day. All you need is some oolong tea, coffee and milk of choice.


  • Oolong Tea (in bag or lose leaves) About 1 tsp per cup
  • Freshly grounded coffee – I’m using Peruvian beans my mom brought over
  • Milk of choice – Originally in HK style milk tea they use half/half or evaporated milk. But if you’re trying to avoid dairy coconut, oat or any nut milk is a good alternative
  • Optional: Sweetened with honey


  1. Steep oolong tea in hot water (not boiling) for bout 3 minutes
  2. Use tea to brew coffee
  3. Add milk and honey. Mix and Enjoy!

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