Picture this: Sandra Bullock is playing you
(It’s not Miss Congeniality)

You've worked hard to be here. Everything's going well. 

But you have this inkling, something's not right.  Like you're not where you're supposed to be. You’re being pulled everywhere but going nowhere. Just aimlessly drifting through space.

You're feeling restless. You can't seem to land on the reason why...

Ok, so I changed Gravity up a lil' bit. 

But it's a pretty accurate metaphor for how I felt a while back. I was at a crossroads: the job I was in and where I was good at wasn't good for me. The career I once enjoyed was draining the life out of me. I lost my sense of direction, I was on autopilot and sick all the time.

Alive but not living. And if you're here you might be feeling the same way. 

Maybe it’s not career related, maybe it’s simply where you’re at in life.

I get it. There’s nothing like carrying this uneasiness inside. Yearning for clarity, a sense of purpose and wondering where your spark went. Here's a spoiler alert, you will turn it around.