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Jess is an absolutely ideal health coach. She's extremely empathetic, trustworthy, supportive, wise, and kind. You will immediately feel comfortable in her presence and safe to share intimate details of your life and eating habits without any fear of judgement. She has a very calming presence and will help guide you to better decisions in your life, so deftly you won't even realize she's guiding you. She has infinitely improved my life, and I could not recommend her more.

– Sara

My top 3 goals upon starting the 6-month program were: More sleep, better eating/less drinking, exercise more and daily meditation. Jess helped me worked towards these goals by helping me get to the root of the problem. Identifying what was the triggering problems and becoming more aware of my behavior. The most significant change I've noticed is that I trust myself more. I've learned to take time to be with my own thoughts, to meditate and shed guilt from my decisions.

Jess is supportive, intuitive, gentle, enthusiastic, generous and loving. There were many sessions that began with me being high anxious, stressed out and upset. By the end of every session I felt lighter. Jess has the ability to help me focus on the important things and find clarity in the chaos. 

I would recommend Jess to anyone who is naturally anxious and overwhelmed. I have family and friends who would definitely benefit from her gentle guidance and support. I have grown so much over such a short time.

– maxinne

Jess helped me work towards my goals by: offering perspective in how I approached or viewed things, asked questions to dig deeper into understanding my problems or what I have perceived as problems for myself and allowing me to talk through reaching my goals set at the beginning of the program. To ground me and remind me (with each session) why I need to continue to work towards these goals. The most significant change I have noticed has been being more aware of what I need to do for myself, internally, mentally and spiritually to continue to maintain or build my goals/achievements.

Jess is my wellness check-point. We easily get lost in the everyday chaos of life. Having someone like a health coach helps to ground you back to remember what's important and why you reach out to a coach in the first place. They help to remind you to put yourself first. I would recommend Jess to anyone who won't give up on themselves and truly want to achieve some kind of improvement no matter how big or small.

– Mary

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