Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Oct 13, 2015

Went to Portugal during October 2015, for my birthday and instantly fell in love! We stopped by Lagos first then to Lisbon and snuck in a day trip to Sintra. Lisbon is such a charming city. It was my first time in Europe and Portugal did not disappoint. The architecture is beautiful, so colourful and eccentric. Every door had it’s own style and personality. Every alleyway and corner filled with stories and culture.

I felt instantly comfortable here, perhaps because it reminded me of my hometown Lima, Peru. I loved everything from the eccentric tiles, the use of bright colours and the endless hills. Yes, despite not wearing comfy hill walking shoes I enjoyed every second.

There was also lots of fish and sardine dishes. Although we didn’t try much seafood (not a fan) the rest of their cuisine was pretty good. Everything had this “homemade” feel to it.

Cute, colourful architecture in every turn. The Portuguese aren’t afraid to use colours or mix and match patterns/textures.

We also stopped by the aquarium. The city is quite connected, the subway system is pretty spectacular (compared to the toronto TTC) it’s fast, reliable and affordable. We could basically go to any neighbourhood anywhere in a matter of minutes. From trams to buses and most things are walking distance as well.

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