6 Easy Ways to Squat

6 Easy Ways to Squat

Jun 19, 2019

Easy squat 101

A nice grounding pose. Not only is it a nice hip opener, it also strengthens and tones your lower body!

How to get in a squat

  1. Make sure you’re wearing stretchy pants…let’s just say personal experience 😅
  2. Start in standing position, big inhale float your hands up high. Easy exhale to forward fold. Chest close to knees and thighs (gentle bend on the knees)
  3. Crawling a little bit forward, put some weight on your hands as you sink your hips into squat (protecting your joints)
  4. Adjust accordingly. Do you want to spread your feet a bit wider? Open side to side. Make sure there’s no pain. Find a way to make this pose comfortable for you. If you can’t press your heels down it’s ok to start on your tippy toes. Don’t push or force
  5. Stay here for a couple more breaths. If you want to stretch a bit more, bring your palms together right in front of your chest. Elbows inside the knees. Nice chest opening and stay here for as many breaths you want

You can also play with some side twists here. Gentle wrap, interlace fingertips behind neck. Crawl your hands forward and let your head hang. Rock forward and back to crow!

Option 1: Crawl forward, around to settle in
Option 2: Walk hands to the front, drop your head and neck. Nice neck and lower back release
Option 3: Bring palms together, elbows inside the knees
Option 4: Interlace fingers behind your head and neck
Option 5A: Side twist and opening
Option 5B: Chest opener + side twist
Option 6: Rock forward and back into crow pose. Using your elbows as shelves for your knees

Would you like to see more variations in photos or even a video? Or perhaps a series of yoga movements broken down? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Let me know in the comments 😊

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