What’s in a pose?

What’s in a pose?

Nov 4, 2018

When you have to push, force, distort to get there? But isn’t the point of yoga > poses?

Yes and no. Poses are the framework you move through. This is where the ‘how’ comes into place. How you move your body, how you are

Are you in disconnect? Telling your body to fit in poses or are you moving in alignment to yourself?

Sensitizing, noticing how each movement feels? Is it tight? Is it hurting? Does one side feel better than another? Is there pain? That’s a big one to watch out for. How can you adjust and find a way that works for you?

Getting in alignment with yourself will put you in the center of your practice. It helps you connect to how you are 🧘🏻‍♀️

And yes we want to see progress and sometimes doing “harder” poses seem like a way to track it. But are you doing so to “nail” the pose or to learn more about your body? The goal is to move better. You can evolve and grow without forcing

After all, we work out to feel good and to keep our bodies healthy. Just make sure your practice is sustainable in the long run and that you’re having fun with it! 😉

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