Align & Embody

prompted journal

🌱 2-90 Day Goal Setting & Review

πŸ”„ 13 Weekly Check ins & Planning Sections

πŸŒ“ 3 Moon Rituals: New Moon & Full Moon


The answers you’re seeking for, your purpose, what lights you up and what moves you.

Align & Embody is a prompted 90 day journal designed to help you connect within. So you can align and embody the qualities to create a life that is aligned to you.

You'll find monthly pages for review and planning, daily pages (morning and evening that also allows you to track your cycle if you menstruate), weekly check-in and planning, moon rituals and 90 day goal setting and intentions.

β€’ Pages: 329, undated so you start and pick up whenever
β€’ Cover: Hardcover (cream colour) or Softcover (Soft blush colour)
β€’ Size: 6x9 inches

Everything you need is already within you 

connect to your inner compass

πŸŒ… 91 Daily Pages: Morning & Evening Sections

πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Foundations Setting + Grounding Practices

mock up example

The first section of the journal is to take a look at your foundations. What are you expanding from? What really matters to you? What seeds are you cultivating?

What are you building on?



Grounding practices become sacred rituals that lead you back home to yourself. Helping you quiet the noise while rooting you to your inner wisdom and knowing.

What helps you connect within?

grounding practices


This is the fun part! Now that you've set your foundations and grounding tools you get to integrate them in your day to day. See how they feel as you recalibrate, align your intentions through actions and embodying your values.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly

integrate & expand


are you ready to align & Embody?

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