I'm Jessica Lock


a Chinese Peruvian gal living in Toronto, Canada

I help go getters, like you, recalibrate and align to a life you love. 

What does that mean you ask? Well, to put it simply I’m here to help you quiet the noise so you can tune in to your inner compass. You know your wisdom, aka intuition, your magnificent higher self...however you want to call it through Human Design, Yoga and Mindset coaching.

Because the biggest secret in finding clarity? It doesn’t require drastic means. You have everything you need within.

I created this site to share some of my favourite things:

Human design breakdown, fun yoga sequences to ground plus mindset tools to help you understand yourself better. Tuning in doesn’t have to be complicated!

How did I get started?

You know how it goes. You don’t really think about your health until you’re sick. Just like you don’t think about fulfillment until you’re not. 

For me it all started with a sleepless night, and then another one, and another one until sleep was a dream away ;)
Not being able to sleep puts things in perspective - or maybe I was too loopy from the lack of perspective? Either way I was not in alignment. 

Aside from insomnia, my immune system consisted of more snakes than ladders. I was sick 24/7 and becoming a real life eeyore. I didn’t like this version of myself.

My intentions were not aligned to my actions. The job I was good at wasn’t good for me. I was living somebody's else version of happiness and neglecting my own.

So I decided to do something about it. My happiness is in my own hands, just like yours is.

How I went from disconnected to Aligned

Snappy, unmotivated and helpless. Everyone around me showed the same symptoms — surviving instead of thriving — how did this become OK?
I wanted to serve. To make a difference for the greater good. Yet, I was spending 60+ hr a week in a corporate job that drained the life out of me and wasn't helping anyone. I was making good money but was miserable. It was time to get my soul back.

In finding clarity, I've healed my inner child, connected to my higher self & aligned to my life purpose.

i was able to come home to myself

I've been attaching my worth to my title and earnings, seeking approval and validation through doing. My body was fried from all that pushing. I had to re-learn how to simply be. In slowing down I was able to finally hear myself: What my soul ached for, what my body needed and everything got so crystal clear

I didn’t know who I was other than the overachiever who hit every deadline and checked all the “life boxes”. And let’s face it, a total people pleaser. So when I walked away from that career, I broke up with the identity that defined me for the past 10 years. Yeah, I leaped from that corporate ladder.

I saved up, handed my resignation.
It was time to tune my attention inwards.

Thank you, next

Today, I’m a Human Design + Mindset + 500 HR Strala yoga guide

I take a holistic look at your life, help you recalibrate from burn out and guide you back to your inner wisdom

In quitting my soul sucking job — we weren’t the right fit anyways — I am finally free, whole and unleashed! Through yoga I was able to feel safe in my body again, Human Design enabled me to understand my own energetics and dynamic with others. I found my own recipe to inner alignment, soul purpose and health.

It’s now my mission to guide you back to yourself, so you can show up as your authentic self and share your gifts to the world.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition taught me innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and over 100 dietary theories; everything from Ayurveda, gluten-free, and Paleo, to raw and more. So we can work together in figuring out what works best for you and your goals. 


My Training

Strala Yoga

Certified 500 HRs in Strala Yoga. Strala follows a mindset and approach for moving well in your life, finding ease even when the challenges get big. We practice this through yoga, tai chi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In these classes you will sensitize to how your body feels, while moving with ease and connecting with your breath. Healing from the inside out.

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take me back

Step into your light,
so others can step into theirs

"You are not too much, too loud, too hyper, too playful, too chatty. You are exactly as you're meant to be. You are love, you are loved. It's safe now, it's time to come home. Step into your light so others can step into theirs" – Jes Lock

This is your time

+ Community

Blend of Human Design, Yoga, Mindset, Holistic practices to guide you back to your inner knowing.

Human Design Sessions

From foundational, advanced Human Design readings to connection charts + coaching containers to recalibrate

Align & Embody Journal

A prompted 90 day journal designed to help you connect and strengthen your relationship to self

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