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Getting clarity for
what you want

Getting clarity for
what you want

shouldn't be complicated

Let's face it, no one knows you better than yourself.

What if I told you that all the answers you're looking for are within you?

OK, maybe your bff...but your desires, what makes your soul tick, what alignment feels like...that's all within you. And if you're here that means deep down, you believe this too!

But it can get a little bit noisy...

My mission is to help you quiet the noise so you can tune into your inner compass

You know your wisdom, aka intuition, your magnificent higher self...however you want to call it so you can recalibrate from burnout & align to a life you love

This prompted journal is designed to help you connect within. So you can align and embody the qualities to create a life that is authentic to you. Align & Embody is a 90 Day journal that includes daily pages, weekly recaps, monthly check ins and moon rituals.

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Align & Embody Journal


Let's talk energy

Learn about your unique energetics through Human Design. Either through a foundational, advanced or connection session. Coaching packages with a blend of mindset, yoga and holistic approach is available to support you in your deconditioning process.

Human Design

Explore your Human Design Energetics


A guide for the overwhelmed go getter who's eager to find more ease, clarity & alignment in their lives. So you can quiet the noise and strengthen your connection within. After all, we can't align what we don't know is misaligned ;)

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How to go from frazzled to focused

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3 ways to get started

You have everything you need to start within

My story

A Chinese Peruvian gal living in Toronto, Canada. I guide busy burnout people back to their inner knowing and recalibrate through a blend of Human Design, Yoga, Mindset and Holistic practices.

Because the biggest secret in finding clarity? It doesn’t require you to eat, pray and love. You know, the one where you sell everything to move to another country to redefine yourself–I mean if you feel really pull to do so, don’t let me stop you!

But clarity and alignment doesn't require drastic means.


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