60 Gate of Acceptance

60 Gate of Acceptance

Jan 21, 2024


We are now in the last few hours of 2023’s Solar cycle, the last gate of this “human design year”. Back to the Root’s pressure center, the 60 Gate of Acceptance.

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The Gate of Acceptance is the pressure to birth something new. A creative energy transformed by the acceptance of limitations, the form and structure through which creativity flows.

Starting in the Sacral the hub for vital life force, reproduction and sexuality. 3 Gate of Ordering channels the Sacral’s power to transcend chaos and confusion, as it brings forth mutative change.

It reaches towards the Root—the center for life fuel, momentum adrenaline, stress & pressure. It connects to 60 Gate of Acceptance; which provides the fuel, timing + structure to bringing that chaos into form.

Together they form the 3-60 Channel of Mutation.

This gate feels a huge pressure to innovate, to birth something new and different. It doesn’t necessarily know the how, what or when right away. (It’s not meant to!) It needs time to incubate, to be in the void until there’s enough fuel to take form (root pressure buildup).

It’s not something we get to control, we can only be aware of it’s on/off pulse while supporting ourselves through this process. During the off/stuck period, it’s assessing + working around it’s limitations. Learning the rules so it can break them, so it can innovate and birth a new kind of knowing.

Yet Gate 60 without the 3 might not always have the energy to organize and ground their creative chaos. Feeling an immense pressure to do something but not knowing how or where to start.


Individual Knowing & Generated

The 60 is part of the formatting channel (3-60) of the Individual Knowing Circuit the engine of our individual knowing and mutation.

Not only does it provide the timing, it also helps create the space and grounding for your creative ideas to take root. This is an impulsive & deeply melancholic energy that oscillates between periods of creation and feeling stuck, melancholy over not having anywhere to go.

As a generated energy, it’s activated/influenced by the response of the Sacral (along with your S&A’s cue if your authority is a different one). If your 60 is hanging in an undefined Root, notice how you react to external pressure. Are you able to hold & recognize this pressure until it’s time to act? The 60 craves structure, what kind of practices & structures help you support and tend to yourself? 


Shadow Expressions

A big part of learning to hold and work with this pressure is well, acceptance; of your limitations, capacity and the rules in nature. How can you let go of the expectation to produce something out of this pressure? Specially if your S&A + your body is telling you otherwise? How can you support yourself through the “stuckness” & let inspiration, beauty, surprise come to you? Everything in life, nature, the universe goes through it’s own cycles & patterns. There are periods of work, harvest + rest.

In the shadow expressions, the 60 fights itself, frustrated by their own limitations and tries to force something to happen. They’re afraid and have no structure in their lives, floating around or on the opposite end, they are deeply controlling, over reliance on structures with no flexibility to pivot.

The 60th Shadow represents one of the most potent forces responsible for pulling humankind in the opposite direction of evolution. […] But this 60th Shadow is also a great collective release code for higher harmony. It will not yield to force but waits for one thing — time. All of life follows cycles within time. […] The 60th Shadow concerns the human over-reliance on structure and the consequent death of something very special indeed — magic. Magic refers to events that do not follow logical, sequential laws. Magic is spontaneous, highly mutative, unpredictable and uncontrollable. Its greatest quality is that it is beyond meaning or understanding. The 60th Shadow is the greatest critic of magic. Its single purpose is to control the flow of life and prevent anything original from occurring. One of the places where we see a very clear representation of the 60th Shadow is in the realm of human laws. We humans create laws that govern our societies and then we put in place sophisticated systems of legislation to implement those laws. The original purpose of our laws was to protect the innocent and ensure that justice is delivered to those who transgress these laws. However, the structures themselves often become so bogged down in their own limitations that they cease to operate efficiently or even fairly.”—Richard Rudd


Expressed in

You can see this gate’s influence expressed throughout humanity and how societies, cultures, religion, systems are set up. As helpful structures are, they are not meant to remain the same; they should evolve along us.

Structures are an essential part of life. However, all structures are expendable. The body itself is an expendable structure, as is the earth. In order for consciousness to keep penetrating the world of form, structures will always be necessary until the form itself has been transmuted. […] One of the great limitations for children is to be forced to sit indoors behind a desk at an age when all their bodies want to do is run and explore life. […] The moral laws imposed on our society through our religious systems are some of the oldest on the planet. Cosmic moral laws exist without the need for systems or structures to implement them. The more we humans enforce laws, the more reaction there is, and consequently the more we have to police them. […] It is a self-perpetuating nightmare of control and reaction. The 60th Shadow will insist for example that every word of the Koran or the Bible is to be taken literally. Strict adherence to these kinds of ancient codes or laws is deeply limiting and restrictive to the human spirit. We do not need to be told what is right and what is wrong. We have the means within us to determine this for ourselves. Any code or system that cannot be questioned or adapted to suit the times is a devolutionary force and is thus destined to eventual decline.—Richard Rudd


A lesson from Gate 60

One of the lessons from this gate is surrendering to the lessons, the possibilities behind current limitations.

How can you accept where things are + at the same time be open to change, to solutions, for an idea to come through when the time is right? These limitations are like guidelines for us to play around and when we are able to master these “rules” we find opportunities to break them and colour outside the lines, to think outside the box. That’s when creativity strikes 😉

“For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.”― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“The best way is not to fight it, just go. Don’t be trying all the time to fix things. What you run from only stays with you longer. When you fight something, you only make it stronger.”― Chuck Palahniuk

“Let go of certainty. The opposite isn’t uncertainty. It’s openness, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose up sides. The ultimate challenge is to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never stop trying to learn and grow.” ― Tony Schwartz


Wisdom of the Gate of Acceptance

The wisdom of Gate 60 can be seen through it’s the gift frequency in the Gene Keys, realism as a pathway to magic and innovation.

People with the 60th Gift are masters of creating structures, whether mental, emotional or physical. These structures in themselves are holding stations for new ideas and energy, and as such are of less importance than the energy that comes through them. […]The 60th Gift is like the spaceship that takes man to the moon. Once man has reached the moon, the spaceship is no longer needed, but its creation allows other more advanced structures to evolve. […] They are frameworks through which something unexpected may occur. The only thing needed for magic to occur is some form of a structure and an open mind! This may seem a surprisingly simple set of criteria but it is rarely found in the world. […] The 60th Gift requires deep acceptance of the uncertainty and unpredictability of the rhythms of life. These people understand that natural periods occur when nothing seems to be moving. […] The 60th Gift knows that there is magic in the darkness before manifestation and knows not to interfere with these essential life processes. To be realistic means to accept the natural limitations of being in form without being a victim of them.” —Richard Rudd


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