Circuitry in Human Design

Circuitry in Human Design

Jun 3, 2022

Circuitry in Human Design refers to the flow of energy between the centers in the BodyGraph through channels.

The flow of energies are interconnected to each other and play a specific role in how they receive, transform and express energy. Each gate and channel is part of a circuit group and each circuit holds particular themes.

The energies run through either one of these 3 main circuits: Individual, Community (also known as Tribal) or Collective (logic of abstract).


Collective Circuit – Theme: Sharing

  • Sensing Circuit
  • Understanding Circuit


Individual Circuit – Theme: Self-empowerment

  • Knowing Circuit
  • Centering Circuit


Community Circuit – Theme: Support

  • Ego Circuit
  • Defense Circuit


These channels can be manifested, manifested generated, generated or projected. Read more about channel types here.


Collective Circuitry

The Collective Circuit is a source of “reflection” and “projection.” It flows through the 3 awareness centers: Spleen, Emotional Solar Plexus and Mind. The Collective Circuit contains two minor circuits: Understanding and Sensing Circuit.

  • The Understanding Circuit projects its patterns into the future in order to lead. It has a linear process, focused on patterns for the future.
  • The Sensing Circuit reflects on the past in order to remember. Abstract energy to reflect on the past. It’s a cyclical, expansive energy that has an inward out process.

This is the energy about looking into the past and future to provide solutions to support humanity’s evolution. It’s about sharing to course correct.

Most of these channels are projected with a few exceptions being manifested.


Individual Circuitry

The Individual Circuit is all about individuality and empowerment. This is an impulsive and mutative energy that is activated when you embrace your individual being. It’s about self-empowerment and as a result empowers the collective.

This is about the evolution of our consciousness. There is no guarantee that this individual energy will benefit the Community or the Collective. It is here to be expressed regardless.

The Individual Circuit contains two minor circuits:

  • The Knowing Circuit is here to create unique perspectives, experiences, and patterns through the awareness centers.
  • The Centering Circuit is here to center, initiate and empower the individual in their capacity to be themselves and love themselves.

Most of these channels are projected with a few exceptions being manifested/ generated.


Integration Channels

The Integration Channels are part of the Individual circuitry but they’re not an actual circuit. They are channels that fuel the evolutionary process of our species through individuality, the process of distinguishing oneself from the others.

These channels are focused entirely on self preservation and empowering the individual nature, expression, knowing, direction, identity and behavior of the self. The survival of the Individual, and the drive to be unique, is essential to ensuring the survival of the Community and the Collective through mutation.

These channels flow through the Spleen, Sacral, G and Throat center:

  • 34-20 The Channel Of Charisma (Manifested generated)
  • 34-57 The Channel Of Power (Generated)
  • 57-10 The Channel of Perfected Form (Projected)
  • 10-20 The Channel Of Awakening (Projected)


Community Circuit


The Community Circuit, also known as Tribal, is all about support. What are the community’s needs to survive and thrive?

This is about the material plane. What resources are needed to survive? What are the community’s emotional, physical, spiritual needs? What does it take to keep the community centered? What laws and values are needed?

The Community Circuit contains two minor circuits:

  • The Ego Circuit ensures we have the resources needed to support and manage community. It is grounded in the material world, the values and laws needed for the survival of the community. Most of the Ego channels are projected with exception of 21-45 which is manifested.
  • The Defense Circuit is here to protect life and ensure life gets created. This energy centers the community. It’s about intimacy and perservation. The Defense channels are generated, they’re here to be in response.


Further Exploration

Take a look at your chart. How many gates and channels are in the:

  • Individual Circuit
  • Collective Circuit
  • Community Circuit

If you take a look at your Incarnation Cross, what circuitry is your Design + Personality Sun in? What about your Design + Personality Earth?

Do you notice how these energies influence your process, interests and how you show up?

For example, my only channel, the Channel of Surrender 44-26 is in the Community circuit. That’s the energy I’m projecting out consistently. Yet two of my IC gates are individual! Along with a right angle cross my process is self-absorbed, only when I have taken the space to process/digest my lessons I’m able to share and support my community in an impactful way. Of course strategy and authority also comes into play!

If you’re looking to learn more about the elements of your unique design book a foundational or advanced session with me.

I’m opening a couple of coaching spots soon, it’s all about the next phase of learning about your design where we integrate and decondition. More details coming in the next few weeks ☺️

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  1. Rhonda Lewis says:

    Just wanted to say a quick thanks for a really excellent article. Circuitry can be very complex and confusing, but you were able to explain it clearly and concisely. Additionally, you were able to explain the nuances and helped us to understand which questions to answer to get the bigger picture. Thank you! Best wishes for a very happy, healthy &prosperous 2023!!

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Rhonda! Oh I appreciate your comment so much. I’m so glad this article was helpful and the nuances came across! Happy holidays and here’s to an expansive, nourishing 2023 🥳 ❤️

  2. SAF says:

    Thanks, again, for another great resource! I have 3 defined channels, one in each circuit; 4 defined gates in the Individual circuit; 6 gates in tribal; and 7 gates in collective. I also just noticed that I have several gates defined twice, and one defined three times, so I’m not sure how that impacts my count.

    My conscious sun is collective, my unconscious earth is tribal, and both my conscious earth and unconscious sun are individual. I’ve living a somewhat solitary life for the past few years, and feel growing unease and restlessness. Perhaps this is due to all the collective and tribal energy in my chart. Time to “get back into the world”.

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Yes! it’s very possible. Specially with your unconscious earth being tribal, it grounds you to be able to support/be with your community. Profile and definition play a part as well.

      I have 6 individual, 6 collective and 4 tribal gates. 4/6 Single definition. But my only channel is tribal! I love being on my own but need quality time with my favourite people as well (4th line) 😊

  3. Shannon says:

    Really great article on circuitry. Super clear and concise which really appeals to my logical circuitry! 😃

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Thank you Shannon! My channel of surrender needed to organize this in a way my own brain could comprehend!

  4. ALS says:

    Hi Jess. I absolutely love your website. It’s so beautifully presented, and the content is bite size and ‘chewable’. Easy for people to understand. Thank you so much for expressing yourself creatively through this website. It’s really helping me understand my Human Design blueprint and journey, and allowing me to also tap into my divine feminine side. Thank you!

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi! Aw, thank you so much for your comment, deeply appreciate you for taking the time to share. Makes me happy to know I’m able to support others using my gifts! 😊

  5. Hello Jessica, I just discovered your website. The Channel Types and this article are amazingly clear. Thank you very much. I like the exploration you propose and wonder if I have understood what you propose re our IC. Mine is 3/30 (suns) and 50/56 (Earth). 3/60 is on the individual circuit and forms a channel, gate 56 on the Collective circuit and gate 50 on the Tribal Circuit are just
    hanging gates. What could I learn from these observation? Thank you for your answer.

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Marine,

      So happy to hear this post was helpful!

      Based on your incarnation cross gates (which is 70% of the energy in our chart) you get to get a sense of how your energy moves and transforms.

      Gate 3 is Individual: Innovation through chaos, mutative energy
      Gate 30 is Collective: Awareness of new feelings, a burning desire
      Gate 50 is Community: Awareness of the values that serve or no longer serves your community, what needs to be enforced? what needs to be changed?
      Gate 56 is Collective: Your ability to stimulate others through the stories you share, to take in everything you’ve experienced, learned, mutated, your values and inspire change and mutation.

      So if you add all that together, you’ll see how you influence and how you are influenced. You have a little bit of every circuitry.

      Now add to that your profile, channels and definition to get an even clearer path of how these elements come together as you move your energy! Hope this helps expand it further!