50 Gate of Values

50 Gate of Values

Oct 20, 2023


The past weeks have been intense. We have been moving through so much collective awareness, sandwiched by some solar  + lunar eclipses in between. The realities, the injustices, the fights of so many have been amplified on an individual and collective level.

It’s no coincidence that we’re also transiting through the splenic awareness gates. Themes of what is rotten, what is not working, what is not sustainable and patterns begging to be broken are coming to the surface. Which can be a lot to handle and process for our nervous system. Specially when the answers, the way to correct, to sustain, to heal are still unravelling themselves. 

Remember to make space to ground through it all. Release what you’ve amplified and taken in. 

This week we’re under the influence of Gate 50, the gate of Values. This is awareness of what can be corrected or not. Also known as the gate of the Guardian/Enforcer. Its role is to protect, defend the values of the community.

The energy of reinforcing the values, laws and ideals of how our community, our society is set up. It’s driven by a need to protect or challenge existing rules.


From Spleen to Sacral

Starting from the Sacralthe hub for vital life force, reproduction, sustainability and sexuality 27 Gate of Caring is the energy to care, nourish yourself and others.

Reaching towards the Spleenthe awareness center for instinct, intuition, fear & the immune system. Where the 50 Gate of Values holds the energy to challenge and maintain the values needed in order to properly care.

Together they form the 27-50 Channel of Preservation

Known as the lawmaker, this gate feels a duty to enforce the rules and laws that make up its community. It carries an instinctual awareness of what’s right or wrong. It’s important to note that their perception is filtered through the lens of their own conditioning, experiences and unconscious bias.

If we take a look at our societal structures we’ll see that not all laws take into account the wellbeing of all its people, while some strive to. At its core, it really believes in the continuity and integrity of the values they share.

Yet the 50 without the 27 might not always have the Sacrals life force energy to physically care or nourish others.


Community Defense Circuit & Generated

This gate is part of the Community Defense Circuit, this is all about nourishing and defending the tribe.

While the 6-59 is focused on breaking barriers through intimacy to create life, the 50-27 is here to raise said life through proper nourishment and shape the values of present & future generations.

This is part of a generated channel, here to be in response. What laws are working? What do we need to re-evaluate and challenge? How do we rally people together to create immediate change? What are the flaws in our current system? Who are benefitting from existing rules? Who are being left out?


Fear of Responsibility

As a splenic gate, the 50’s fear frequency is the Fear of Responsibility. The awareness that they are responsible for preserving or not their lineage, culture, social structures which can be a lot. There’s a fear of taking on that responsibility or to compensate, taking more responsibility than what they can handle as a result.


Shadow Expressions

In the shadow expressions, this gate might not have their community’s best interest in mind + focused on gaining power for themselves no matter who pays the price, it’s not open to hearing others perspectives—separating themselves from those they don’t relate to or compromising their dreams and well-being because of the weight of responsibility, feeling victim to their circumstances.

“Your instinctual awareness scrutinizes which are corrupt or unjust, unnecessary or self-serving, or need to be challenged and changed. This is your way of caring for and nurturing every aspect of life within the tribe”– Ra Uru Hu & Lynda Bunnell

I see this strongly expressed through activism, politics, protests, book bannings, pro life/pro choice debates, revolutions, social ideologies, powerful movements raising voices of minorities.

Remember, as part of the Community Defense Circuit, this is about coming together + making a difference as a whole. This is about becoming a flame for what you believe in & lighting up others to follow along. Who are those whose values you align with and why? What are your values grounded in? In love or fear? In scarcity or abundance? In compassion or apathy?


Lesson from the Gate of Values

One of the lessons from Gate 50 is allowing yourself to evolve and be open. You have the potential to preserve life but to do so in a way that is aligned (and not guided by your fears) you have to be aware of your shadows, listen to the guidance  of your S&A along with the voices of your community.

Are you taking into consideration the different sides + perspectives? What is required of you right now? Are you open to challenging and being challenged? Right now, social political, geographical, environmental structures are being shaken up. The old ways of hierarchy and power are being actively called out and pruned. Are you willing to listen? Are you ready to challenge and embody your beliefs? Are you ready to support your community and allow them to support you?


Wisdom of Gate 50

The wisdom of the gate of values can be seen in the 50th gene key gift, equilibrium. The Libra energy of balance. How do you balance and embody your values while also considering your needs with the ones from your community?

“Those people who carry the 50th Gift as a prime Gene Key have a great responsibility in the world. If the cauldron of the 50th Gift “represents the social values of a particular community or family, then the role of the 50th Gift is to balance the ingredients in the pot, in order to create a state of equilibrium. These people are like cooks who know exactly how to read the needs and requirements of any group and adjust the ingredients accordingly. Although this gift sounds a complex one requiring a host of interpersonal skills, the truth is that these people can create harmony in a group without even thinking about it.”—Richard Rudd


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