32 Gate of Continuity

32 Gate of Continuity

Oct 15, 2023


We’re under the influence of Gate 32, the gate of continuity. It’s the potential of transformations needed to endure or not, driven to find sustainable material success, abundance for the community

This gate is always looking at the big picture, with the guidance of the Spleen, it’s the energy of what needs to be transformed in order to create continuity, to endure and succeed.


From Root to Spleen

Starting in the Rootthe center for momentum, life fuel, adrenaline, stress & pressure. 54 Gate of Ambition is the pressure to find material + communal success.

Connecting to the Spleen—the awareness center for instinct, intuition, fear & the immune system. 32 Gate of Continuity is the awareness of what can be transformed in a successful, sustainable (or not) way.

Together they form the 32-54 Channel of Transformation.

The 32 is focused on sustainability for themselves and the community. It has the instinct to see what’s working, how things might change and the ability of seeing how one can/should/must adapt to the ever-changing circumstances.

It can sniff out what talent and skills are needed to strengthen their community. A natural eye for people’s strengths and weaknesses. It gathers data from the past + present in order to anticipate for the future. This is about adapting for survival & material success.

Yet the 32 without the 54 might not always have the drive, the fuel to be ambitious, to pursue and embrace change all the time.


Community Ego Circuit & Projected

The 32 is part of the Community/Tribal Ego Circuit. This circuit is focused on supporting the community and ensuring it has what it needs to survive and thrive in the material plane.

What are the skills needed to grow and find abundance? Who are the ones who can step into those roles? How do we bring people together? What are the actions needed to get from A to B? I see this energy strongly expressed in strategy, PR work, recruitment managers, environmental activism, communications, team building, financial advisors etc.

But it’s important to remember, this is part of a projected channel. It needs to be recognized and called out by your community/organization for your shares to be received + have an impact.


Fear of Failure & Shadow Expressions

As we’re moving through the transits, we’ve been and will continue to shift through the gates of the Spleen. As the awareness center for instincts & intuition it also carries a fear frequency.

The 32 has a fear of failure. Fear that their efforts won’t endure, that their community will collapse, that their ideas fail and they’ll lose their people’s trust & support. Leading to prolonged indecision before taking action. There’s a restlessness between wanting to take the leap + also paralyzing fear of things not working out.

In the shadow expressions, the 32 might doubt and suppress their instincts, playing small so they won’t fail, cutting themselves off from other’s support, believing they’re alone, unhealthy relationship and fears around money.


Lesson from Gate of Continuity

One of the lessons from this gate is that we’re all in this together. We can’t achieve material success by and only for ourselves, this is a communal energy. The people, our environment matters and are all connected. We need each other but it’s not everyone, anyone at anytime.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.” – Ani DiFranco

Lean into your S&A, you have a natural instinct for people. Who do you want to keep close? Who do you want to build together? Who do you feel pulled to collaborate with?

What is the environmental impact of what you’re transforming? Are you nourishing the Earth in the process? Are you flowing along your personal, collective and nature’s cycles? How sustainable is your approach?

“Every decision we take in life either connects us to something greater than ourselves or cuts us off from our true and vital inheritance, leaving us feeling isolated and alone. […] As we learn once again to honour where we have come from, the earth will teach us how to move in harmony with its natural rhythms and cycles. As we listen to the great wisdom of our ancestors and of the indigenous tribal cultures, we will once again find our correct inner spirit. Once we have this as our anchor, we can graft our modern technologies onto the old wisdom and the result will be truly transcendent. This is the great secret of preservation.” —Richard Rudd



Wisdom of Gate 32

The Wisdom of the Gate of Continuity is about knowing what is worth persevering and what is worth letting go for the greater good.

“The 32nd Gift is about keeping things alive. However, it is not about keeping just anything alive, it is about knowing what to keep alive. […] It’s not about self-preservation, but is about the Preservation of Life. Only that which will adapt itself can survive and flourish. The 32nd Gift has the ability to assess the past, weeding out weaknesses and building upon strengths. These people have a natural understanding of the ebb and flow of the seasons and the rhythms of nature. It allows them to instinctively recognize when something is dying and to decide whether it needs to be pruned right back or disposed of altogether.” —Richard Rudd



Share your Reflections

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