57 Gate of Intuitive Clarity

57 Gate of Intuitive Clarity

Oct 8, 2023

Sharp intuitive awareness + safety expressed in the now, through action and behaviour.

The Gate of Intuitive Clarity, is an intuitive, physical & energetic attunement to the present through environment, vibrations and sounds.

The Spleen is our oldest awareness center. It’s associated with the lymphatic system and our spleen. It represents our instinct, intuition, fear and immune system. It’s a primal knowing that has kept us safe and alive for thousands of years.


Individual Circuit & Integration Channels

Gate 57 is part of the Individual Knowing Circuit and the Integration Channels. This is about survival of the individual as we here our truth in the now.

It connects to the Throat (20), Sacral (34) & Identity G (10) Centers.


From Spleen to Throat

When it’s connected to the Throat through 20 Gate of Now, it creates the 57-20 Channel of the Brainwave. This is acute intuitive, penetrating awareness in the now.

This is about survival in the present. It has the ability to sense and “hear” what’s safe or not. What’s true or not. The 57 represents the gate of the right ear, everything you hear is filtered through that layer of awareness. It’s also a projected energy, while you know what’s safe for yourself unless there’s recognition from others they might not receive what you have to share.

Gate 57 without the 20, might not always have the ability to vocalize, express their intuitive hits with others. And even when they do, they’re not always received. Lean into S&A for guidance


From Spleen to G

When it’s connected to the Identity G Center, through 10 Gate of the Behavior of the Self it creates the 10-57 Channel of Perfected Form. Where intuition becomes our living form.

Also known as the channel of beauty, this is about your intuition guiding your behavior and form. From what you surround yourself with to what you create. No matter what you do, you’re here to constantly perfect your form as long as you lean + trust your intuitive wisdom. And in the process you get to create something that’s beautiful, this is how you survive and thrive. This is about being safe as you being grounded into your love of self.

Gate 57 without the 10, might not always not always know how to move, act for their survival or whether what they’re creating feels aligned or not.


From Spleen to Sacral

When it’s connected to the Sacral, through 34 Gate of Power it creates the 34-57 Channel of Power. This is intuition empowered to respond in the now.

This is your body responding through your intuition in the now. It’s often described as your primal response. That inner knowing that something doesn’t feel right and honouring that voice. Either it’s about people, places or situations. Tune into how this energy feels. When you’re grounded in your body + allow yourself to be informed, moved by this energy, it will keep you safe & vital. But if you’re unable to trust and let your mental fears/not-self move you, this energy can become stuck, unhealthy per say.

Gate 57 without the 34, your body might not always have the energy to jump into action or react fast.

This gate is often described as the “voice” of our intuition. It’s the awareness of what is safe/best for you in the present. Now, depending on and if it connects to either the 34, 20 or 10; it determines how you react to that awareness.

Fret not, if it doesn’t connect to any gate, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to hear your intuition. It simply means this energy is expressed in other ways. In fact, you’re always attuned + getting data from the sounds around you.

Remember, this is body consciousness through sounds, vibrations and environment. In what ways does your body speak, signal to you? What feels safe and grounding? What doesn’t feel good? What sounds feel soothing? What doesn’t? How does the truth feel in your body?


Fear of the Future & Shadow Expressions

As part of the Spleen, the 57 carries a fear frequency underneath, the fear of the future. A fear of the unknown since it’s attuned to the present moment. It can’t predict to a tee, it might get a feeling. This is awareness, survival instinct based on your actions in the now. How can you cultivate trust that as you ground + respond in the present, you have the capabilities to adapt, no matter what comes up? You’re naturally accumulating tools to take care of yourself.

In the shadow expressions, the 57 might not trust their intuitive guidance and override their decisions through the mind’s anxieties, acting out of fear before reaching clarity, using logic to justify/breakdown their intuition etc


Projected Gate, Generated & Manifested channels

This gate is a projected energy on it’s own and when connected to the 20 and 10. What’s safe for you isn’t necessarily the same for others. Who are the ones that recognize and receive your intuitive insights? It becomes generated when connected to the 34. If you have the 28-38 Channel along with 57-20 it becomes manifested, so informing before you take action can remove resistance.


Lesson of Gate of Intuitive Clarity

Part of the lesson of the 57 is trusting in your own inner guidance even if it doesn’t make sense to others. In fact, most of the time what feels right to you is not something that can be rationalized. This is part of the Individual circuit after all, an impulsive and at times melancholic frequency. When you follow that inner voice, you inspire others to tap into their’s.


Wisdom of Gate 57

The Wisdom of the Gate of Intuitive Clarity is aligning our mind and body. One cannot exist without the other. Our minds are beautiful but when left to its own devices it can disconnect us from our true nature. Our bodies are wise but without the awareness of ours mind we wouldn’t have the consciousness to care, grow, heal, create at the capacity we have.

How do we hold, the fears of our physical bodies and the anxieties of the mind? How can we balance both, integrate both our masculine and feminine sides? How can we hold what our intuition is telling us? And also acknowledging what fears might come up? How can you strengthen your connection to body & mind?


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