10 Gate of the Behavior of the Self

10 Gate of the Behavior of the Self

Dec 26, 2023


The gate of the love of self. It guides + dictates your behavior, to what feels the most authentic to you.

The 10 Gate of the Behavior of the Self is the gate of the love of self. It empowers you to surrender to living, behaving, moving authentically as yourself.

The Identity G Center is the center for direction, love, self, purpose, give & receive. Also known as the seat of the soul. This center holds us together. Like a balanced magnet that’s constantly attracting + repelling what we are & aren’t. Each gate in this center is related to direction or love.

Gate 10 is part of the Individual Circuitry and Integration Channels. When connected to the Sacral’s 34, it powers you to center yourself in response. To the Throat’s 20, to express yourself in the now. And when connected to the Spleen’s 57, where intuition is expressed through living form.


“Awakening is not a commitment to becoming something, it is a commitment to being oneself.“—Ra Uru Hu

This is more about surrender and less about doing. Allowing yourself to be more you. To follow your inner pulls, however that looks like regardless of what others may think. The dance of unbecoming everything that you are not, releasing what doesn’t feel supportive or aligned to you.

The line in which this gate is activated also determines the patterns of behavior:

  • 1 – Modesty
  • 2 – The Hermit
  • 3 – The Martyr
  • 4 – The Opportunist
  • 5 – The Heretic
  • 6 – The Role Model


Identity to Throat

When it’s connected to the Throat through 20 Gate of Now it allows for expression, clarity and action in the now, creating the 10-20 Channel of Awakening.

This is the potential expression of self-acceptance along with self-love in the now, it has the ability to awaken + empower others by simply being, loving and honouring themselves moment to moment no matter the circumstances.

I see so much of this energy expressed in self love coaches, radical self acceptance movements etc. This is a projected channel, recognition and invitation before sharing with others will allow this energy to be received.

Gate 10 without the 20, may not always know how to translate their authenticity into immediate action and expression.


Identity to Spleen


When it’s connected to the Spleen through 57 Gate of Intuitive Clarity it creates the 10-57 Channel of Perfected Form. This is where intuition becomes our living form.

Also known as the channel of beauty, this is your intuition guiding your behavior and form. From what you surround yourself with to what you create. No matter what you do, you’re here to constantly perfect your form as long as you lean + trust your intuitive wisdom. And in the process you get to create something that’s beautiful, this is how you survive and thrive.

This is about being safe as you ground into your love of self by listening to the guidance of your intuition. A lot of designers and architects have this channel.

Gate 10 without the 57, might not always have the awareness of what is safe for them in the present.


Identity to Sacral


When it’s hooked up to the Sacral’s 34 Gate of Power it creates the 34-10 Channel Exploration. The individual’s capacity to center themselves through response.

This is about trusting in your inner convictions while embracing who you are, a deep love for yourself + life. This is a self-mastery, an exploration of what behaviors, what roles feel the most aligned to you.

When you are fully owning, embracing who you are, your unique path + honouring your needs, your energy can empower those around you to do the same. Many might not understand your choices or direction in life, they’re not meant to.

This is a generated channel, here to be in response. I see this expressed in the very spirit of human resilience, record breakers, artists, rebels etc.

Gate 10 without the 34, might not always know what you need to center yourself or the energy to do so.


Generated & Projected

This gate is a projected energy on it’s own and when connected to the 20 and 57. What feels good to you might not be the same for others.

You’re here to simply honour and ground into who you are and what your needs are. As a result you inspire others to do the same. What if, authenticity is less about trying to be different but actually rooted in the love of self. In accepting who we are, where we’re at, while being compassionate with our own needs & limitations. Embracing our shadows and light.

Because no matter what you do, if you have the 10, your aura, how you are, will naturally have an impact on others. Now, how this energy moves will be influenced by what gates it’s connected to.


Individual Circuitry & Shadow Expressions

As part of the Individual Circuit, this is a deeply creative, melancholic and impulsive energy. It goes through bouts of melancholy that no one else knows how to behave.

If you have an undefined G, how you behave and move might be dependant on the transits and who is around you. How can you trust in your fluidity and openness? What felt good one time might not be what you need now. Notice those inner cues and respond.

Whether defined or undefined, how can you trust that along with the guidance of your S&A, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, doing what you’re meant to do?

In the shadow expressions, the 10 doesn’t love or believe in themselves or on the other end, they are self-obsessed, unable to see or truly relate to others. Denying yourself and others.


A lesson from Gate of Behavior of Self

One of the lessons from Gate 10 is that our individuality is our superpower. Now, there is a difference between being authentically us + being self-obsessed. In the Gene Keys, the 10th shadow is self obsession, which is driven by fear of losing their own identity, separating themselves so they push others away as a result. But the lesson here, is that we are not separate. We are connected to all that is around, within us. How can you create space for your true self to emerge? If you’re not sure, who can safely support you in the process of self exploration? How can you adopt a playful mentality as you start to follow those inner nudges and pulls?

“Individual differentiation is the cornerstone of evolution itself. If we humans do not discover our own identity and uniqueness, we cannot transcend it and move our society to a higher level. The blessing is that the more different we each allow ourselves to be, the more we operate as a unity. This is one of the most beautiful of all human paradoxes — that only through our very diversity can we arrive at our unity.”—Richard Rudd


Wisdom from Gate 10

“We humans, we don’t often do easy. We like to make things as hard as possible for ourselves. That seems to be the habit of our ego. The harder we struggle the more we feel like we exist—Richard Rudd

The Wisdom of this gate is to soften, to allow yourself to be, in a world obsessed with doing. Life is not happening to you, it’s moving through you.

How are you nourishing your body, regulating in the midst of chaos, busyness, noise and stress? So much our anger, frustration may be caused by our own expectations of where we are and what we should be doing.

Instead, how can you take a step back and listen to what your body and spirit are telling you? Are you nourishing your capacity to experience beauty, connection, joy and laughter? How can you infuse more ease into your life? In what areas are you clenching, tensing and perhaps getting in your own way? How can you soften and let yourself be?


Share your Reflections

I have the hanging 10 in an undefined Identity center. I’ve always had a strong sense of self. I might have different expressions and take in my environment but I’ve always known who I am and what I’m here to do. I wonder if this gate is the energy behind it since I don’t resonate entirely with the themes of the undefined/open Identity centre.

My 10 is activated in my conscious and unconscious uranus in lines 4 and 5. So much of my relationships and the work that I do nowadays allows me to be myself. It wasn’t always the case though. There were certain connections and places where I couldn’t be me without harsh judgement or eye rolling 🤷🏻‍♀️

Back in my corporate days, I had to hide parts of me to fit in—which as you can imagine, was pretty darn exhausting. I knew how to behave to “belong”. But at the same time, the 5th line projections and me being able to step in and solve whatever design problems made me belief I was in the right places and getting proper recognition 🥹. And maybe it was, I learned so much and met some amazing friends and mentors during that time as well.

In fact, I didn’t truly find a community of people I could be at ease with until after I had the space to focus on myself and do the work. Because it allowed me to step back and recognize the times I’ve had to abandon myself to fit in.

I don’t regret any of it, my first 30 years were after all, the life of a 3rd line (4/6 here 🙋🏻‍♀️) I experimented, learned and did what felt true for that time.

I guess that’s a journey so many of us take to come home to ourselves. A path of becoming and unbecoming. It’s never a straight line, it can be daunting but so worth it.




Share your Reflections

Do you have Gate 10 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.

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