34 Gate of Power

34 Gate of Power

Nov 25, 2023

How are you doing? The sun has been basking in the energy of Gate 34, the Gate of Power. Gate 20 also happens to be in our Earth, together the 34-20 have me spinning around in circles 🥹. I needed to prioritize extra body work and physical practices to ground myself this week!

The 34 is the Sacral’s life force’s power to individualize.


From Sacral to Spleen, Throat & Identity G centers

The Gate of Power is the Sacral’s individual pure power to empower themselves. This is about individualization, grounding into our uniqueness. While individual expression is important because it adds variety to the tapestry of human experiences and perspectives, it also plays an important role to ensure the survival + growth of our species.

The Sacral is the motor center for vital life force, reproduction, creativity, sustainability & sexuality.

Gate 34 powers the Integration Channels, through gates 57, 20 & Centering Circuit through gate 10 which are all part of the Individual Circuitry. When connected to the Identity G (10) it powers your behaviour to center yourself. To the Throat (20) it is about expression in the now & through the Spleen (57) it powers your instincts.


Sacral to Spleen

When it’s connected to the Spleen, through 57 Gate of Intuitive Insight it creates the 34-57 Channel of Power. This is intuition empowered to respond in the now.

This is your body responding through your intuition in the present. It’s often described as your primal response. That inner knowing that something doesn’t feel right and honouring that voice. Either it’s about people, places or situations.

Tune into how this energy feels. When you’re grounded in your body + allow yourself to be informed, moved by this energy, it will keep you safe & vital. But if you’re unable to trust and let your mental fears/not-self move you, this energy can become stuck, unhealthy per say. It’s also an individual energy, what’s healthy for you might not be for others as well.

Gate 57 without the 34, your body might not always hear what’s safe for itself in the moment, it’s a raw power to act, can be misdirected when ungrounded.


Sacral to Throat

When connected to the Throat’s 20 Gate of the Now it creates the 34-20 Channel of Charisma. Motor life force energy flowing straight to the Throat. Empowering our individualization, keeping us busy in the now.

This is the channel that makes up pure Manifesting Generators, giving them the ability to respond and immediately transform that response into action. “Where thoughts must become deeds”. It’s about being busy doing what you love and getting energized by it.

Now, busyness can manifest itself in many ways from mental to physical. It’s whatever fascinates you and gets you in a state of flow. Just know when you’re in that state, you naturally exude charisma. This is an individual energy, it’s only for you—not for others to tap into or borrow.

Gate 34 without the 20, might not always have the ability to turn their power into expression or take immediate action.


When it’s hooked up to the Identity G’s 10, Gate of Behavior of the Self it creates the 34-10 Channel Exploration. The individual’s capacity to center themselves through response, to honour their authenticity & direction.

This channel is about trusting in your inner convictions while embracing who you are, loving yourself and life. This is a self-mastery, an exploration of what behaviors, what roles feel the most authentic to you.

When you are fully owning, embracing who you are, your unique path and honouring your needs, your energy can empower those around you to do the same. Many might not understand your choices or direction in life, they’re not meant to. You’re here to embrace your independence.

Gate 34 without the 10, might not always know what role or behaviors suit them best in the now or which direction their responses are leading them.


Generated & Individual Circuitry

The 34’s power is activated by response, this is a generated power, when they’re able to follow that cue they feel energized, nourished + satisfied. It’s here to stand out from the crowd, to do things differently. As a creative+ individual energy, it goes through periods of melancholy, frustration over not being able to express their power in the now.


Shadow Expressions

In the shadow expressions, this gate might act recklessly + impulsively by force, leading with their minds instead of their S&A.

They might hide, suppress their power out of shame, giving their inner power away or they might unleash this power onto others, bullying or trying to exert control. Remember, this is a powerful energy that needs an outlet, finding ways to hold, process, ground + channel this expression in an aligned way is crucial.

Gate 34 is a potent and impressive source of energy that empowers us toward individuation, displaying and celebrating our uniqueness in the world. Two qualities distinguish this gate from the other eight in the Sacral: its asexuality and the unavailability of its power to others.”—Ra Uru Hu & Lynda Bunnell

The Gate of Power is a highly mutative individual energy that empowers us to lean more into what makes us, us. That’s not always easy to do though, depending on your background and culture, individuality might be seen as selfish.

While it is healthy for this energy to be self-absorb and even selfish, we are also part of bigger eco-systems and networks. We’re all interconnected + have roles to play. How can you set personal boundaries, to carve out time to do your own thing—so you can replenish your well—and at the same time co-exist + support others when you have capacity?


A lesson from Gate 34

Remember, we are a combination of other parts of our design. You might also have a lot of community energy or have a profile that’s here to externalize or a split definition designed to move your energy with others +/or needs recognition/invitation etc…

And even if you do have a lot of individual energy, it doesn’t mean you’re here to be alone.

As human beings we’re also wired to be in connection, to be in communities. But how/when you connect with others might look different from others. How you engage and move your energy best will be unique to you!

The biggest challenge, lesson is perhaps learning to find your version, your balance where you get to embrace your personal power, your individuality while also receiving/giving support from/to your community and those closest to you.


Wisdom of Gate of Power

Wisdom of gate 34 reminds me of one of the principles of Strala Yoga, moving from the middle with our whole selves. How can we stop forcing, pushing and instead allow ourselves to soften and move with ease, while bringing our whole selves along for the ride?

“Despite our modern emphasis on the primacy of the brain as our main centre of intelligence, the body’s real nexus of intelligence is in fact centred in the belly. The 34th Shadow bypasses this belly-centred intelligence and tends to lead you into unconscious mental loops within the brain. Force is always rooted in the mind, whereas power comes from the belly. Power is natural, grounded and universally connected to all life, flowing as it does from the great umbilical centre within your being. The awareness within the belly is beyond self-awareness because it is beyond the self. As such it can be called pure awareness. Force happens when you forget to trust in this true centre of pure awareness.” — Richard Rudd


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