20 Gate of the Now

20 Gate of the Now

May 23, 2023

This week, we are experiencing the energy of Gate 20,  the potential to get clarity through action, express what’s intuitively safe and role model it’s authenticity + self-love.

The Gate of the Now, carries the voice of “I am Now or Not”. It’s the voice of contemplation with the potential for instantaneous action from the Spleen, Sacral & Identity G Centers.

The Throat is the center with the most gates and potentials. As the hub for voice, expression, communication & action. It also represents the metabolism of our bodies, it’s what transforms fuel, awareness, life force, direction, material and emotional needs into action and expression.

Gate 20 is part of the Individual Circuitry and Integration Channels. It’s about empowering others through our individuality in the now.



When connected to G Center

When it’s connected to the Identity G center through Gate 10 Behavior of the Self, the gate of the love for oneself, it creates the 10-20 Channel of Awakening.

This is the potential expression of self-acceptance along with self-love in the now, it has the ability to awaken empower others by simply being, loving and honouring themselves moment to moment no matter the circumstances. This is a projected channel, recognition and invitation before sharing with others will allow this energy to be received.

Gate 20 without the 10, may not always know how to express their authenticity in the moment.



When connected to Sacral Center

When it’s hooked up to the Sacral‘s 34 Gate of Power it creates the 34-20 Channel of Charisma. Life force energy, motor flowing straight to the Throat. Empowering us towards individualization, keeping us busy in the now.

This is the channel that makes up pure Manifesting Generators, giving them the ability to respond and immediately transform that response into action. “Where thoughts must become deeds”. It’s about being busy doing what they love, when they’re in that flow, they naturally exude charisma. This is a generated channel.

Gate 20 without the 34, can speak but might not always have the power, the fuel to act immediately.


When connected to Spleen

When it’s connected to the Spleen center through 57 Gate of Intuitive Clarity, it creates the 57-20 Channel of the Brainwave. This is acute intuitive, penetrating awareness in the now.

This is about survival in the present. It has the ability to sense and “hear” what’s safe or not. What’s true or not. The 57 represents the gate of the right ear, everything you hear is filtered through that layer of awareness. It’s also a projected energy, while you know what’s safe for yourself unless there’s recognition from others they might not receive what you have to share.

Gate 20 without the 57, might not always know what’s safe for them.


Shadow Expressions of 20 Gate of Now

With the Gate of the Now you have an acute awareness of the now + what can be expressed. Yet it’s not an awareness or motor center. Lean into the guidance of your S&A for timing.

As part of the Individual circuit and Integration Channels, Gate 20 can also be impulsive at times and going through phases of melancholy, a discomfort of the world as it is now. Feeling depressed about how things are, romanticizing other eras, places as a form of dissociating.

In the shadow expressions, Gate 20 doesn’t know how to “be”. Being busy for busyness sake, trying to operate from a mental place like expressing, acting out of pressure instead of recognition or unable to safely be, settle in the now.


Wisdom of Gate of Now

The Wisdom of Gate 20 is about total trust and surrender as you cultivate present moment awareness without the need to control, change, judge. Trusting your voice, your actions in the now.

What’s meant to happen, will happen. Divine timing in supporting where we’re meant to go and what we’re meant to do.

How do we soften in the now? Knowing we can’t change the past. How do we hold the complexity, the pain, the beauty, the awareness of the present without losing faith or hope? How do we ground ourselves in the present, even when there will always be things to do later? What does it mean to trust in the now? What comes up?


Lessons of the Gate 20

One of the lessons of the Gate of Now, is to detach from the past and future, because all we have is the present.

A strange thing happens when human beings begin to think — it appears that we leave the present moment. This illusion occurs because the mind can only think in a linear fashion, placing every object of thought into a temporal framework. This is the trade-off of the incredible abilities of the mind — for all its genius, it is limited to thinking within the domains of a false reality called time. To the extent that you are dominated by your thinking, consciousness is impeded from functioning fully. […] To live superficially means to live within the false illusions fabricated by the mind.” —Richard Rudd, Gene Keys

As much as we can reflect about the past or attempt to project towards the future based on patterns and logic, the truth of the matter is that we can’t control or anticipate what will happen.

How do we then, hold the fear of the unknown? What are some truths you can ground into?

How you are now, is how you’ll be when you get there. So how do we take care of ourselves even when things are chaotic? How are we taking care of ourselves when things great? How do we settle in to our bodies and respond to what it needs?

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present. —Oogway, Kung Fu Panda


Share your reflections

Did I just quote Kung Fu Panda? Yes I did! 🙂

Do you have Gate 20 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.

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  1. Katrina says:

    Just found your blog and I love it, thank you.
    I have gate 20 as my conscious sun, connected to 34. I definitely live in the now, especially now that I’m 61. I have zero interest in the past and trust that I’ll be ok in the future. It feels like a gift and as a MG I’m always creatively busy in the moment as I run art/craft sessions for women who don’t think they’re creative, but of course they are. Thanks again, I’ll keep reading

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Katrina, thank you so much for sharing. I love hearing about that. The trust in the present, in yourself! I hope more MG finds a version of this kind of peace and satisfaction!