Sacral Center

Sacral Center

Mar 9, 2022


The Sacral center represents vital life force, reproduction, sustainability and sexuality.

This center is physical body wisdom. This Sacral is designed to respond to life, communicating to you in the present moment.



Some of the energies in this center are for nourishing the community, empowering the self, committing to what we feel pulled to, bonding with others, mutating individual insights and completing cycles.



Approximately 66% of the population have a defined Sacral, sharing their life force energy, their focus, creation, reproduction, care, mutation and so much more with the rest of the world.

While an estimate of 34% of the population are undefined or completely open. Taking in and amplifying this powerful motor center of sacral life force energy for creation, community care, power etc in bursts.


Defined Sacral Center

With a defined Sacral you possess an enormous source of power and influence everyone around you with this energy, creative life force.

This energy is sustained when you respond to what excites you.

Finding deep personal expression and deep satisfaction doing what you enjoy is what this energy is for. When you’re committing to something your sacral gets activated and generates the energy to engage. But it’s important you’re responding to what excites you otherwise you won’t be able to keep that energy up in the long run.

Learn more about sacral authority here


The Undefined Sacral Center

With an undefined Sacral you’re able to amplify life force energy around you but it’s not sustainable in the long run. That’s why your energy comes in bursts.

The wisdom here is to know when enough is enough. Having the ability to know what to pursue and when to rest and recharge.

An unbalanced Sacral could lead to burnout, exhaustion, disconnection from physical body, lack of creativity. While a healthy sacral can bring a deep sense of fulfillment, healthy energy levels and feeling creative.


The Not Self of this center is: “Not knowing when enough is enough”

If you have an undefined or open Sacral center, you might notice your energy levels fluctuating, coming in bursts. That’s because you’re not built to hold consistent sacral energy.

It’s important you give yourself time everyday to properly rest and release what you’ve amplified. How can you connect to what your body is currently asking for? How can you make space to honour that?



Gates in the Sacral Center

Whether you’re defined or undefined notice what gates you have activated in the Sacral.

That’s the area where energy will be flowing and processing most often.

What’s the theme of that energy? What center does it connect or point towards? Do you notice yourself being pulled towards that kind of response?

How can you cultivate the wisdom of your Sacral? Whether you’re defined or undefined, how can you familiarize with the energy of your sacral?

One more thing

Remember, the centers are a fraction of your design. You are a unique combination of so many other moving parts. Your type, definition, profile, channels, gate, conditioning etc. All this information is pretty high level but a good starting point to get you familiarize with the HD system.

Knowing what energies we broadcast and amplify gives us a better sense of awareness. It helps us build a better understanding of ourselves and others.

You can be whoever you want to be. Human Design simply gives you a little insight on how your energies can support you and provide direction for what tools can help you get there.


Looking to dive deeper?

If you want to find out more about your design, book a session with me to explore your energetics or order a personalized guide


⚡️ Do you have a defined, undefined or open Sacral center?

I have an undefined sacral. I resonated so much with the not-self theme of not knowing when enough is enough. So much of my burnout history can be broken down to the combination of my defined heart and it’s mighty will in overpromising + my undefined sacral amplifying and pushing myself to operate pass my limits when my body and mind couldn’t sustain any of it!

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