Blend of Human Design, Yoga, Mindset, Holistic practices to guide you back to your inner knowing.

unsure of how alignment feels to you

feeling like you're getting in your own way

feeling like you're constantly behind, unable to catch up

feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated

But there’s a disconnect between what you know, what you want and where you’re actually at

You know you’re capable of so much more

I realized I was looking for answers from everybody else but me.

Through Human Design, Mindset Work and Grounding Practices I'm able to come home to myself. Align to my life purpose and show up in a way that's authentic to my energetic blueprint.

But wholeness starts from within. When we're anchored to who we are, what we love, what our core values are, what's keeping us stuck...we're then able to expand from there.

And I wholeheartedly believe it can do this for you too

I've been able to understand and honour myself better. From the the flow of my unique energies, my expression to surrendering to my ebbs and flows. 

i was exactly where you're at

Here are a few ways to get started with Human Design:



$250 usd

The Advanced Sessions are for anyone who's previously had a Human Design Reading or Foundational Session beforehand. In this 90 minute session we'll go into more details of your design such as circuitry, gate details/ profile, your incarnation cross gates and more.

Plus space to process anything you're holding about your human design.

advanced session

$175 usd

Customized 90 Minute session on your Human Design Foundations. Learn about your core energetics, what's consistent within you, what you amplify, how you naturally show up and how your energy moves.

You'll get a recording of your session along with applicable tips. We'll talk type, strategy, authority, definition, profile, defined + undefined centers, general channels.

Foundational session

Sessions include:
  • 90 Minute Session + Recording
  • Follow up email support
  • Customized Guide 40+ pages



*limited availability each month



$330 usd

Customized 2 Hour Relationship session which looks into the dynamic of your Human Design Chart + Another person's.

Have you ever wondered what happens energetically when you're in connection to others? Connection Sessions breaks down exactly that. This session focuses on how your energies influence each other through the centers, definition, type, profile, strategy and authority. Plus the possible areas of tension. We'll look at your electromagnetics, compromise, dominance and companionship channels.

This session could be with a loved one, a romantic partner, business partner, sibling etc. 

connection session

*Consent from both individuals required. It is recommended both are present for this session.

All sessions include: 
  • 2 Hour session + recording
  • Follow up email support



— emily

I had no idea that you could go sooooo deep with Human Design. I came away with a much better understanding of how the intricacies of Human Design works. 

Listening to Jes explain my HD chart to me felt so liberating! I had so many "aha" moments and things that just clicked for me. 

Jes is totally in her zone of passion and genius when it comes to human design reading - and she has such a gift when it comes to holding space for people. I highly recommend doing a reading with Jes! It's an absolutely fascinating and liberating experience :) 

Doing an actual reading (my first ever HD reading) with Jes absolutely BLEW MY MIND!!

Foundational Session


I feel like I'm in conversation with a real person (with you!), which I love. It feels alive and it is beautiful and well organized and genuinely helpful. I absolutely love the reflection prompts and permission slips throughout! It makes the guide useful far beyond just a first read-through. This isn't just for understanding your information but for engaging with it!

Some of my favorite pages are centers — you explain them in such a grounded + expansive way with bringing in the spectrum of how the energy can manifest. I will be recommending this guide to anyone who wants a comprehensive introduction to their Human Design. Calling it an 'introduction' doesn't even feel accurate because of the depth you have included, but it does because of how accessible you've made it. I'm so impressed, Jes, thank you again!

This is truly the best Human Design guide I've seen.

Human Design Guidebook

Additional containers to:




Coaching containers to support your Human Design journey as you decondition, recalibrate to your energetics. A blend of Human Design, Mindset work, Holistic practices to ground and nourish.



The Recalibrate Package is perfect for anyone who is looking for continuous support as they expand on their Human Design. It includes a Foundational Reading, an Advanced Reading and option to choose between 1x, 3x, 6x, 20x additional support sessions catered to your needs.

This package provides the space to learn more about your design along with coaching support as you digest, integrate all the information from your chart. We'll deep dive into your gifts, shadows and what areas might be causing tension. These sessions are a safe space to process, navigate blocks, move through your breakthroughs no matter what season you find yourself in. They include email, voice support in between.

Recalibrate Package

digest & integrate


Starting at $525 usd

An intimate container where we deep dive into our Human Design bodygraph. A space to support you as you learn and embody the energetics of your design and sensitize to the expression of your chart.

Decondition & learn Human Design

in community



You will immediately feel comfortable in her presence and safe to share intimate details of your life and habits without any fear of judgement. She has a very calming presence and will help guide you to better decisions in your life, so deftly you won't even realize she's guiding you. She has infinitely improved my life, and I could not recommend her more.

Jes is an absolutely ideal coach. She's extremely empathetic, trustworthy, supportive, wise, and kind.

Coaching with Jes 1:1


Jes is my wellness check-point. We easily get lost in the everyday chaos of life. Having someone like a coach helps to ground you back to remember what's important and why you reach out to a coach in the first place. They help to remind you to put yourself first.

The most significant change I have noticed has been being more aware of what I need to do for myself

Coaching with Jes 1:1

Check out the shop for Human Design resources. From beautifully designed HD chart posters, personalized guides, canva design templates and support materials for readers and students.

Human Design
Support Material


🎁 1:1 90 Min Session

🎁 Custom HD Guide

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