Human Design Gates

Human Design Gates

Jan 23, 2024


What started as a mini exercise to write and deepen my understanding of the Human Design gates through the Solar Transits became one of the most fulfilling, fun and challenging year long projects in 2023. Here’s a recap on what gates are and a glossary to easily reference the 64 gates.


What are Gates in Human Design?

The gates in Human Design come from the Chinese I’Ching, also known as the Book of Change. They are considered the doors of each energetic center, allowing energy to move in and out. There are 64 gates in total (also known as hexagrams) and 6 lines per hexagram.



When two gates connect, they form a channel. Allowing energy to flow between the two centers they connect directly to. Each channel have a generated, projected or manifested nature as well.


Line Activation

You’ll notice that each of your gates have a decimal number next to it. For instance my Personality Sun is 48.4. The decimal number after the gate means my 48 is activated in the 4th line. This little detail means my 48.4 is experienced and expressed differently than someone’s 48.1.



The planet in which each gate is activated also influences it’s expression as well. Here’s a keynote for each planet’s theme:

  • SUN: Expression. How you express yourself and what you put in the world
  • EARTH: What grounds and nourishes you
  • NORTH NODE: Theme of your life 40+
  • SOUTH NODE: Theme of your life 0-40 years, what you’ve here to learn and work through
  • MOON: Motivation. Your driving force.
  • MERCURY: Communication What are you here to teach & share
  • VENUS: Values & Love. What you value and relate to
  • MARS: Growth. What you’re here to grow and mature
  • JUPITER: Blessings. Offer your gifts & receive blessings
  • SATURN: Challenge for growth. Discipline.
  • URANUS: Catalyst for transition & evolution. Where you are unique.
  • NEPTUNE: Spiritual path, creativity, illusion.
  • PLUTO: Death & Rebirth. Transformation. New beginnings

There are also a lot more gates to explore, some astrologers like to dive into the Chiron, Lilith, Ascendant, Descendant, Mid heaven gates etc. I believe Genetic Matrix’s paid Pro option offer’s these views as well.


Conscious & Unconscious

In addition, which side your gate is activated can make a difference too. Either on your conscious (personality side), unconscious (body side) or both. You can have multiple gates activations on different planets, lines and body or personality side!


Hanging & Bridge Gates

A hanging gate is a gate you have active, but not connected to another gate (so it’s not part of a channel). Your active gate can be hanging in a defined or undefined center.

A bridge gate, is the gate that would connect to your hanging gate and complete a channel. 

For example, if you look at my chart above, my Gate 12 is hanging in an undefined throat. The bridge gate for the 12 would be Gate 22. It’s what will enable my 12 to connect to my Solar Plexus.


Gene Keys

So where does the Gene Keys come in? The Gene Keys are the contemplations of the I’Ching by Richard Rudd, a former student of Ra Uru Hu. While the Gene Keys can be seen as a whole other sub-system in itself, I often include these references for each gate because they show the energetic frequencies of how these energies can move between the shadow expressions to their gifts and siddhi’s. It helps in understanding and grounding these abstract and at times complex concepts.


The Gates, Transits & Rave Mandala

At any given time, we’re influenced by a stream of neutrino carrying information from the planets around us. When I started writing about the transits, I focused specifically on the movement of the Sun’s gate. When you take a look at the Rave Mandala, you’ll see the order from which these gates move. Starting with Gate 41.

Now each planet cycles each gate with a different duration. It takes the Sun 1 year to go through the 64 gates while it takes the moon roughly 28 days to cycle through the 64 gates.

Some planets might have a different orbit, going clock wise instead (someone who is more familiar with astrological placements, please correct me if I’m wrong!)



The 64 Gates by Numerical Order

  1. Gate of Self Expression

  2. Gate of the Direction of Self

  3. Gate of Ordering

  4. Gate of Formulization

  5. Gate of Fixed Rhythms

  6. Gate of Friction

  7. Gate of The Role of the Self

  8. Gate of Contribution

  9. Gate of Focus

  10. Gate of Behavior of the Self

  11. Gate of Ideas

  12. Gate of Caution

  13. Gate of Listener

  14. Gate of Power Skills

  15. Gate of Extremes

  16. Gate of Skills

  17. Gate of Opinions

  18. Gate of Correction

  19. Gate of Wanting

  20. Gate of The Now

  21. Gate of The Hunter/Huntress

  22. Gate of Openness

  23. Gate of Assimilation

  24. Gate of Rationalization

  25. Gate of The Spirit of the Self

  26. Gate of The Egoist

  27. Gate of Caring

  28. Gate of The Game Player

  29. Gate of Perseverance

  30. Gate of Feelings

  31. Gate of Influence

  32. Gate of Continuity

  33. Gate of Privacy

  34. Gate of Power

  35. Gate of Change

  36. Gate of Crisis

  37. Gate of Friendship

  38. Gate of The Fighter

  39. Gate of The Provocation

  40. Gate of Aloneness

  41. Gate of Contraction

  42. Gate of Growth

  43. Gate of Insight

  44. Gate of Alertness

  45. Gate of Gatherer

  46. Gate of The Determination of the Self

  47. Gate of Realization

  48. Gate of Depth

  49. Gate of Principles

  50. Gate of Values

  51. Gate of Shock

  52. Gate of Stillness

  53. Gate of Beginnings

  54. Gate of Ambition

  55. Gate of Spirit

  56. Gate of Stimulation

  57. Gate of Intuitive Clarity

  58. Gate of Vitality

  59. Gate of Sexuality

  60. Gate of Acceptance

  61. Gate of Mystery

  62. Gate of Detail

  63. Gate of Doubt

  64. Gate of Confusion


Gates by Centers Chart Sample

You can find the full version of the organizational charts here.


Before you go

Remember to take into consideration the other parts of your design! While we focus on one specific portion or area, you are a combination of all your moving parts AND conditioning.  You’re not just one gate, one type or channel. You’re dynamic, alive and holistic. Your experiences, the stories you hold matter as well.

How you experience your design is unique to you. Each gate, center, channel is flavouring each other along the influence of our environment, the transits and people in our lives. Take what works and permission to release what doesn’t. This system is evolving along with us, let it be a tool that supports your process and not another box to fit yourself into.


Further Exploration

If you want to quick visual reference for all the gates, channels, circuitry, centers. Check out this digital reference guide right here.

For just the organizational charts like the sample above, check out the Cheat Sheets here

I’ve gotten a few messages and requests on putting all the gates into one offering (coming soon!) or even a custom guide (figuring out the logistics so it can still be personal and curated to you and not just all the gates slapped together because nuance matters!)

If you’re looking for some support in synthesizing all the elements in your chart, you can check out my current offerings here.



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