31 Gate of Influence

31 Gate of Influence

Jul 26, 2023

We’ve just tapped into 31 Gate of Influence yesterday! This is the expression, voice of the collective to lead. (Which is different than our 45 Gate of the Gatherer, which is all about directing the community’s resources)

The Gate of Influence is the voice of leadership.  It is here to be recognized by the collective, the influential elected leader. It carries the voice of “I lead or not”.


From Identity to Throat

Starting in the Identity G Center—the hub for self, love, direction, identity, purpose, give & receive. The 7 Gate of the Role of Self in Interaction is the ability to step up and lead. Known as the “power behind the throne”.

Which reaches towards the Throat—the center for voice, expression, communication & action. Where the 31 Gate of Influence is the voice that directs and influences others. It is “the throne”.

Together they form the 31-7 Channel of the Alpha

Gate 31 needs recognition from the collective in order to lead. It’s the voice of and elected by “the people”.

You may see all the possibilities and the skillsets you have, what patterns need to be broken or new ones to be created but unless you’re chosen by the masses to represent them, you would be leading from a misaligned place & won’t have the energy of the collective to back you up.

The 31 without the 7 may not always have the energy to do the actual work. They can command, direct, influence + even be the voice for others but without the consistency of Gate 7 they don’t have the role of the self to back it up, you may seem like an empty voice without the group’s energetic consent and support.


Projected & Collective Understanding Circuit

As you can tell, the Gate of Influence is a projected gate + part of the Collective Understanding Circuit. It’s oriented towards the future, to create a new pattern for the collective. It needs recognition and invitation in order to lead successfully as the voice that represents and directs their community.


Shadow Expressions

In the Shadow Expressions, the 31 may try to lead and take power by force, seeing those they’re leading as “foolish” or “inferior” to them or on the other end, not taking responsibility for their impact and feeling disconnected from others.

You are not here to be the voice of “all people”. Who are those that truly recognize + value your input?

How does it feel to lead from a heart centered place? How can you trust in the guidance of your S&A + lean on those you’re working with?

“The 31st Gift is known as the Gift of Leadership only because that is the projection of the collective […] Deep inside such a person, there is little or no inclination to be a leader and even less identification with feeling like a leader. It is however this very reluctance that sets such people up as leaders. The mass consciousness, as we have seen, is programmed to be led but has no idea of how to pick a leader. Most of the time, the mass consciousness will choose leaders not for their policies or beliefs, but for their style. The 31st Gift knows all about trends and patterns because it has an inherent understanding and mastery of language. […] The difference between the 31st Gift and the 31st Shadow is that the 31st Gift does not believe its own propaganda. This Gift is no longer caught up in the fear of what others think, and if you want to influence people in a certain direction, this is a distinct advantage.” —Richard Rudd, Gene Keys


Lesson of Gate of Influence

One of the lessons of Gate 31 can be seen in the values of democracy and collaborative leadership.

This is not an individual energy about solely what you bring to the table but a synthesis of everyone involved, you’re the spokesperson per say.

How do we come together to problem solve while also honouring our needs & voices? While you may be reluctant to lead at times, how can you trust the guidance of your Strategy & Authority when it’s time to step up? How can you collaborate with others instead of trying to find the answers or direction yourself? How open are you to input & co-creating with others? How do you feel about recognition + leadership? Do you feel any pressure to prove or answer other’s demands? (undefined ego + mind) What are your beliefs around leading?


Wisdom of Gate 31

The Wisdom of the Gate of Influence is oneness. Seeing how interconnected we all are: humanity, nature, animals, the earth, the stars etc.

“The person manifesting the 31st Siddhi does not even see human beings as divided into those who are awake and those who are asleep. There is no such thing as being enlightened or unenlightened to such a person. If there were, that would assume the existence of separate beings rather than the reality of one unbroken chain of consciousness. Because the 31st Siddhi is truly humble, it has no agenda. It is not necessarily interested in freeing people from their illusions, even though it may unwittingly do so. Such a being realises that it is not possible to influence anyone in this world. […] The 31st Siddhi says whatever it must say, knowing that the words come from the collective and go back into the collective. — Richard Rudd


Share your reflections:

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