33 Gate of Privacy

33 Gate of Privacy

Aug 3, 2023

We’re deep in the energy of 33 Gate of Privacy and also Full Moon vibes! It’s been quite a doozy on my end (Aquarius rising here 🙋🏻‍♀️🥲) But also a wonderful opportunity to release, re-shift my approach to break some old dynamics.

Gate 33 is one I hold dear to my heart. It’s one of the two gates I have hanging in my undefined Throat center (12 is the other one). I’ve been doing a lot of healing around expression, specially when it comes to embracing my writing! (More about that at the end)


From Identity to Throat Center

The 33 Gate of Privacy is here to make sense of the past, to uncover the wisdom behind our collective emotional experiences. It carries the voice of “I remember or not”.

Coming from the Identity G Center—hub for love, self, identity and direction. The 13 Gate of Listener is here to receive, to listen to people’s stories and to record history.

Reaching towards the Throat—hub for expression, manifestation and transformation. Where the 33 Gate of Privacy is here to reflect + alchemize said stories, to share the lessons from the past.

Together they form the 13-33 Channel of the Prodigal.

While the 56 Gate of Stimulation is focused on telling stories to stimulate, to evoke an emotional reaction, the 33 Gate of Privacy uses storytelling in order to convey the lessons, secrets and pass on the wisdom cultivated.

This gate is “activated” through retreat and requires time alone in order to properly marinate in and alchemize what they’ve taken in, so the truth of their emotional wisdom can surface as they move forward & mature through each cycle.

Yet the 33 without the 13, might not always have the energy to listen or know the place and timing of when to share with others.


Collective Sensing Circuit

This is considered the “ending” of the Collective Sensing Circuit. Which started with the energy to close old cycles + begin new ones, along with the fuel to dive into new experiences that will bring change, transition and emotional growth.

Then transforming those experiences into inspiration, new concepts, clarity and stimulating stories to be shared with others.

And finally, the 13-33 records, reflects and share that wisdom with the collective.


Shadow Expressions

This energy is projected, so recognition and invitation before sharing with others will help this energy be received. (Of course, you don’t need invitation to retreat!)

It’s so important for this gate to carve out time to reflect on the past before moving forward. Having the space to distill what they’ve gone through, the challenges they encountered and the lessons they learned along the way. This is genetic, collective memory stored in our consciousness and being.

This is essentially the energy of “doing the inner work”, to acknowledge in order to move through and confront our pain, joy, grief, trauma. Because only then can we truly release, heal & evolve.

In the Shadow Expressions, the 33 does not want to remember. It’s distant, disengaged with others, opting to numb or being completely reactive, projecting their pain or trying to trigger others.

It’s crucial for this gate to build it’s capacity to face and process their past in order to move forward.

“When the time is ripe, you will be asked to share your wisdom which then becomes part of the greater community and humanity’s evolving consciousness. Like the Prodigal, you mature over your lifetime, and your realm of influence expands as you move through each cycle of experience.” — Ra Uru Hu & Lynda Bunnell

Even though this is a collective energy, it’s all about sharing your individual reflections with the collective. The 33 being in the Throat center is + needs an outlet of expression. Either through conversation, poetry, art etc. This energy is here to be moved and transformed with the other.

Who can openly share with? Who seeks your wisdom? What mediums help you process? What support systems can you lean on?


Wisdom of Gate of Privacy

The wisdom of Gate 33 can be seen through the impact of remembering + learning from the past.

I see this energy beautifully expressed through fables, the akashic records, mythology, religious texts, TED talks, memoirs, podcasts, counselling, trauma-informed modalities, therapy work, etc.

When we’re able to reflect and learn from the past, we get to release what no longer serves us. We get to break patterns and cycles, we get to course correct. While this work in itself is not always pleasant, it’s also such a necessary part of our evolution and well-being.

Energy is here to be moved and processed, when we don’t have the space or tools to do so it can become stagnant. What helps you hold the complex? How do you take care of yourself through this process?


A Lesson from Gate 33

One of the lessons from the Gate of Privacy is learning to embrace our humanity. What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to feel so much? How do we hold the duality of our light and shadows; not as good or bad but as inherent parts of us?

This is one of the many gates that awaken us to our true essence and power, as we move through the shadow expressions individually and as a collective. What if the “work” is simply that? Accepting our humanness, flaws, strengths, fears, courage and vulnerability.

Supporting ourselves through this messy process of becoming and unbecoming; not because we’re lacking or not good enough as we are, but because we get to heal, we get to grow + experience more joy, success, satisfaction, peace and surprise.


Share your reflections

I’m realizing now, that so much of what I share and write about is deeply infused with the energetics of my 12 and 33 gates.

It still stuns me whenever I get a message, a comment about how my writing resonated or that they really like the way I write. You see, growing up with English as a second language I was never eloquent enough. I’m also terrible (not skilled at) speaking my mind.

So I held on to the belief that my expression, my writing is…well bad.

Even though, when I was younger I used to write stories all the time but as I grew that stopped. In the past year I’ve slowly reclaimed my expression. And my gosh, while I might not have the best grammar or a super extensive vocabulary, I’m starting to see the impact of my words. And how my community, you, are recognizing the energy behind what I share. It’s been healing, terrifying at times but so gratifying.

Do you have Gate 33 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.


Additional Deep Dive

And if you’re looking for some additional support in synthesizing the elements of your Human Design chart, book a 1:1 session or package here. Or want to learn more about the gates and centers, check out the online Portal in the making Coming Home.

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  1. Tiara says:

    I am so grateful to have found you. I’m 2/4 splenic single channel of struggle projector with this gate trying to remember that I’m meant to remember so that i can share.

    The way you you write and what you quite truly resonates with me.

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Tiara,

      Thank you so much for sharing. I’m so happy to hear my writing has been resonating with you, this means so much! <3

  2. Ineke says:

    Very interesting post. I do have the channel of the prodigal, the online channel i have. And it do makes more sense to me now.

    I read a lot on your website. And often if i want to know something about human design your website is one of the first i visit. I am dutch, and i like the wat you write. It is easy to read and good to understand. You’re doing an excellent job.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

    Wish you a great day.
    (1/3 self projected projector)

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Ineke, thank you so much for taking the time to share your kind words! So happy to hear that my writing has been a useful resource 😊.

  3. Krista says:

    Gate 33 is my Conscious Sun, and I’m still trying to figure out what that really looks like in my life and as the purpose of my life. True to my 3rd line nature, I keep coming close and failing — but failure is sometimes good; it gives us more space to learn what we need to know! Your writing has proven to be a very helpful piece of the puzzle, and I’m extremely grateful for your words.

    3/5 Mental Projector RAX The 4 Ways 2

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Krista,

      Thank you for your kind words and beautiful reflection!
      Something that was quite helpful for me to reframe was seeing failure as data.

      Specially as a 3rd line you’re here to show us what’s not working, paving the way for innovation and solutions to come. We can’t innovate if we don’t know what to improve on after all 😉