7 Gate of The Role of Self in Interaction

7 Gate of The Role of Self in Interaction

Aug 9, 2023

We’re sampling the energy of Gate 7, The Role of Self in Interaction.

The Gate of the Role of Self in Interaction is essentially here to lead the collective. This is a logical energy oriented towards the future; to modify existing patterns or create new ones.


Identity G to Throat Center

Starting in the Identity G Center—the hub for self, love, direction, identity, purpose, give & receive. The 7 Gate of the Role of Self in Interaction is the ability of the self to step up and lead. Known as the “power behind the throne”.

Which reaches towards the Throat— center for voice, expression, communication & action. Where the 31 Gate of Influence is the voice that directs, commands + influences others. It is “the throne”.

Together they form the 31-7 Channel of the Alpha.

Coming from the G center, this gate is all about sharing your direction and POV with the collective through your logical and leadership skills. The style in which you lead is influenced by the line that this gate is activated in:

  1. Authoritarian
  2. The Democrat
  3. The Anarchist
  4. The Abdicator
  5. The General
  6. The Administrator


Yet Gate 7 without the 31 might not always be heard or able to directly influence others. You’re able to direct from behind the scenes but need the voice of the 31 to command. The 31 and the 7 have a co-dependant relationship, they’re here to collaborate with each other.


Projected Channel & Shadow Expressions

Even though this gate is here to lead, it is a projected energy. Recognition from others is needed in order for you to lead and share your direction with the right group. Otherwise, you might encounter resistance and opposition no matter how “right” you may be.

As part of the Collective Understanding Circuit, it’s here to course correct, improve or start a new pattern for the collective with the collective.

In the shadow expressions, this gate might be focused on accumulating power through force, abusing their power, feeling they’re above those they lead, encouraging division or on the other end, not recognizing the power within themselves.

It’s fascinating to see the 7 and 31 coming together to form the 7-31 Channel of the Alpha. This electromagnetic brings people together and they have the power to command and direct those who are seeking their guidance.

Bill Clinton has the 31 while Hilary Clinton has the 7. One has the charisma to pull people in, get their attention while the lather provides the strategy, the direction “behind the throne”.

I see the dynamics of this energy expressed in so many systems. The hierarchy of how our world is currently set up; from education to businesses, political structures, family systems, the economy etc. There are so many patterns being played out right now and new ones being created.


Lesson for the 7 Gate of The Role of Self in Interaction

One of the lessons from Gate 7 starts from recognizing the power you hold within and discerning with who and when to share.

You’re able to see what’s working and what’s not. This is a beautiful and much needed gift for the collective. What are the places that recognize your skills and welcome your input?

How do you embody your truth? How do you lead from the heart without losing your center? How do you cultivate trust in yourself? You’re not here to do it all, how can you allow the 31s to come to you?

How does it feel to lead from an empowered place? Who are the people and projects you enjoy collaborating with?


Wisdom of Gate 7

“Facilitators, as the name suggests, make communication and implementation easier and smoother. People with the 7th Gift do not lead from the front, but guide the energy of the group itself. They create a space in which an organic team harmony can develop on its own, with minimal interference. They are often content to allow others with the requisite gifts to stand in the limelight while they lead quietly from behind the scenes, and in this sense the 7th Gene Key is an archetype of the power behind the throne. This is the true meaning of Guidance — trusting in the life process, rather than forcing matters by taking control. This ability to surrender to life itself is the foundation of true leadership.”— Richard Rudd, Gene Keys

Wisdom of the Role of the Self in Interaction is expressed through guidance. You’re not here to guide everyone or anyone but those that are seeking and are ready for your input will get the direction they need.

You have the ability to catalyst others into a brand new path, to show them a way that nudges them towards growth and healing yet that doesn’t mean you’re here to do all the work yourself.

How can you lead and step back? How can you allow others to do their part? How can you share your approach and also release the expectations of things being done your way? How can you create the space for the collective to figure out their own way as well? How can you co-create together?


Share your reflections:

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