4 Gate of Formulization

4 Gate of Formulization

Aug 15, 2023

4 Gate of Formulization is here to formulate logical answers as it experiences doubt. This is a collective energy oriented towards improving the future through logical solutions, problem solving and concepts.


From Crown to Ajna

Starting from the Crown—the hub for ideas, questions and inspiration. The 63 Gate of Doubt is the pressure to doubt, to find answers to their questions. It asks ‘what’ type of questions.

It then reaches to the Ajna—our cognitive awareness center. Where 4 Gate of Formulization brings awareness and form to all the possible answers.

Together they create the 63-4 Channel of Logic.

This gate is always stringing together answers, triggered from the pressure of doubt, to make sense of inconsistency in patterns as it sorts through multiple solutions. It’s part of how it sees, understands and experiences the world.

Part of Gate 4’s journey is learning that not every question is meant to be answered by them and that not every answer they provide will be ‘the’ right one. They’re here to offer a answer, not the answer. Your answers are then meant to be tested and ultimately backed by facts.

Yet Gate 4 without the 63 might not know what questions to explore or when/where the next inspirational question will come.


Collective Understanding Circuit

This gate belongs to the Collective Understanding Circuit, it’s here to essentially provide answers to and for the collective. This is about responding to other’s questions through logic and not meant to be directed inwards, towards our own life. It’s focused on correcting patterns with a dose of healthy skepticism to strengthen concepts and formulas that will later be tested and implemented.


Fear of Chaos & Shadow Expressions

As part of the Ajna, our cognitive awareness center, there’s a fear frequency behind this gate. Fear of chaos, of not being able to find answers to their questions. Remember, you’re not here to provide all the answers, just an answer only if and when your S&A supports you in doing so.

The Gate of Formulization is a projected energy. Which means recognition + invitation before sharing will help this energy land + be received. Because while you might have some answers, it doesn’t mean that it’s for anyone/everyone. There’s also no guarantee that your answer will endure, that’s not what this gate is for. It’s here to simply open a door for the collective to explore. Your answers, your mindset, your beliefs may change later on and that’s ok.

In the Shadow expressions, Gate 4 gets turned inwards, obsessively trying to “solve” their own life or feeling over-identified with their thoughts, not being able to relax unless they get all the answers. Or at times, paralyzed by their own fears of not knowing enough or trying to push when no mental energy is available.


A lesson from the Gate 4

A lesson from this gate is understanding that your answers are simply doorways to other possibilities. They’re not the “key”.

Because at the end of the day, like Richard Rudd shares in the Gene Keys “Mental assuredness cannot make the body feel safe. The body can only feel safe when it surrenders to the moment without wanting something else.” Maybe temporarily, there’s an illusion of safety when an answer is formulated but that’s what it is, an illusion. As our consciousness shifts there will be more questions that will emerge.

Because it’s not just about getting answers, but the understanding, the transformation from the quest themselves. It’s what happens after a hypothesis, a answer, a concept emerges.


Wisdom of Gate of Formulization

Wisdom of Gate 4 is the realization that the more you learn, the less you know. We are in a golden age of knowledge and information. A search engine at the tip of our fingertips but that doesn’t mean we have all the answers or that we’re not changing and growing as well.

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”― Albert Einstein

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” ― Maya Angelou

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” ― Daniel J. Boorstin

How can you lean on your logic and at the same time staying open? How can you release the pressure to have to know it all? How can you release beliefs that are not supporting you?

When you look logically at all angles of any concept, you begin to realise that nothing can ultimately be proved through logic, because logic can always be used to prove the opposite. When you finally see this, your whole being lightens because you realise once and for all that the mind is of no use for resolving anything of real importance. This in turn releases the mind to do what it loves best — research and communicate and play.When the 4th Gift is freed from having to solve your existence, it finally comes into its real genius — to play with the patterns of existence and arrange them in new and original ways. […] In fact, you realise that all logical formulae can be manipulated to prove or disprove anything. The higher frequency of such understanding also brings with it the urge to be of service to the world, and you can use the mental alacrity of the 4th Gift to follow the dictates of your higher self” — Richard Rudd, Gene Keys


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