29 Gate of Perseverance

29 Gate of Perseverance

Aug 22, 2023


We have been simmering in the lovely energy of Gate 29 for the past few days. The gate of Perseverance is the energy of channeling our life force into the discovery of experiences. Of saying yes to life, in committing deeply to ourselves, to persisting and surrendering through our cycles.


From Sacral to Identity G

Coming from the Sacral—the hub for vital life force, reproduction, sustainability and sexuality. 29 Gate of Perseverance is the Sacral’s cue on what to commit and say yes to.

Connecting to the Identity G—the hub for self, love, direction, identity, purpose, give & receive. Connecting to 46 Gate of Determination of the Self, the love and guidance of the body.

Together they form the 46-29 Channel of Discovery

Gate 29 is all about surrender and trust to whatever process we commit ourselves to. It provides the life fuel to sustain us through a cycle, to push through even when others quit—as long as it’s aligned to us. 

This is purely about being forged by our experiences, what they bring out of us and not so much the experiences themselves.

Yet Gate 29 without the 46 might not always know where it’s heading nor always have the capacity to ground into their body’s experience.

“You can measure your worth by your dedication to your path, not by your successes or failures.”—Elizabeth Gilbert


Generated + Collective Sensing Circuit

This gate is part of a generated channel. This is the mechanic about being in response.

Notice, along with your Strategy and Authority, what is coming to your awareness? What opportunities are inspiring you to commit? What are you feeling pulled to say “yes” to? What is your body saying “no” to?

As part of the Collective Sensing Circuit this is cyclical energy shared with the collective. Your commitment, dedication will have a ripple effect to those around you. I see the 29 as a diamond in the rough.


Shadow Expressions

It loves a good challenge and needs opportunities to shape themselves as they conquer new depths within. They’re here to be transformed by whatever cycle, experience & relationships they engage with.

In the shadow expressions, this gate might overcommit by saying yes to anything/everything, regardless of their S&A’s guidance (perhaps influenced by the undefined heart or pressure of an undefined root center). Or, fear and distrust in every single choice they make.

“This Shadow makes you constantly worry about your decisions and where they might or might not lead you. The great illusion of failure and success is that they are simply inner attitudes linked to your beliefs about yourself”—Richard Rudd

How can you honour yourself + the commitments you do make? How can you cultivate trust that what you’re feeling pulled to commit is exactly the path that’s meant to forge you? What feels expansive, invigorating to say yes to? What feels a bit more restrictive, like a no?


Wisdom of Gate 29

The wisdom from this gate is to completely surrender to your path. Do you trust both your yes’s + no’s? Or do you doubt every decision you make? Are you unable to fully submerging yourself; where you’re half way in but also half way out? Dipping your toes is not enough, this gate requires you to have ultimate faith in your choices.

How can you build unwavering trust in your capacity to endure, to persevere? How can you trust in your life force to guide you? Regardless of a defined or undefined Sacral.

“The secret to all commitment lies in the way in which you begin. It is the energy behind your actions that creates your future rather than the actions themselves”—Richard Rudd, Gene Keys


Lesson of the Gate of Perseverance

One of the lessons from the gate of perseverance is that what you say no to matters just as much as what you say yes to.

When your energy is spent in doing what drains you, you reduce your capacity to invest in what nourishes you. That kind of energy will echo into everything else you do.

When you’re mostly occupied doing what you “should” do as opposed to what you “want” to do, you end up draining your life force in the long run.

You know, like societal expectations/milestones regardless of if they’re aligned to you or not. How can you create a space to also nourish yourself in the midst of your responsibilities? What can you release or delegate to others?

As I’m writing about this gate, I realize how much it’s been guiding me all my life. After all, it’s in my conscious + unconscious South Node and also my unconscious moon.

I’ve always been a quiet fighter —those close to me would probably say stubborn 😉 I thought that was due to my gates 38, 39 and defined heart! But actually they were being lead by the wisdom of my 29.

Like choosing to become Catholic when I was 7 years old and going to church every Sunday much to my atheist father’s dismay (he was convinced I would become a nun as a result 🤷🏻‍♀️) And eventually fighting a nun years later because she saw a vision of me as such (but I wanted nun of it 😉🥲) in which she turned completely cold and said I would never be happy if I don’t follow the path God created me for…but even then, deep I my faith I knew the universe/God had other plans for me which lead to closing that chapter (or at least redefining it for myself)

Or when I fought my parents to go to advertising because I felt it was my purpose (ahem, thank you Spleen even though justifying to others was quite a pain). And or course, that cycle lasted 9 years! It was exactly where I was meant to be and when it was time to release, it just felt right…

Or how I chose to be with my then first boyfriend/now husband, even though logically the odds were stacked against us. I just knew I couldn’t commit by being half invested, if I was going to open my heart I would have to do it fully no matter what happens because I would be betraying myself to do otherwise…


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