59 Gate of Sexuality

59 Gate of Sexuality


We’re currently being influenced by Gate 59. Also known as the Ice Breaker, the need to connect with others to create something new.

This gate is driven by a deep genetic desire to connect, to create new life through reproduction or creative projects. Its here to ultimately break down barriers in order to achieve intimacy.


From Sacral to Solar Plexus

Coming from the Sacral—the hub for vital life force, reproduction, sustainability and sexuality. 59 Gate of Sexuality is the energy to break down barriers to bond and create life.

Moving towards the Solar Plexusthe emotional awareness and motor center, where 6 Gate of Friction brings the boundaries needed to discern with who and when to bond.

Together they form the 59-6 Channel of Mating.

The line in which this gate is activated also determines the archetype through the way they are likely to move + bond with others:

  • 1 – The Preemptive Strike
  • 2 – Shyness
  • 3 – Openness
  • 4 – Brotherhood/Sisterhood
  • 5 – The Femme Fatale/Casanova
  • 6 – The One Night Stand

Ra described this energy as the urge to merge but the 59 without the 6 might not always be able to discern the boundaries needed or the timing of when to break down barriers + connect.


Community Defense Circuit & Generated Channel

This is a Community Tribal gate, it’s part of the Defense Circuit. The 59-6 is in charge of creating life; as it breaks down barrier to achieve intimacy along with the right boundaries to sustain those connections. This is about supporting each other.

As a generated energy, the 59 is meant to come in response through the Sacral’s cue. Along with your Strategy + Authority, notice what responses are nudging you to connect, go deeper or withdraw. Versus initiating or breaking bonds from the mind, which could lead to misaligned connections where you’re not received or holding onto ones where the cycle has ended. Not everyone will be willing or open to connecting.


Shadow Expressions

Rejection could be a common theme as you learn to discern those that are open, willing or not. What is your relationship to rejection? Do you hold it personally? Or are you able to detach? Not everyone nor anyone are willing or have the capacity to go deep with you. Timing, place along with your Strategy & Authority matters! How can you temperature check? Even though this is a generated energy, consent is important! How do you hold space for yourself and others?

The shadow expressions of the 59 can turn towards breaking down others barriers without consent, taking advantage of others or fear of opening up, getting intimate and closing themselves off as a result.



Wisdom of Gate 59

Wisdom of this gate can be seen through intimacy in relationships.

Intimacy happens when there is trust and safety as we hold space for one another. To truly see and recognize the other with understanding and compassion. These connections have the ability to deeply transform and transmute us.

Drew Barrymore’s talk show is such a beautiful reflection of the 59’s ability to break down walls in order to connect in a meaningful and profound way. Her guests feel at ease, they share their stories, their pain, their happiness with her and she holds them with such care and compassion.

“Intimacy may sound like a soft and cuddly kind of state, but the reality of the 59th Gift of Intimacy is somewhat different.

Intimacy presupposes honesty and acceptance of the Shadow state. This means that the fears between the sexes must be acknowledged, understood and allowed to exist.

This allowing then acts like a valve that opens up the full power of the sexual force, a shattering power that shakes the very fabric of your being. This is why it frightens us so — because it is such a raw power.” — Richard Rudd, Gene Keys



Lesson from Gate of Sexuality

A lesson from this gate is to look at the walls you might have.

Barriers that kept you safe at one point but are now keeping you disconnected from others and experiencing life to the fullest. What are some beliefs that are getting in your way and perhaps keeping you stuck?

Who and what are you keeping away out of fear of being vulnerable? Who are the people and places that truly see you and want to break down barriers with you? How do you soothe your nervous system? How can you build trust in yourself as you safely open up to others?


Share your Reflections

Do you have Gate 59 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.


Exploring Further

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Aug 24, 2023

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  1. Aimee says:

    I have Gate 59 activated and my fear of intimacy and vulnerability is unbelievable.

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Aimee,

      I feel you! It definitely takes some time to build our emotional safety + capacity for intimacy and vulnerability.
      Brene Brown’s work has helped me a lot, along with therapy and people who could hold me in my process. You’ve got this, sometimes it starts is awareness!