40 Gate of Aloneness

40 Gate of Aloneness

Aug 29, 2023


40 Gate of Aloneness is the will to support, to commit and provide. Also known as the breadwinner, this gate is the energy of the Ego to support themselves and their loved ones.

I’m writing from the middle of the Atlantic ocean with spotty internet, diverted travel plans and no voice left. Not sure what the themes of this particular Mercury Retrograde is but it’s made our family vacay from the very start a loooot more entertaining than expected 🥲 🥴. Thankfully, everyone is safe!

Now to this week’s transit, Gate 40.

From Solar Plexus to the Ego Center

This is the will to work, to provide for yourself + your community. This gate needs time alone to rest, recharge from the work they do. This is all about boundaries and bargains.

Coming from the Solar Plexus—the emotional awareness and motor center, 37 Gate of Friendship is the awareness of how to nurture the emotional needs of friendships + communities

Moving towards the Egothe motor center for willpower, ego & the material world. Where 40 Gate of Aloneness is the will to work and provide while balancing work and rest.

Together they form the 37-40 Channel of Community.

The 40 Gate of Aloneness is the expression of the Stream of Sensitivity. This part of the Community Tribal Circuit in which the principles, emotional needs of the community are determined along with the bargains, deals to meet them.

If you have this whole stream, you’re sensitive to your personal needs along with the ones of your community. You sense when something is off and find ways to find harmony and balance.

Yet the 40 without the 37, might not always have the proper boundaries on how to use their will, honour their needs or know who to share the resources they’ve accumulated with.


Stream of Sensitivity


What fascinates me the most about the gates and channels is how interconnected they are.

Each play a specific role in how they receive, transform and express energy on an individual, communal and collective level.

Here’s the Stream of Sensitivity at a glance. Starting with Gate 19, 49, 37 & 40.

  • 19 Gate of Wanting, coming from the Root, the pressure to interact with others in order to get our needs met.
  • It then connects to 49 Gate of Principles, in the Solar Plexus, which is the awareness of what principles are needed/aligned to get into relationships
  • The 37 Gate of Friendship, on the other side of the Solar Plexus is what keeps said relationships together through recognizing the needs along with the exchange, the bargain to meet them.
  • Finally, the 40 Gate of Aloneness in the Ego center, is the will to work, the energy to commit and to provide for ourselves, out families and communities. 


Shadow Expressions

Willpower used in the wrong direction becomes force, and even though it may still succeed in its endeavour, the results to the body will be catastrophic and irreversible.” —Richard Rudd

In the shadow expressions, Gate 40 can force your will to work without proper rest or even when the bargain isn’t right. Feeling isolated from others, not getting the support you need or able to set clear boundaries to protect your energy so everyone is able to drain your life force.

Is your 40 in a Defined or Undefined Ego? Notice if the shadow expressions of wanting, needing to prove yourself is accentuated. If undefined, you might not always know when to rest / when to work. How can you set some clear boundaries to protect & nourish your life force? What are yout energetic cycles and needs?


Projected Channels + Community Tribal Circuitry

As a projected energy, recognition and invitation in doing the work you love is important. So you can support your community and get the support you need. You’re part of an ecosystem.The more you’re able to carve out alone time, the more you’re able to recharge so the right opportunities and recognition can make its way to you.

Who are the people who recognize and appreciate your hard work? Do you get to strike a work and rest balance that is supportive to your own personal ebbs and flow? How does your strategy & authority help guide you?

Who encourages + understands your need to disconnect & be alone? Only then will you have the capacity to renew and recharge. This is also on of the gates of aloneness along with Gate 12 Caution and Gate 33 Retreat


Wisdom of Gate of Aloneness

The Wisdom of this gate, as seen through the 40th gene key is Resolve. Like Richard Rudd breaks it down, this is about becoming adept at giving to yourself. The balance, the harmony between serving the world and serving your own enjoyment. Like the saying, how do you fill your own cup before filling other’s? Sacrificial love comes at a cost: yourself, your own sanity and well-being.

It is not sustainable to put others before yourself in the long run. Your life force is precious and not everyone is entitled nor should have unlimited access to it. Only you know what your own boundaries and needs are. It’s your responsibility to ground and reinforce them. A “no” plus alone time will do wonders in recharging and activating the gifts of the 40 without overexerting yourself. You are abundance on earth but you are also in a human body that requires cycles of rest.


Lesson of Gate 40

One of the lessons from the Gate of Aloneness is how interconnected we all are. I know, this is a theme I bring up often but really, the irony of this gate is that you’re not here to do it all by yourself. Nor are you expected to. Remember, community circuit, this is about doing work that supports others while also getting the appropriate support ourselves.

This is an energetic exchange, an alchemy in collaboration with those around you. You’re here to provide as long as the bargain meets your needs.

Something to note, by work it’s simply any kind of energetic exchange. It might not be a traditional 9-5 role or even one of monetary means. But it’s one where you’re able to support others and nourish yourself as well. Where are you recognized? What feels fulfilling to you? What type of work honours your cycles as well?


Share your reflections:

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