12 Gate of Caution

12 Gate of Caution

Jun 17, 2023

We’re in the 4th day of basking in the Gate of Caution and going into the new moon with this energy.

The 12 Gate of Caution is the cautious expression of your emotional truth. The voice of the individual emotional knowing. The ability to articulate, express your emotional wisdom.

Gate 12 is the expression of the Stream of Emoting. Known as the Gate of Caution because of their need to wait for clarity and for their mood to align before speaking. It carries the voice of “I know I can try or not”.

From Solar Plexus to Throat center

Coming from the Solar Plexus—the emotional awareness and motor center, the 22 Gate of Openness is the awareness of what mood / spirit are being shared with others.

It then reaches to the Throat—the hub for voice, expression, communication & action, to 12 Gate of Caution to express their emotional truth through moods, words, art, poetry, melodies etc. Together, they form the 22-12 Channel of Openness

This gate possess an enormous power in mutating, impacting others with their moods and expression. But with great power comes great responsibility. Being able to retreat, standstill instead of impulsively reacting to our emotional wave or lashing out requires restraint and caution.

This energy seeks to be understood, to be seen by their expressiveness and be received. It is naturally cautious around people and needs to carefully discern the when and who to open up to otherwise it could face rejection, get hurt or hurt others when they’re not honouring their moods.

The 12 without gate 22 doesn’t always have the awareness to pinpoint what they’re feeling.


Stream of Emoting

So far we’ve experienced most of the gates from the Stream of Emoting in the transits this year. This is the expression of our individual emotional knowing and truth.

The gates that make up the Stream of Emoting:


Starting in the Root, with 39 Gate of Provocation. This is the fuel to provoke the “right” spirit. It seeks to feel something, to provoke the spirit in others.

Leading to 55 Gate of Spirit, which has the awareness of what mood, what spirit is correct for them along with who will match that frequency or not. It seeks abundance in spirit.

It then gets “processed” through the Solar Plexus where 22 Gate of Openness, the awareness of what they’re feeling + an openness to surrender to their emotional wave. It seeks to be social or left alone.

Finally, in the Throat, 12 Gate of Caution we have the pause, the discernment of knowing when and what to say depending on their mood, sharing their emotional truth and authenticity with others. It seeks to be seen + understood.



Individual Knowing Circuit

As part of the Individual Knowing Circuit, this energy is all about empowering the self + others through our emotional process and expression.

The Gate of Caution operates at the pulse of the individual emotional wave; it goes through up and down spikes expressed as moodiness. As one of the gates of aloneness, it’s important for those with this gate to recognize when to step back and when to be around people as it requires time on it’s own to process the depth of their emotional energy.

This is a highly creative and mutative gate, it goes through periods of melancholy, feeling there is no one worth telling anything to.


Shadow Expressions

The 12 is projected on it’s own, so recognition and invitation before sharing along with your S&A will help you discern when/who to share. If connected to the 22, it becomes manifested, informing before sharing can help remove resistance.

Gate 12 needs time to process their emotional energy to translate their thoughts into words and vibration. When they’re able to honour their mood, even their silence have the ability to make an impact on others. This is seen as a romantic and passionate gate.

In the Shadow Expressions, Gate 12 might think of themselves as better than the other, using their words to do harm and/or purposefully hurt, specially when they’re not honouring their moods and lash out.


Lesson of Gate 12

One of the lessons of Gate of Caution can be seen in the pause, the discernment of what to say with who, when to share + when to hold back.

To allow ourselves to truly feel as we navigate and hold space for our emotional depth. To surrender to the full spectrum of our emotions, the highs and lows along with the melancholy. Processing our emotions through creative outlets. I see this energy beautifully expressed through many art forms such as language, poetry, music, films etc.

Impeccable timing maximizes the potential impact you can have on social/cultural norms, and on our way of being with each other in the world” — Ra Uru Hu & Lynda Bunnell


Wisdom of Gate of Caution

The Wisdom of Gate 12 lies in their ability to spot who’s authentic or not. It seeks emotional truth in their interactions with others.

This is an acoustic gate as well, we’ve talked about the 12’s ability to be articulate through language + words, much of their communication happens through the tones + vibrations of how they speak. And in turn, they can sense through other’s tones if they’re being authentic or not.

How can you lean into the wisdom of this gate, along with your S&A? Who are the artists, writers, musicians, directors, people you gravitate towards? How do they support your process? Honouring your moods is important. Knowing when to be alone, when to be social will help you support your emotional being.


Gate 12 Keynotes

Share your reflections:

Do you have Gate 12 active or know somebody who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply comment below to share.

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  1. Katie Barget says:

    So interesting! My cons sun is 39.3 – my partner has gate 55 and the 22-12 channel, both consiously.

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Wow! That’s a strong electromagnetic pulling you together to form the whole Stream of Emoting.

      Have you noticed these emotional themes and processing coming up between the both of you?