45 Gate of The Gatherer

45 Gate of The Gatherer

Jun 10, 2023

The Gate of the Gatherer is the voice of the tribal circuit. Leading with an authority to distribute the resources of their community in order for it to prosper. It carries the voice of “I have or not”.


From Ego to Throat

Starting in the Heart— the motor center for willpower, ego & the material world. The 21 Gate of the Hunter, is the one in charge of managing and controlling what/how resources are acquired.

It reaches towards the Throat center —hub for voice, expression, communication & action— via 45 the Gate of the Gatherer, as the authority to delegate those resources.

Together they form the 21-45 Channel of the Money Line. Also known as the Voice of the Ego.

The Gate of the Gatherer is referred as the gate of dominance, expressed through the archetype of the monarch, the King/Queen energy. It’s purpose is to oversee the distribution of resources + wealth of the community. It has the power to bring people together to manifest the community’s needs, growth + bring harmony to those around them.

The 45 + 21 has a co-dependant relationship. Ra describes it as: The Gate 45 protects but wants the last word, and Gate 21 serves but needs to be in control in order to guarantee its heart can rest, and/or to guarantee that others get their rest.

The 45 without the 21, doesn’t always have the energy to hunt, manage resources or deal with the day to day micro details while balancing work/rest.


Community Ego Circuit

Gate 21 has the ability to bite through, to get their hands dirty and get things done, focusing on the micro details. While the 45 is the vision, the macro, the bigger picture.

But remember, being in the Ego Community/Tribal circuit, this is all about support and survival of the community through the material world.


Shadow Expressions

In the shadow expressions, Gate 45 just wants to accumulate power, resources for themselves. Stepping on, pushing others down in order to lift themselves up out of fear of losing their power. It hoards with a scarcity mindset or leading as a tyrant. 

This energy is not just for the self, it is to be shared with the community.

How are you benefitting yourself + those around you? Resources are meant to be redistributed, shared in order for the tribe to prosper + expand.


Manifested Channel

Gate 45 with the 21 is a manifested channel. Being the voice of the community it’s here to inform what they have or don’t have, to communicate the state, the wellbeing of those under their “kingdom”.

So they can either distribute the goods or attract those with Gate 21 to manage and acquire resources.

This energy is also about empowering those in their communities to be able to access and grow their own resources as well. In the Gene Keys, Richard Rudd describes the gift of the 45th being deeply concerned with education and empowerment.

“In order for world poverty to come to an end, people must be self-empowered rather than rescued. This means that they must be educated in how to become self-sufficient at all levels. They have to use the technology that enables them to provide for themselves.”—Richard Rudd


Wisdom of the Gate of Gathering

The Wisdom of the 45 is abundance through sharing. It has the power, the authority to bring people together + share their knowledge in a way that empowers those around them to lead as well.

We are stronger together. We’re not here to do it all alone. We need each other’s guidance and skills in order to prosper, survive and thrive in this world as we move through scarcity and fear.

I see this energy expressed through accessibility work and inclusivity. How do we ensure everyone gets to experience and enjoy our time in the material world? How do we support those who need an extra hand?

“Once again it is only through the selfless and unconditional giving away of responsibility + authority that true power begins to travel through a network. You have to gather together the people who you trust & then you have to give them their freedom to pursue their gifts without interference.” —Richard Rudd

“Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.” —Patrick Lencioni

“The universe operates through dynamic exchange… giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. and in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.” —Deepak Chopra


Lesson of Gate 45

One of the lessons from the Gate of the Gatherer shows up in the healthy tension between leading + releasing control. Knowing when to step in and step back. How can you lead those who are working along you while also trusting in their abilities to support your vision?

Your ability to gather and hold the attention of your community. How are you using your voice? Are you spending time focused on the micro details? Are you biting more than you can chew?

If you only have the 45, you might not know when to work or when to rest. How can you follow the cues of your strategy and authority?


Share your Reflections

Do you have Gate 45 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.

Exploring Further

And if you’re looking for some additional support in synthesizing the elements of your Human Design chart, book a 1:1 session or package here. Or want to learn more about the gates and centers, check out the free portal Coming Home.

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