21 Gate of the Hunter/Huntress

21 Gate of the Hunter/Huntress

Mar 31, 2023

The Sun is currently in 21 Gate of the Hunter Huntress. The willpower to find and manage resources through control. To be independent and resourceful.

I think it’s safe to say that this is an energy we can all relate to. The concept of “taking control” of our lives, our destiny and in this case, how we survive in this material plane.

From Heart to Throat Center

Located in the Heart— the center for willpower, ego, the material world, determination, your drive and self worth. As a motor, it provides the energy necessary to manifest your will and desires. Gate 21, known at times as the gate of the control freak is essentially the energy of ‘hunting, going after’ those desires. It’s the power of your ego and will.

It reaches towards the Throat center —the hub for voice, expression, communication & action— via 45 the Gate of the Gatherer, as the authority to delegate those resources.

Together they form the 21-45 Channel of the Money Line. Also known as the Voice of the Ego. The voice of the community.

Gate of the Hunter is often represented in the archetype of the managing director of a company. Able to see efficiencies, recognize potential and manage assets.

But the 21 without the 45, doesn’t always have the energy and authority to command, distribute or expand those resources. Just like the 21 is the managing director, the 45 is represented as the CEO, the Monarch, the leader of the tribe that represents the voice of the people.

Shadow Expression

The 21 provides the energy to survive and thrive in the material plane. There is a natural leadership potential with this gate, where the community lean in the guidance of the hunter/huntress for sustainable resources and abundance, due to the lather’s eagerness to work hard and ability to get what they want.

In the shadow expressions, gate 21 can feel defeated giving up their desire to control completely, feeling helpless OR leaning to the other side, the control freak of wanting to micro manage every single thing in their lives and even others as the feeling of losing control escalates.

What does control mean to you? What is your relationship to control?

The 21, with it’s ability to bite through is here to get their hands dirty and get things done, focusing on the micro details. While the 45 is the vision, the macro, the bigger picture. This energy needs to be highly independent, they thrive when they have something to control in their lives. Freedom would be it’s core value.

Defined vs. Undefined

Specially if the heart center is defined, they’re meant to have full control on how they make and spend money: from what they wear, what they eat, how their day to day looks like etc.

If the Heart is undefined, one of their lessons is discerning when to control and when to surrender since they don’t have the consistent energy of their ego and will to back them up.

Community Ego Circuit

The irony or perhaps the caveat is that this is part of the community circuit, which is all about support. What resources are needed to survive? How do you get these resources yourself?

“On the other hand, you are destined to serve others because in a Tribal bargain all must benefit if you are to benefit yourself. […] Regardless of the benefits of your intentions, you must wait until you are offered control. If you are a Projector, you need to be with people who recognize and invite your ability to control; if you are a Generator, you have to be asked for access to your Sacral energy so you can respond; and if you are a Manifestor, you have to inform before you attempt to exert control and thus measure the resistance field.” —Ra Uru Hu & Lynda Bunnell

Manifested Channel

The 21 by itself is a projected energy but once it’s plugged into the 45, it becomes a manifested channel. So informing before taking action helps remove resistance, as long as strategy and authority are aligned.

Lessons of Gate 21

One of the biggest lessons of Gate 21 is that even though it’s here to be in control, not everything can be controlled by us. No matter what type we are. Like the hunter, we are all at the mercy of nature. We might not always “catch” what we’re hunting. We are influenced by the changing seasons and we’re always adapting to it. How do you lean into your strength of knowing what to control? How do you release the things you cannot control?

Wisdom of Gate of the Hunter/Huntress

The Wisdom of the 21 lies in patience. Because at the end of the day, we’re not here to do whatever we want, whenever we want.

Regardless of your type, even if you’re a Ego Manifestor, you’ll have to align with the rest of your energetics (like when your urge arises) and what resources are available to bring something forward. Your body along with your strategy and authority are still your biggest guides on what you have or don’t have energy for.

Understanding our mechanics doesn’t mean we get to control the outcome, the timing of our experiences. We have no control over the transits, others or the people we connect with. So how do we lean into the gifts of this gate as we wait for the right timing?

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  1. Victoria Louise says:

    I have just discovered your site and am loving it. I have been on my HD/GK journey for 3 years and am always searching for information that is shared in an easy-to-understand language. I am excited to tap into your podcasts and read your blog. Thank you for sharing 💕

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Victoria! Welcome! Thank you for the lovely message ❤️ Means a lot, hope you’re enjoying the podcast as well!