35 Gate of Change

35 Gate of Change

Jun 5, 2023

We are currently experiencing 35 Gate of Change.

The Gate of Change, carries the voice of “I feel “. It has a hunger for adventure, to explore new horizons, a yearning for emotional depth/change as it moves through many experiences.


From Solar Plexus to Throat

Starting from the Solar Plexus—the emotional awareness and motor center for emotions, the 36 Gate of Crisis is the drive to go from inexperience to experience by navigating emotional crisis.

Which then reaches towards the Throat— hub for voice, expression, communication & action. Where the 35 Gate of Change pinpoints what kind of change/experience is needed.

Together, they form the 35-36 Channel of Transitoriness.

While Gate 16 seeks experience in order to master their skills, Gate 35 seeks experiences to progress and learn from. They are here to collect, reflect and share their adventures. After all, there is no growth, no transformation without change.

Gate 35 is driven by an insatiable sense of adventure and curiosity as it guides you on which endeavours to surrender to next. Developing your talent to nudge others towards their own progress + growth each time you share your personal reflections and wisdom.

Yet Gate 35 without the emotional awareness of the 36 might impulsively hop from one thing to another with no proper directive or grounding to wait for their emotional wave.


Stream of Feelings

What fascinates me the most about the gates and channels is how interconnected they are. Each play a specific role in how they receive, transform and express energy on an individual and collective level.

35 Gate of Change is the expression of the Stream of Feelings. Since we’ve already moved through Gates 41, 30 + 36, I thought it would be fun to see how they all connect:

Starting with the Root, the 41 Gate of Contraction is an incessant pressure to experience new feelings. The fuel of fantasy and daydreaming. There’s an impulse to do, hunger to feel something new.

Which then connects to 30 Gate of Feelings in the Solar Plexus, the emotional awareness of the potential of those feelings. Energy channeled into yearning, passion, emotional desire and ache.

The 36 Gate of Crisis, then comes up with all the possible scenarios to meet those new feelings, coloured by an inadequacy of not having the experiences to manage them. It’s where you create + meet the challenges of change and growth.

To which finally, the 35 Gate of Change, coming from the throat pinpoints which direction, outlet or experience will satisfy that hunger to feel, meet your emotional desires and growth.


Collective Sensing Circuit

Knowing that the only constant is change, doesn’t mean we’ll have control over when or how that happens. Being in the Collective Sensing circuit, this energy is all about sharing your personal adventures and stories with others. And as a result, inspiring others to move towards their version of progress and change.


Manifested Channel

This is one of the Manifested Channels, that connects the Solar Plexus directly to the Throat. Informing will help you remove resistance and open pathways to be received.

I can see this energy expressed through vlogging, online content creators where by simply sharing their adventures, their reflections they have the ability to comfort, inspire and initiate others.


Shadow Expressions

The Gate of Change is always seeking for the next big thing to dive into. It’s important that they’re honouring their emotional wave along with the guidance of their strategy and authority on what experiences are for them + actually have energy for.

In the shadow expressions, this energy oscillates between feeling full and empty, feeling bored or overly busying themselves. Looking for temporary relief or instant gratification on the outside but never truly feeling satiated enough thus repeating the cycle of “bandaid surface approaches”.

Fulfillment isn’t about chasing the next thing or having your expectations met. How can you cultivate inner love, stillness so your thirst for the new is channeled into a sense of adventure as opposed to a means to prove or change yourself?



Lesson & Wisdom of the Gate of Change

One of the lessons and wisdom of Gate 35 is that it’s not about the destination but the journey itself.

In fact, do we ever arrive? Life is always moving with and through us. How do we take care of ourselves as we navigate the ups and downs of the unexpected?

How do we ground into our wholeness, in the now? Even when there is still a lot to be done. How do we weave the complexity of living and surviving in this material world; in taking care of our emotional, physical and spiritual needs while also nourishing the growth of our personal + collective consciousness?

We’re here to delight in the little things. How can you balance your thirst for the new while also relishing in the abundance of the now?


Gate 35 Keynotes


Share your reflections:

Do you have Gate 35 active or know somebody who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply comment below to share.

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