30 Gate of Feelings

30 Gate of Feelings


In the next couple of days we’ll be experiencing Gate 30, the Gate of Feelings.

And tomorrow happens to be Valentine’s Day; I wonder if the influence of Gate 30 was the reason Valentine’s was established on this date? 🤔

Anyways, back to gate 30, this is an acute awareness of the potential of feelings.

Often described as the gate of desire; this is the energy of yearning, passion and emotional aches aka the clinging fire.


Connecting Solar Plexus to Root Center

It is located in our Solar Plexus pointing towards the Root Center and part of the Collective Sensing Circuit.


Gate 30, Gate of Feelings

A few weeks ago we talked about 41, the Gate of Contraction and together with the 30, the Gate of Feelings they form the Channel of Recognition.

While Gate 41 is the fuel, the pressure and the drive to experience new feelings; Gate 30 is the emotional awareness of the potential of said feelings. It is expressed as a longing, a burning desire of how something could turn out. If we think about our dreams, we can often highlight the feelings behind them; feeling of success, safety + abundance, of peace + lightness, of companionship, of freedom, revenge etc.

Without Gate 41, there is no consistent fuel to channel that awareness.

Solar Plexus

It’s fascinating that this is also known as the Gate of Fates. Being in the Solar Plexus, there’s a fear frequency, the fear of fates; of not being able to control or meet your expectations.

We talk about surrender often, where it’s not about giving up or being passive in our experience but instead getting out of our own way. It’s about allowing the universe/god/your guides to co-create with you. It’s a dance of planting our seeds, setting our intentions and being at the mercy of the weather—the how, when, through who it may happen.

As much as we can be aware of the possibilities, we cannot anticipate all the odds and factors in play. It’s the understanding that life is unpredictable and not something that can be controlled.

Wisdom of Gate 30

The wisdom of Gate 30 lies in our ability to dream, in our faith to commit to something bigger than ourselves, no matter the outcome.

Paulo Coelho, one of my favourite authors, sums it up perfectly: “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting”.

It’s our courage to experience, to open our hearts even when we might get hurt that takes us into new emotional depths and heights.

The pursuit of what we long for can transform us. When we share those experiences with others, it can transform the collective as well. And as a projected energy, recognition + invitation is important!

Lesson of the Gate of Feelings

One of the biggest lesson of the 30 is that it’s not about your desires coming true instead it’s releasing the expectations that arise with them.

To let go of our attachment, to ground ourselves into our ‘why’ so we can get into experiences with clarity where they’re not tinted by our limited expectations. And instead, allowing what we yearn for to inspire us into new paths, new opportunities and even ignite something in others.

So release the how’s + permission to dream, to lean into those burning desires. Play, colour outside the lines, set your intention and release it to the universe. What would bring you one step closer to that desire? How can you embody those qualities now? What feeling are you trying to ground into?


Do you have Gate 30 active? Or know somebody who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply.

This gate is both activated in my design and personality North Node + undefined SP; I love the lessons and opportunities the 30 has opened up for me. With an undefined G, I find that I often don’t “know” where I’m going but when I ground into my desires, what I want to feel in my goals, this opens up a pathway of opportunities. In surrendering, I’ve been able to embrace the lessons and gifts along the way. I’ve taken many paths where I walked away from the initial “goal” because it was never about the goal but the experience in itself.

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Feb 13, 2023

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