49 Gate of Principles

49 Gate of Principles

Feb 9, 2023


For the next couple of days we’re being influenced by 49 Gate of Principles. It’s the awareness of what principles are aligned; and rejecting those that do not support you and your community.



From our Solar Plexus to Root Center

Starting from the Root—the center for life fuel, momentum adrenaline, stress & pressure. The 19 Gate of Wanting is the pressure to approach, interact with others in order to fulfill their emotional + material needs.

It reached towards the Solar Plexus—the emotional awareness and motor center via 49 Gate of Principles, the awareness of what principles are aligned; and rejecting those that do not support you and your community.

Together they form the 49-19 Channel of Synthesis.

This energy is about being attuned to your principles and seeking those that are in resonance with yours (and rejecting those that aren’t). It presents as an emotional awareness of who + what to accept or reject based on your own beliefs and values.

Yet the 49 without the 19 won’t always have the fuel, the material resources to maintain their principles. Which highlights the importance of having our needs met first.



Projected & Expressions

This is often described as people being highly sensitive or highly insensitive. This sensitivity gifts the 49 with potential to connect with animals. A connection to take care of material needs (such as food source) or to fulfill their emotional needs (companionship, protection). Some examples include breeders, butchers or animal rescuers, activists.

It’s also a projected energy, being recognized and invited in is crucial. Think social contracts, aligned values and rules to set expectations and ensure everyone is on the same page.



Ego Community (Tribal) Circuit

The 49 is often described as the gate of divorce and revolution. The I’Ching breaks down Revolution as “the potential awareness to know what and whom is needed or not to maintain or restructure the community.”

Remember, this is in the Community circuit. The 49 is always seeking ways to uphold + reinforce their strong principles. If anything comes in their way or threatens their values, they’re quick to either revolt or walk away/cut ties completely. They don’t like to be challenged (even when it’s necessary at times)

It searches for systems, values, communities that would adhere to their principles. Richard Rudd describes this as “People whose principles may either cause them to reject or be rejected”.

This energy connects, is validated/soothed through touch. The 19-49 Channel of Synthesis is known as the marriage contract. It’s an intimate energy of courting each other and assessing each other’s needs and values.

The 49 is always “temperature checking”

  • Are we taking care of each other?
  • Are my needs being met?
  • Are you on my side? Do we align with the same values and belief systems?
  • Are you my ride or die?
  • Who is contributing or threatening the foundations of our family, friendships, work etc?



Fear of Nature & Shadow Expressions

Since it’s in the Solar Plexus, this emotional awareness operates in waves and is flavoured by a fear frequency.

Fear of Nature, fear of the unpredictable. A nervousness over not being able to control or predict the consequences that come with such notion. As a result your principles (and you) being rejected by your loved ones and community.

This fear can be accentuated for those without the 19, not having the fuel of knowing what is needed for your community to thrive and survive. Hence being rejected as a result. The fear of being rejected might lead you to rejecting others.

In the shadow expressions, the 49 might be on the defensive, always reactive to the possibility of rejection. Rejecting everything and everyone before they are rejected themselves, closing off any chance for intimacy/vulnerability or on the opposite end, they are numb and shut down instead. Instead of paving the way for a possible revolution, steps towards healing and change they close that door instead.

Wisdom of Gate of Principles

Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake.”Sara Raasch

“Your own reasons to create are reason enough. Merely by pursuing what you love, you may inadvertently end up helping us plenty. (“There is no love which does not become help,” taught the theologian Paul Tillich.) Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.”—Elizabeth Gilbert

The wisdom of Gate 49 is reflected in the power of standing up for what we believe in. This impactful energy leads our community through times of change, when revolutions are needed. Think political, societal etc systems being dismantled because they don’t reflect our values anymore.

Gate of Principles teaches us to not compromise for what we truly believe in. Yet, it’s also important to learn that things are not black and white. The human experience is complex and upholding others to strict standards might not always lead to healing + reconciliation.

Sustainable change takes time, communities don’t recalibrate from one day to another. Just like it takes time to rewire new neural pathways, how can you keep an open mind? How can you be patient and also uncompromising when called for?

“Along with the 49th Gift comes an enormous longing to reform the ineffective ways in which society operates. […] The 49th Gift does not produce the kind of revolution that history has so often seen — it gives birth to revolutionaries, not to reactionaries. This urge to improve the world is anchored in a deep understanding of the world. […] However, while this Gift seeks to throw out the old ways, it also understands that certain aspects of the past must be kept intact and nurtured to fulfilment.”—Richard Rudd


Lesson from Gate 49

One of the biggest lesson from the 49 is that rejection is not bad. As vulnerable as it feels, it teaches us what our boundaries are, what needs to be renegotiated. It’s a guiding post, that invites us to evaluate, fine tune and check-in with our intent and beliefs so we may attract what’s more aligned to us.

How can we trust that rejection is another stepping stone into opportunities + people that are more suited, resonant with where we are and where we need to go?

What is your relationship with rejection? What are some beliefs around it? Remember, this energy is not meant to be turned inwards, it’s here to support the needs of your community. How can you ground yourself and process? Who can you lean on?


Gate 49 Keynotes

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