19 Gate of Wanting

19 Gate of Wanting


Gate 19 is the Gate of Wanting: There’s a pressure to approach, interact with others in order to fulfill their emotional + material needs. 

As part of the Community (tribal) circuit, this energy shows up as support. It’s about finding aligned interactions to take care of our basic needs and thrive. Located in our Root center pointing towards the Solar Plexus. It’s part of the Community (Tribal) Ego Circuit.

This energy is about being highly sensitive, attuned to what your personal needs are + those in your community along with the pressure to meet them.
A fuel to interact with others in order to fulfill those needs. Richard Rudd describes this energy as people who always need to have a full fridge, a place to call home and people to connect with.
This energy is here to be moved with the other; it’s in the approach that our needs can or cannot be met. This is the essence of building trusting + nourishing relationships.

From Root to Solar Plexus

It reaches towards 49 Gate of Principles, in the Solar Plexus, which is the awareness of what principles are required to meet those emotional and material needs. The 19 without gate 49, feels an immense pressure to fulfill those needs but no awareness on the how, with who or when to make it happen.
It’s also a projected energy, so being recognized and invited into a relationship is a crucial step in having those needs met. Think social contracts, aligned values and rules to ensure balance.

Wisdom of the Gate of Wanting

The wisdom of Gate 19 is learning to balance your own needs with the ones from your community.

You’re highly attuned to your environment and are sensitive to those energetic fluctuations. You might notice little things like the texture of certain foods being different from an ingredient change, a local store swapping their aisles…This allows you to connect deeply with others including animals and your surroundings.

The truth is, we need each other in order to survive and thrive. But just because you’re aware of other’s needs, don’t forget about your own.

You can’t support others when you’re overextending yourself or get the support you need when you close yourself off. You know the oxygen mask metaphor? This is probably where it came from.

It’s all about balance; it’s ok to need others and also having the resources to ground + self soothe. Some questions to ponder on:

  • What are some healthy boundaries you can practice?
  • How can ground into yourself while allowing yourself to support + be supported? Is there any resistance coming up about needing others?
  • Not everyone or anyone can meet your needs, how can you let your strategy and authority guide you on who/when to connect with others? How can you ensure safety in your interactions?

Community Ego Circuit

Being in the Community circuit, this energy thrives through touch. I often think of Gate 19 being expressed through many healing modalities such as massage therapists, shiatsu practitioners, acupuncturists, osteopaths and even any kind of contact sports/group movement such as jiu jitsu, dancing etc.

Lesson from Gate 19

One of the biggest lesson from the 19 is how interconnected we all are; to each other and the world around us. How our wellness is related and dependant on the health of our communities + ecosystems. Think environmental, social justice activists in bringing awareness to issues we might not directly experience ourselves. (Greta Thunberg has this gate, activated in two placements!)

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Jan 28, 2023

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  1. Joy says:

    Im currently learning more about HD I love the clarity it gives. I have gates 19 and 49 active with a defined root and solar plexus. I can’t feel the emotions of others and I can kind of sense what people need. Feeling so much that I want to cater to everyone putting their needs above mine. Growing and healing has been teaching me the balance of pouring only when I have enough to pour into another

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Joy! Thank you so much for sharing your reflections and experience with the 19-49 Channel of Synthesis. Most people talk about conditioning in our undefined/open centers but our own definition can receive so much conditioning as well. Specially in a patriarchal society where we’re taught to always give, at the expense of our needs. The wisdom of this channel teaches us the importance of balancing our own needs with those around us, one cannot happen without the other!