13 Gate of the Listener

13 Gate of the Listener

Today the Sun moved into the Gate 13, the gate of the Listener.

I’ve learn so much from this gate. Gate 13 in a nutshell is here to receive and listen to others. A vessel to take in stories, record history in order to alchemize the lessons and wisdom for the future of the collective.

This energy is here to receive and contemplate; being a container to take in stories, record history in order to alchemize the lessons and wisdom for the future of the collective.


Collective Sensing Circuit

It is here to learn from the past. Being in the Sensing Circuit, this is about reflecting on the emotional depth our experiences.

If you have this gate, you might notice people often being TMI around you, strangers sharing their life story when you’ve just met, being privy to secrets and good at keeping them.

People feel comfortable, pulled & even compelled to share when they’re in this gate’s aura.


From our Identity G to Throat Center

Located in our Identity Center, the energetic hub for love, self, identity and direction. It’s pointing towards Gate 33, the gate of Privacy which is located in the Throat Center and carries the voice of “I remember”. It’s where Gate 13 gets to release what they’ve heard and taken in.

The 13 without gate 33, may not always have the energy to reflect, process the stories and insights they’re received. They might end up holding onto secrets, feeling resentful and heavy by the weight of them or too attached with no proper outlet.


Wisdom of Gate of the Listener

The wisdom of Gate 13, is learning to simply listen and to hold space for one another.

It’s healing and a necessary part of the human experience to have a safe space, a container to share our joy, our lessons, our losses and pain. To be understood with empathy and compassion, to be seen without judgement. Remember, this is the center for love as well.

In learning about our past, we pave the way for a better future; this is not about coming up with solutions though, this is about embracing the insights of the depths of our emotional journeys.

But just because you have the capacity to hold what you hear, doesn’t mean you’re here to listen to everyone/anyone. Or that you’re meant to bottle it all up. We all need each other.

Who are the people who hold space for you? Who can you soundboard as you go through your own process?


Lesson from Gate 13

The lesson from Gate 13 is that our stories have power and they’re here to be shared with the right people/outlet + when the time is right.

This is projected energy after all. Learning to discern who can receive or who to share with is crucial and viceversa, when to listen + hold space

Boundaries are important no matter what design you are. But specially if you carry gate 13. Find ways to check in. How can you ground yourself, safely release the stories, the secrets that make their way to you?

Find outlets to move this energy. There are so many creative ways to do so, find what you’re feeling pulled to explore. So you can hold and move this energy without being heavily affected or defined by them (e.g gate 13 + undefined solar plexus holding on to other’s emotions + traumas)

I see this energy often expressed through professions such as historians, therapists, storytellers, comedians, social commentators, documentary filmmaking, photography etc.


Share your reflections:

Do you have Gate 13 active? Would love to hear your reflections, share below!

I have gate 33 and my husband has the 13, early in our relationship I would find myself reflecting and telling him things I’ve never told or admitted to anyone . And viceversa, him having a space to release what he’s been holding. This is one of the electromagnetics that defines our throat centers


Additional Deep Dive

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Feb 2, 2023

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  1. Alex McCombie says:

    Hi Jes, reading this has absolutely blown my mind!! I have gate 13.3 conscious moon and am interviewing women who were beatniks and hippies and writing songs that tell their tales – they are all about peace, love, freedom, and adventure. I feel that I’m documenting their lives, this history, and that the songs are secret lessons/activations. I’ve been putting emotions into poems/songs my whole life, since my parents divorced (open solar plexus, undefined throat) I now understand they are not my emotions but i am channeling them from other people… I dont have the 33 defined but my 6-year old daughter does – i had my spiritual awakening 2 years ago, and the first song came through straight after the activation (I’d interviewed my mum who was a hippy for a radio documentary I made years before). My moon in my astro chart is 15 Aquarius, 12th house, which is one of the Gates of Avatar… wow thank you for this post!!

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Wow Alex. Such beautiful insights 🥺. Isn’t it so validating to how things have been falling into place? Thank you so much for sharing and for telling the tales of others <3

  2. Aimee says:

    I have Gate 13 and I can’t even go to a grocery store without a stranger feeling a connection with me and telling me their stories. I have made new friends with people sitting next to me on planes, new Facebook friends during 1-hour flights. It’s like I’m a magnet for people who need to heal. I’ve always said people can sense that I’m a safe space.

    • Jessica Lock says:

      So cool, love these kind of unexpected friendships! Hope you’re taking good care of yourself too <3

  3. Divjot says:

    I have gate 13 and this is so true, everyone is always telling me their secrets or life stories and I love it! A lot of people have mentioned to me that I am a very good listener and they feel safe telling me secrets they haven’t told anyone else.
    I want to soon create a podcast where I can interview people and hear there life stories while travelling so this makes a lot of sense!

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Yes!! You are a vessel for stories (as long as you have the capacity or in a space to receive them). What a wonderful gift you’ll be creating through your podcast! So exciting!