55 Gate of Spirit

55 Gate of Spirit

Yesterday, the Sun moved into Gate 55 the Gate of Spirit (this is probably one of the most in depth gate synthesis I’ve done to date) Because this energy, in essence is so much more deeper, complex than words can possibly describe.

It is currently mutating our species, allowing us to dive deep into our emotional well, our genetic memory along with the capacity to hold, heal and expand our consciousness. Think tapping into generational trauma work as one example.

The 55 is part of the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, which is the cross we’re moving into in 2027 (we’ve been in the Cross of Planning for the past 400 years; with the focus on building civilizations, community contracts, cities + industrial revolution, the accelerated development technological advancements etc). And now we’re moving towards a more individual focused energy.


So what is Gate 55 in a nutshell?

An emotional awareness of your search for the correct mood / spirit.

Awareness of your moods, the provocation needed in order to be abundant in spirit. This is about recognizing + honouring your emotional state.

Located in our Solar Plexus pointing towards the Root Center. Part of the Individual Knowing Circuit

This energy is about recognizing the moods of your emotional wave + honouring it. Along with 39 Gate of Provocation, they create the Channel of Moodiness which connects the Root to Solar Plexus.

As part of the Individual Circuitry, this gate is deeply melancholic in nature. Operating in a unique pulse, it seeks the emotional highs and moves through the emotional lows to process, make sense of life around them. The sadness, the melancholy paves the way for creativity, self-empowerment and transformation. When honoured, it has the potential to mutate our emotional consciousness.


The 55 without the 39

The 55 without the 39, can’t always pinpoint what they’re feeling. They seek the provocation, the fuel from the 39 to know what mood they’re looking for.

The Gate of Spirit is always searching for their ideal, perfect emotional state. Others might not always understand them (they’re not meant to) and perceive them as being a fickle or too sensitive.

That’s simply the nature of this pulse; your moods are never wrong. The emotional wave is not something you can control. You either feel like it or you don’t. This is also a projected gate, while it has the power to influence those around you, it doesn’t mean your moods will always be received (high or low).

Learning how to honour where you’re at, allowing yourself to be in your space or connecting with others who recognize you + your moods is such a crucial part of your process. When you’re feeling low, allow yourself to be in it. How can you support yourself without trying to change it? How can you safely feel it without judgement? This is a portal for art, deep creativity and inspiration.


Wisdom of Gate 55

The Wisdom of Gate 55 is the awareness of the abundance of spirit within us.

It is not about what happens to you but rather how you handle it. Is your glass half full or half empty? Or as Ra describes it, as simply being aware that there is even a glass to begin with.

I see this energy reflected in the concept of mindset reframing work. The awareness that how we perceive things can reflect/change our reality. Our spirit can guide us through healing, extraordinary breakthroughs and evolution. But also the opposite, to the shadow sides of victimization, helplessness, disconnect from our own potential and blaming external circumstances. Seeking outside of ourselves for answers or for ways to numb, to distract from our inner landscape.


Solar Plexus & Fear of Feeling Empty

Located in the Solar Plexus, it carries the fear of feeling empty. An emptiness, a void that cannot be filled. According to Richard Rudd, a hunger for fulfillment that cannot be attained—which can sometimes lead to an unhealthy relationship with food + disorders. An addiction to the search for fulfillment and not fulfillment itself.

When we seek outside of ourselves for answers; we give our power, our accountability away.

The way I interpret abundance in spirit, is the recognition of our own emotional depth + capacity to experience, to feel and endure as we surrender to the journey that is life. Because life is not something that happens to us; we are alive and here to learn, play, grow through the heights of hope and the lows of melancholy/pain as our lessons alchemize into higher consciousness.


Lesson of the Gate of Spirit

The Lesson of Gate 55 is the importance of allowing ourselves to be in our moods. Because it’s a part of the emotional wave’s process, to go through the motions as it gathers data.

The importance of advocating for ourselves; to communicate our needs, knowing when we need space and when we feel the need to connect with others. Without attachments or expectations. To release judgement from our moods as it guides us into new depths and experiences.

This is also a very acoustic gate; sensitive to sound frequencies. You hear the tone, the energy behind what somebody saids, moods behind music, deeper meaning behind songs etc. How can you use sound to ground you? To support and guide you?

Some examples of how this energy is expressed can be seen in art; like melodrama, tragedies, comedies, poetry, songs etc.

This breakdown in the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd is such a beautiful representation of this energy’s essence: Sometimes, you sink into melancholy and your whole life force seems to come to a halt — your breathing itself becomes thinner. At other times, you fly on a sudden mood swing and your heart beats faster and your breathing fills your chest to bursting. This is what we believe freedom to be. In between the extremes, melodies give way to cadences; shifts in tempo give way to phrases, notes, trills, pauses and every conceivable kind of feeling. We live our lives submerged within these waves, and there is no end to our emotional processing.


Share your reflections:

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Feb 19, 2023

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  1. Karissa says:

    I don’t have this gate but I have a hanging gate 39, so I guess that means Intrigger this emotional wave process in others.

    What brings me here is that I do a daily I Ching reading for guidance and today I received hexagram 55 clarified by 32. I’ve been feeling lots of resentment and before I even did the consultation I just felt like I had to allow myself to feel my feelings, even if I was judging them as wrong.

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Thank you for sharing Karissa! Yes and the 39 doesn’t have the awareness of what it’s feeling or what it’s looking for. It just feels a pressure to provoke.

      It’s so true, as with many things, the only way out is through. It took me such a long time to embrace my feelings instead of allowing my logic to override them. The more I allow, the more ease in the process ☺️

  2. Anouk Essers says:

    This resonates so much. Gate 55 is my conscious sun. Every I read here is kind of summing up what I feel, experience and want to share. Thank you ♡

  3. Brittany says:

    Hii, I have 55.1 as my unconscious gate. How does this affect me?

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Brittany,

      Without knowing the rest of your chart or where this is activated, having Gate 55 active in line 1 means that it carries the quality of the first line. In need of safety, doing research, the investigator energy. The book of the Complete Rave I’Ching explores that deeper!