64 Gate of Confusion

64 Gate of Confusion

Sep 9, 2023

It’s been a minute! This past week has felt chaotic and murky…a client used the metaphor of the cotton ball brain and I couldn’t agree more 🥴

I guess it’s no surprise since we’ve been under the influence of Gate 64, the gate of Confusion and also all dem’ retrogrades. We are are in the final hours of this gate’s influence!

The 64 Gate of Confusion is a mental pressure to make sense of past experiences.

This gate is here to be confused, it is through this process that it’s able to alchemize their past experiences into lessons and wisdom. It’s here to sift through chaos as part of the cycle.


From Crown to Ajna

Starting from the Crown—the hub for ideas, questions and inspiration. The 64 Gate of Confusion is the pressure, the fuel to make sense of the past.

It then reaches to the Ajna—our cognitive awareness center. Where 47 Gate of Realization brings the awareness to sort through the confusion, to organize the chaos into concepts that can be shared with the collective later.

Together they create the 47-64 Channel of Abstraction.

This gate is the fuel behind the Stream of Sensing, the energy that drives us to dissect the past through an abstract lens.

Sorting through our memories so we can transmute those experiences into inspiration, ideas, stories and concepts that can be shared with the collective.

Gate 64 is here to jumpstart the process, starting with confusion. It’s through times of uncertainty, unease that we are transformed & nudged to tap into the depths of our imagination + resilience.

Yet the 64 without the 47 doesn’t have the ability to sort through the confusion, the data of their memories. They need the influence, the awareness of the 47 Gate of Realization to connect the dots.



Shadow Expressions

As human beings we are under tremendous pressure to make sense of it all; consciousness seeking to learn, to comprehend in order to be transformed through questions, inspiration, doubt and yes, even confusion.

These questions are the doors to developing our creativity and potential. Ironically, the purpose is not to find an answer to every question. It’s in the seeking, the journey where our goldmine is revealed.

In the shadow expressions, the 64 might get hyper fixated in resolving their confusion through logic (remember this is an abstract energy!), getting into action from that pressure, grasping onto other’s idea of certainty even if it’s not aligned to them, lashing out or spiralling in overwhelm and anxiety not trusting themselves.

“The actions arising out of confusion, only creates more confusion”— Richard Rudd


Collective Sensing Circuit + Projected

This gate is simply the pressure, the occasional fuel to make sense. Doesn’t mean you should be acting on that pressure.

This is part of the Collective Sensing Circuit, meant to be shared and in collaboration with others.

In fact, without the 47 you might not always have the energy to process and sort through that pressure. How can you release those questions when there is no mental energy to process? How can you let your Strategy & Authority guide you on when to lean into your confusion vs. letting it take over your decision making? How can you cultivate trust that clarity will come over time?

And even if you do have the 47, you’re not here to find answers for everything. Again, tune in. Lean into your S&A for what you have energy for.

Gate 64 is part of a projected channel. Invitation and recognition before sharing is important. Who are those that appreciate and recognize the impact of your questions?

It takes time to move through clarity, for the puzzle pieces to reveal the bigger picture. This is a important step in your process. What is your relationship to confusion? Do you judge yourself for not having the answers?

How can you surrender to being confused? How can you ground + let your imagination be inspired? What are some practices that allow you to connect to your body + authority?

So you can hold, release the pressure instead of it spiralling out into anxiety. Because energy is here to be moved and while we don’t control the timing we can beware of how we’re influenced + how we are reacting.


Lesson from the Gate of Confusion

A lesson from Gate 64 is patience. Confusion eventually finds an ‘aha’ moment to settle in. But you don’t get to control, accelerate or “hack” the process.

It’ll take as long as it takes.

How can you let this fuel inspire you and nudge you into new experiences for the sake of? There is nothing to force. In fact, oftentimes we try too hard and end up getting in our own way.

Knowing that, how can you support yourself as you embark on this adventure of staying open, taking care of yourself, moving your body and letting your creativity flow without judgement or logic?

“A confused mind tends to be the most creative.” — Steven Magee



Wisdom of Gate 64

The Wisdom from the Gate of Confusion can be seen in the gift frequency, imagination.

“This is the 64th Gift. Imagination is born out of confusion, but only when you embrace confusion without trying to change it. Imagination allows alchemy to occur inside your being […] It doesn’t matter what form the pain takes. What matters is that it can be expressed and accepted.

The other great power of imagination is that it spells the death of imitation. To imagine means to go where no one else has been before — to break free from mental, intellectual, and cultural constraints and let your mind soar upon the wings of your heart. Imagination is abstract, illogical and wild. To imagine is to leap, to bound and to whoop with delight outside of all logic and pattern. It is the source of all art.” —Richard Rudd



Share your reflections

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