47 Gate of Realization

47 Gate of Realization

Sep 12, 2023

We are deep in the influence of Gate 47. While last week we felt the pressure to move through confusion as memories of our past came to the surface, the 47 Gate of Realization is the energy to “connect the dots”.
It’s the awareness of what our past is revealing to us, calling us towards. This gate is here to process our experiences, to turn the abstract into insights and concepts that can be shared later with the collective.

From Ajna to Crown

This gate is here to process our past, to turn the abstract into insights and concepts that can be shared with the collective.

Starting from the Crown—the hub for ideas, questions and inspiration. The 64 Gate of Confusion is the fuel, the pressure to make sense of the past.

It then reaches to the Ajna—our cognitive awareness center. Where 47 Gate of Realization brings the awareness to sort through the confusion into shareable insights and wisdom.

Together they create the 47-64 Channel of Abstraction.

This gate is here to overcome their confusion as they take apart, process & integrate the lessons of the past. It’s here to see one of the many threads linking everything together, as it steps back to see what the puzzle pieces are showing you right now.

“If Gate 64 is the one who remembers the disorganized collection of film clips that passes through its life, then Gate 47 is the editor who attempts to assemble them all into a meaningful slice of human experience.” — Ra Uru Hu & Lynda Bunnell

Yet the 47 without the 64 might not always have the energy, the fuel, the inspiration, to start the sorting process. Instead attempting to pressure themselves into organizing everything/anything they’re confused about.


Fear of Futility

Coming from the Ajna center, the 47 is flavoured by a fear frequency. This mental anxiety presents itself as the Fear of Futility.

Fear that your efforts, your realizations are futile. That no one cares or understands what you see. Remember, fears are not bad it’s simply a part of the process. Without fear, we wouldn’t grow, we wouldn’t survive.

How can you acknowledge your fears, hold your shadows as you surrender to your cycles of dancing between confusion and realization? How can you release the pressure to move through it ASAP + surrender to it’s timing? How can you take care of your physical body + nourish yourself through it all?


Collective Sensing Circuit

This gate is part of the Collective Sensing Circuit, the abstract cyclical energy of going into experiences, making sense of them and sharing with the collective. In fact, this energy is for the collective. This is not meant to be turned inwards towards your life. As you relate to your own experiences, your realizations are here to inspire and guide others. After all, there’s a reason the theme of this gate is Purpose fulfilled through Bonding.


Shadow Expressions

In the Shadow Expressions, the 47 may turn this energy inwards feeling hopeless, putting pressure and trying to logic their confusion away, unable to hold their shadows, closed to doing inner work or feeling that they’re victims of their circumstances.

I see this energy being the foundation of many self help, inner healing work and somatic practices. Like Katie Byron’s “The Work”, past life regressions, dreamwork, Carl Jung’s work on the conscious + unconscious, counselling, hypnotherapy, generational trauma work etc.

Because in working with the past, holding the joy and facing our shadows we’re able to learn, to heal ourselves and transmute our suffering into lessons and wisdom. This is how the collective consciousness evolves + transforms. But remember, this is a projected energy, it needs recognition + invitation before you share and guide others.

We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” — Carl Jung


Lesson from Gate 47

A lesson from the Gate of Realization is learning to release the pressure + expectations of making sense of all our circumstances as we’re moving through them. Sometimes things happen for a reason, sometimes they happen because life is simply unpredictable.

There is so little we get to actually control and more than often the answers to life’s biggest questions will evade us until they don’t.

While we may have more tools + practices to support ourselves nowadays, we must learn to also hold space for our humanity. Let’s not gaslight ourselves into feeling ok or looking at the positive when we actually feel quite the opposite. Let’s not override our darkness but instead, how can we commune and embrace our shadow with tenderness? How can we hold the complex, the pain and allow ourselves to safely feel?


Wisdom of the Gate of Realization

“This is the great mystery of alchemy, that you have to own the shadow you carry; even though it’s not really you at all, it just comes with the vehicle.” —Richard Rudd

The wisdom from Gate 47 can be found in our Shadows. Our biggest gifts are found along them. Our light cannot exist without our darkness. We come into this world with the shadows, the trauma, the genetic memory of generations & from the collective; unless we face the pain, the joy of the past we cannot really move forward. We’re not static and we’re constantly becoming/unbecoming.

What are some safe spaces and practices that allow you to move your mental energy? What can support your process as you release and untangle your insights & revelations? How can you have fun and nourish yourself throughout?

“The very thing that terrifies you the most is your route to a higher evolution. This is why all mainstream religions are founded upon the duality of good and evil. In keeping evil separate from good, we are actually denying the very part of our nature that will allow us to directly experience the Divine. Evil is nothing but our fear manifested in the world. […] Your denial of your own Shadow is not only a dishonouring of yourself, but of life itself. If you cannot honour yourself, then you certainly cannot honour others.— Richard Rudd

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