63 Gate of Doubt

63 Gate of Doubt

Mar 3, 2023


63 the Gate of Doubt, the pressure to make sense of patterns, concepts through doubt, suspicion & distrust.

Pressure that demands proof, facts to get clarity & understanding to correct a pattern. Fuel to move through doubt. Located in our Head Center pointing towards the Ajna Center. Part of the Collective Understanding Circuit.


From Crown to Ajna

The pressure to doubt arises when there is a tension, an inconsistency in the pattern spotted. As a collective energy it’s oriented towards improving the future through logic.

Starting from the Crown—the hub for ideas, questions and inspiration. The 63 Gate of Doubt is the pressure to doubt, to find answers to their questions. It asks ‘what’ type of questions.

It then reaches to the Ajna—our cognitive awareness center. Where 4 Gate of Formulization brings awareness and form to all the possible answers.

Together they create the 63-4 Channel of Logic.

The 63 provides a healthy dose of skepticism & distrust whenever they encounter something that feels off. As soon as they receive a clear logical answer or one that feels right for them, the pressure releases. It’s oriented towards improving the future.

Yet the 63 without the 4, doesn’t always have the awareness, the consistent energy to process + formulate an answer. Which can lead to mental anxiety. Their gift is to ask questions for others to answer.


Stream of Understanding

Coming from the Head, a pressure center, it adds anxiety to the Mind to find answers. This is the Fuel of the Stream of Understanding. This stream is a logical energy, focused on pattern recognition. It specializes in providing:

  • The pressure, the fuel to doubt and question patterns (Gate 63)
  • Where Gate 4, the Gate of Formulization then take those questions and start to formulate possible answers
  • Then Gate 17, the Gate of Opinions take those insights and organizes them into possible opinions and concepts
  • In which later 62 Gate of Details then add the “legs”, packages them into a digestible language/frequency for the collective to digest


The conundrum with the 63 though, is that not every question can be answered. So learning to hold + manage this energy is an important aspect of our mental health.

We’re not meant to take action or make decisions base on our doubt after all. How can you release the pressure to find answers? How can the questions become your playground?

Collective Understanding Circuit & Projected

This is a projected energy. Just because it has the ability to correct, solve, strengthen & fix there is no guarantee that every suggestion will lead to that. Or that people will see what you see.

Being recognized & invited to share is the first step to being received; but you have no control of how this lands or how it’ll influence the collective.

This logical forward oriented energy is part of the Understanding circuit, so it is intimately connected to the Spleen, our primal awareness center in charge of instincts and survival.


Shadow Expressions

Regardless of having the Spleen defined or not; if you have this gate, you can feel the doubt, your skepticism in your bones. This instinct is meant to challenge concepts, ideas, flaws, weakness that you spot in the collective FOR the collective.

While this energy leads to our conscious evolution, it can also be used in ways it’s not meant to, directed inwards to a personal level. Where we infuse doubt in ourselves, our sense of worth and our life choices.

Remember, energy is neutral. Being aware of how we’re directing it and our relationship, beliefs around our energies can make a difference.

The shadow expression of this gate is self-doubt and/or projecting suspicion, the doubt to others, specially those closest to us as a result of repressing and not channeling this energy properly.

What stories come up when you’re faced with doubt? How can you enjoy the “what if’s” without identifying with them? Let your strategy & authority guide you.

The beauty of logic is that it is itself a great paradox — it seeks an end to doubt but can never be satisfied in any single answer. The only satisfactory answer is one that defies logic! At the Shadow frequency, all the human mind wants is certainty, and if it cannot find it, it will manufacture it. Out of this very human fear of uncertainty, all dogmas and rigid systems are born.” —Richard Rudd


The Lesson of the 63

The Lesson of the 63 is it’s ability to ignite, to pave the way for creative solutions through logical doubt and healthy skepticism.

Seeing the potential of what our questions can open up; portals that expand our horizons and perspective. The fuel that ignites a world of possibilities to explore, to step into many realities without attaching to certainty.

How can you cultivate trust that the questions that are meant to be answered by you, will find you with ease? How can you hold on to questions without forcing an answer when there’s no mental energy to process?

The more logic is followed, the more mysterious and poetic it seems to become — until it reaches the impasse that logic cannot move beyond. Logic and its human counterpart doubt are designed to self-destruct, taking you the observer with them. When doubt is trusted at such a profound level, the doubter disappears into the doubt, leaving Truth. However, there is no sequential process to this — Truth is there all along within the doubt. It is simply waiting to be realised, like a pearl within an oyster. It needn’t be prised out, but simply recognised.”—Richard Rudd


Wisdom of the Gate Doubt

The Wisdom of the 63 is being able to discern which questions are valuable, which ones are meant to be engaged with and when. It’s our ability to hold the doubt, the complex without forcing for certainty. Being able to recognize the pressure without letting it override our decisions or taking action that is not aligned.

I think this energy is beautifully encapsulated in this quote by Walt Whitman:

I like the scientific spirit—the holding off, the being sure but not too sure, the willingness to surrender ideas when the evidence is against them: this is ultimately fine—it always keeps the way beyond open—always gives life, thought, affection, the whole man, a chance to try over again after a mistake—after a wrong guess.


Keynotes Gate 63

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