62 Gate of Details

62 Gate of Details

The 62 Gate of Details is the energy to translate complex, esoteric concepts into logical containers for the collective by focusing on details, sorting through facts. It carries the voice of “I think”.


From Ajna to Throat

Starting with the Ajna—the cognitive awareness center for processing; from ideas to concepts, details and answers. The 17 Gate of Opinions organizes their insights and formulizations into possible concepts.

Which then reaches towards the Throat—hub for communication, expression & action. Where 62 Gate of Details, provides the “legs” to the opinions, concepts formulated by Gate 17.

Together they form the 17-62 Channel of Acceptance.

While Gate 17 has the potential to easily sort through + understand patterns, it needs the 62’s ability to organize their logical understanding in a way that can be communicated to the collective. It is also knowns as an inter-species gate, it has the ability to communicate and train animals.

“Understanding is logic’s gift – and yours. When you address complicated situations with clear, appropriate and well-organized details, your opinions increase our understanding of the world.” —Ra Uru Hu & Lynda Bunnell

Yet the 62 without the 17, doesn’t always have the energy to organize, structure their details before expressing and sharing with others.


Shadow Expressions

The 62 might feel a constant pressure to express themselves but this is a projected gate, so it’s important that you’re recognized + invited before sharing with others. Otherwise, no matter how brilliant your share is, it might not land if the timing + audience is not right.

In the Shadow Expressions, it can get caught up with the need to fact check everything, spiralling obsessively, over-identifying with their thoughts + concepts. Letting their minds take over and feeling superior than others through intellect.


Collective Understanding Circuit

The Gate of Details is the energy behind language and communication. It’s here to name, label + verbally express the details of our human experience. From day to day physical objects to complex concepts.

As part as the Collective Understanding Circuit, Gate 62 is all about sharing facts and opinions to course correct a pattern for the collective.

Think frameworks, systems, structures, models. Spanning into everything we touch, how society is set up, how we interact with each other. Like attachment styles, the enneagram system, the love languages, core values etc.

Ra, for instance had Gate 62, which is beautifully reflected in the way he transmitted + organized Human Design. Of course, without the 17, he didn’t do it alone and his work spanned decades!


Lessons of the Gate of Details

One of the Lessons of Gate 62 can be seen through the power of written expression. Words have power; they carry an energetic frequency and have the ability to transform others, to move the collective. So many movements have been started by the written word. Carefully curated texts and systems can unite or separate. They can heal, enrage, lead it’s recipient. They can also be dangerous and corruptive at times.

Think of the burning of libraries as a form of exerting control. Even now in many parts of the world, we’re witnessing books being banned, voices being silenced, religious texts censored. Notice what you’re consuming and it’s effects on you. What nourishes you? What challenges your belief? What feeds on your shadow expressions?

“In essence, light is breaking through you, through your words. As your language becomes purer, you expose your heart to others and to the world. You are taking the greatest step — the leap from worship to embodiment. It is here that you will have to face the fear of humiliation as you give your voice up to your heart. Words spoken from love are deeply healing. At the same time they can stir up all manner of projections from the Shadow frequency. This is why there is no return once you begin to speak your truth — you have broken away from the lower realms forevermore.”— Richard Rudd


Wisdom of the Gate 62

The Wisdom from the Gate of Details is to see beyond facts; to be open to your logical, intuitive + emotional side. To tap into curiosity instead of tuning this energy inwards to micromanage and control your life (it’s not meant for that)

You’re able to tap into the energy of the collective and translate your understanding of esoteric knowledge. How are you leaning into the wisdom of this gate? How does it feel to share when you’re recognized and received?

In the Gene keys, the gift of the 62 is Precision. Knowing exactly what to say at the right moment, with the right people when speaking from the heart. You can see this energy expressed through so many gifted speakers, orators, debaters, scientists, writers, poets etc.


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Jul 17, 2023

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