48 Gate of Depth

48 Gate of Depth

Oct 4, 2023


This gate was probably one of the hardest to write. It’s my conscious sun so I was probably too close to it 😅 or the inadequacy of writing it “right” kept me overthinking and paralyzed. More reflections about that at the end of the post.
But alas, things eventually started to flow. We’re experiencing the influence of the 48 Gate of Depth. This is an awareness of potential solutions and possibilities. An intuitive depth, natural wisdom about the unknown, the collective well. Also known as the gate of taste.


From Spleen to Throat

The Gate of Depth is a logical energy that’s here to offer solutions for the collective and help others access their depth. A well of possibilities, an intuitive wisdom about the unknown.

Starting from the Spleen—the awareness center for instinct, intuition, fear & the immune system. 48 Gate of Depth is a deep instinctual awareness about potential logical solutions.

It then reaches towards the Throat—the center for voice, expression, communication & action. Where 16 Gate of Skills, channels that intuitive depth + expresses them through a particular skill.

Together they create the 48-16 Channel of the Wavelength.

The 48 is a deep instinctual knowing focused on improving society through logical and workable solutions. It easily spots patterns and seeks to understand, to learn from the past in order to create new, better patterns for the future. There’s a sense of curiosity and it’s here to go deep, explore whatever it’s fascinated by to later share that knowledge with others. This is also the gate of taste, it longs for beauty and for things to be designed with taste and intention.

Yet Gate 48 without the 16 might feel that they don’t always have the energy to communicate their depth; that it lacks the skills to actually test or prove their solutions. The 48 looks for the energy of the 16 to develop and share their wisdom with others.


Collective Understanding Circuit & Projected

The Gate of Depth is part of the Collective Understanding Circuit. It’s here to share their wisdom, new patterns with the collective for the collective. It’s an analytical and intuitive energy that is in tuned with the present moment.

The 48 is part of a projected channel, it’s an energy that’s meant to be seen, recognized and invited in by others. It needs to share their well of knowledge in order to access their depth. This exchange is how they tap into their wisdom and at the same time inspire others to tap into their’s. The well wants to serve, but you’re not for everyone/anyone passing by. If you have the 18-58 + the 48-16 also active, this whole stream becomes manifested. Informing will help you reduce resistance. No matter projected or manifested, lean into your Strategy & Authority for guidance + timing.


Fear of Inadequacy & Shadow Expressions

As part of the Spleen, the awareness center for instincts and intuition, it carries a fear frequency known as the fear of inadequacy. It sees the bigger picture, wants to jump in and help but fear that they’re inadequate, that they don’t have enough depth or skills to be eloquently sharing their thoughts. They might feel their solutions or ideas are not good enough compared to others.

In the shadow expressions, they might feel they’re never ready, afraid of judgment or projecting their inadequacy to others. While you might not know the extend of your depth, know that when the time comes + you’re around the right people, those who need your wisdom will get exactly what they need.

As you learn to trust that an answer will always emerge at the right moment in your life, your sense of fear and anxiety gradually begin to fade.” —Richard Rudd

What are the fears that are holding you from fully expressing yourself? Do you feel safe + protected abiding by those fears? If the answer is no, then how would your life look like if you acknowledge those fears + took tiny steps?

Look, fears are an inherent part of us. They keep as safe, they keep as alive but not all of them are true nor ours. Some were conditioned, some we learned through trauma. Some might keep us “safe” temporarily but small in the long run; ultimately keeping us from tapping into our own inner power. What is keeping you from having unwavering trust in yourself?


Wisdom of Gate 48

The wisdom of this gate is that it’s highly resourceful. This splenic energy taps into the present as it draws from it’s well of ancestral, genetic and collective knowledge to provide practical, creative solutions in the now.

It’s not about having the answer, but an answer, a way to share with others at the right time. It’s about showing possibilities and building on top of that. You’re open and see many perspectives, how can you relish in the abundance of your well? Instead of focusing on what you don’t have. What are the places & people who value your wisdom? Where can you openly share? The more you’re able to move this energy in alignment, the quieter the voice of inadequacy will be.


Lesson of Gate of Depth

“During my life journey I’ve discovered an interesting thing; once you stop seeking outside you discover what already resides within.” ― Rasheed Ogunlaru

One of the lessons of the 48 is trusting that you know enough right now, leaning into the wisdom & guidance of your body.

This is a wisdom of the unknown. You might not know the extent of your depth. But it’s about cultivating trust that whoever you come into contact with, will get exactly what they need and viceversa. How can you nourish, take care of yourself knowing that? What are you feeling pulled to learn out of fascination? What are you feeling pulled to share? This is not about having all the answers but trusting that what you know now will lead you to the next steps.

“There is nothing wiser in all of humanity than the physical body. When a human being discovers this secret they begin to tap the source of universal wisdom. Wisdom is rooted in utter trust of your body. Through the eyes of wisdom, everything within the sphere of human experience can be reduced to simple physical sensation — even thinking. The body must be allowed to feel the way it feels, it must be allowed to think the way it thinks, it must be allowed to act the way it acts. Nothing the body does can ever be wrong. It is the false concept that there is a way to be harmonious and a way to be inharmonious that is the root of all human dilemmas. There is nothing but harmony, and there is nothing but wisdom.—Richard Rudd


Share your reflections:

When I first learned about Gate 48 and it’s fear frequency, my mind was blown 🤯. So much of my life, my wounds were around inadequacy. Pair that with a 6 profile, which has a tendency for perfectionism, it was the perfect self-sabotage formula.

It followed me in my career where the conditioning of the masculine and my defined ego’s gate 21 will to push through, lead me to multiple burnouts. It was also one of the biggest fears starting Whole & Unleashed. Do I know enough to support others? Who am I to coach? Who am I to write, if English isn’t even my first language? Who am I to launch a podcast, to use my voice if there are so many already?

You get the gist…

Well, remember how I shared earlier that the more you’re able to share, the less the fear of inadequacy becomes? Of course it’ll never fully go away, it’s part of what drives the 48 to replenish it’s well; but when you truly lean into it the frequency changes from insecurity to one of curiosity.

You see, the more you’re able to share your depth with others, the more it’s able to flourish.

Here’s the thing about our splenic fears, the best way to process and move through them is through action. But not just any kind; the safe, sometimes-terrifying-but-at-the-same-time-expanding-our-comfort-zone kind.

Start by building your capacity. From your nervous system to your mindset. How do you hold space for your fears? How do you safely process and move through them? Who are the people who see and recognize your depth?

The more you’re able to share, the more you’re learn that your wisdom is with you at all times, hence building trust that you’ll tap into it when called upon.

Another personal lesson from this gate, sometimes I go waaaaay too deep. And not everyone needs nor wants that and it’s ok too. I have other outlets, friends that appreciate that part of me so the 48 gets to flow freely 🙂

Do you have Gate 48 active or know somebody who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply comment below to share.


Exploring Further

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