18 Gate of Correction

18 Gate of Correction

Sep 29, 2023


The 18 Gate of Correction is the awareness of what can be corrected or not.

The energy to recognize and point out what’s spoilt, what’s not working. It’s driven by a desire to perfect, to challenge what’s weak or outdated.


From Root to Spleen

Starting from the Rootthe center for life fuel, momentum adrenaline, stress & pressure. 58 Gate of Vitality is the pressure to see the beauty, the joy of life along with what could improve.

Connecting to the Spleen—the awareness center for instinct, intuition, fear & the immune system. Where 18 Gate of Correction brings the awareness of what patterns can be corrected, improved or changed.

Together they form the 58-18 Channel of Judgement.

This gate is part of the Stream of Taste. This is a logical energy that is future oriented and focused on patterns. Being in the Spleen, it carries a fear frequency. The fear of authority, a fear of being challenged and judged by others.

The Gate of Correction is motivated by a sense of perfection, dancing between satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Through judgment it sees the potential of how life can be improved by exposing what’s not working or can be changed.

Yet the 18 without the 58 might not always have the fuel, the joy to want to correct. Instead, hyper focused on all that’s wrong but without the consistent fuel to fix or do anything about it.


Collective Understanding Circuit

The Gate of Correction is part of the Collective Understanding Circuit. It’s purpose is to improve the quality of life for and of the collective. It sees the weak tiles in our foundation, societal’s ways of being, doing, relating to each other etc.

It’s a much needed gift, otherwise we would become stagnant and wouldn’t grow. There is a pressure to correct yet this is the awareness of the potential of what can be corrected, not the fuel to do so, nor the depth or skills to execute.

This is simply awareness, it doesn’t always translate to action (specially if you don’t have the 58 + 48-16 Channel of Wavelength activated as well). But worry not, this energy is still expressed in other parts of your design just not as directly.


Shadow Expressions

While you have a gift for spotting weakness and ways to fix it, this is a projected energy. You’re not here to share with anyone or everyone. In what spaces are your recognized and invited to share? Nobody wants nor are able to receive unsolicited advice or constructive criticism if unasked for—even if it’s sprinkled with the best of intentions. If you have both the 18-58 & 48-16 channels in your chart, this becomes manifested.

In the shadow expressions, the 18 might turn this energy inwards, fixated on what’s wrong in their lives, themselves and the people around them. This is not what the energy is meant for! Wanting to correct everything, feeling that you’re better than others or afraid of speaking up or sharing.


Lesson from Gate of Correction

“A critic is a man who knows the way but can’t drive the car.”—Kenneth Tynan

A lesson from Gate 18 is that while you might have a lot of opinions, ideas of how something could work better, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll translate to being useful or it’s what the collective needs from you right now.

Lean into your Strategy & Authority on what, when and with whom to share. Explore your relationship to judgment. Do you judge yourself for being judgy? Do you feel safe expressing + have an outlet for this energy? The 18 could work best in collaboration with others. Real sustainable change takes time! How can you ground yourself and trust that the right people can support you?

I see this energy expressed specially in areas like food/ movie/ book / art critics to commentators, journalism, activism, non-for-profits, science, religion etc. This is a perfectionist energy but remember, it’s not meant to be turned inwards or towards people. It’s about supporting the collective, humanity’s path to grow and evolve through patterns. You might not see the impact of your observations right away and that’s ok.

How can dive into the journey for perfection when your S&A aligns? Can you surrender to the beauty of how things are now but also inspired to create change moving forward? How can you share the hope & excitement with others? How can you hold the flaws + the ideal with integrity?


Wisdom from Gate 18

The wisdom of the 18 can be seen through the quest for perfection, as expressed in the Siddhi state of the Gene Keys:

“At this level you are using the archetype of judgement to challenge the fabric of reality itself.[..]

The 18th Siddhi contains some profound paradoxes. Living in a state of perfection entails the death of the mind and, as such, perfection is an ending. When you realise perfection, evolution ends. […]

The true physical health of humanity cannot be attained until all human wounds have been healed. Even though a human may attain a state of perfection beyond all human understanding, the body is still a part of humanity and as long as there are still wounds in the world, almost nobody can experience perfect health. In other words, perfect health cannot occur unless the whole is healed.”— Richard Rudd


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