56 Gate of Stimulation

56 Gate of Stimulation

Jul 21, 2023

56 Gate of Stimulation, also known as the gate of the casual historian and storyteller. This is about translating the human experience into language. 

The Gate of Stimulation is expressed through the storyteller, philosopher and casual historian. it reflects & share stories from the past, carrying the voice of “I believe”. This is a captivating energy that is here to stimulate the collective through exaggeration, metaphors and parables.


From Ajna to Throat

Starting with the Ajna—the cognitive awareness center for processing; the 11 Gate of Ideas conceptualizes possibilities into ideas & beliefs.

Which then reaches towards the Throat—hub for communication, expression & action. Where 56 Gate of Stimulation, gathers all the ideas into stories to be shared with others

Together they form the 56-11 Channel of Curiosity.

While 62 Gate of Details is logical & all about organizing facts; the 56 is about translating the human experience and visuals into language that has the capacity to evoke an emotional reaction. It’s not as concerned about facts or accuracy.

This is a purely subjective energy, dependant on the emotional flavouring and interpretation of the storyteller. Think of comedians and their unique ability in making everyday occurrences into comedy while at the same time leading us to being more self-aware.

Yet Gate 56 without the 11 may wander around, searching for sources of stimulation, new ideas, experiences in order to have stories to tell. It might feel like it’s always “searching” for the next thing. But what if, it’s about releasing from expectations to allow life to move through you?


Collective Sensing Circuit & Projected

This gate wants to entertain and to do so they may add some flair, exaggerations or use metaphors. They have the wildest stories and are just waiting for the ideal audience to captivate.

As a part of the Collective Sensing Circuit, the 56 is here to evoke an emotional reaction & contemplation to it’s listeners through it’s ability to reflect on the past and re-tell their recollections through their perspective & lessons.

This energy is meant to be shared with others. Yet, it is projected, so recognition + invitation along with your S&A before sharing will help you discern timing and an audience that is receptive. Now, just because you have the ability to influence your listeners, it doesn’t mean you’ll have control over how you impact them.


Shadow Expressions

The 56 needs variety in it’s day to day and different outlets to stimulate and viceversa.

There is a hunger, a thirst to explore for the sake of. It’s here to wander, to experience, to feel and then share their reflections, their wisdom with the collective. Like most of the Sensing Circuit (which is flavoured by the Solar Plexus) this is all about the journey; the joy, the unexpected, the trials, challenges and the overcoming of those.

In the Shadow Expressions, this gate might seek stimulation as a distraction to avoid feeling discomfort, to numb or in the other extreme, being so focused in yourself you shut off the outside world, not sharing, engaging nor caring.


Wisdom of Gate of Stimulation

I see the 56 expressed in so many storytellers, comedians, motivational speakers, writers, poets, directors, travellers… It reminds me of the bard, Jaskier from the Witcher. Recounting stories of their experiences, of heroes and their deeds.

Wisdom of Gate 56 shows us how powerful the stories that are told from the heart are.

Maybe that’s why we’re captivated by autobiographies, podcast interviews, mythology, legends… they often trigger a reaction of some sort. They lead us to reflect on the differing human experiences, connect us with our pain, our joy, our empathy and help us tap into our emotional depth and awareness.


Lessons of Gate 56

One of the lessons of this gate is to discern between what is noise vs. what is nourishing.

We live in a time where information, connection and entertainment is available at the tip of our fingers. We get to hear the expressions + voices from people we’ve never met or heard of before, sharing what they believe in, love & dislike. There’s always something to see, someone to chat with.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It has the ability to connect but can also disconnect us from ourselves. Our intention behind what we engage with matters, our state of mind + noticing how we’re influence by these interactions. Sometimes it may be a great way to connect with old friends, other times it can feel like noise. How do you create the space to discern? What feels nourishing in your day to day? What feels depleting?


Gate 56 Keynotes


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