Expression of my Throat Gates

Expression of my Throat Gates

Jun 21, 2022


I used to feel so much pressure to show up every week even when the words weren’t coming. It was a mix between my desire to serve, to be consistent and at the same time making sure I was providing value. That is, until I started to notice my energetic pulls and eventually learned about the expression of my throat gates in Human Design.

You see, it was a good intention but it wasn’t aligned to my energetics.

Now, you’ve heard me share about my energetic ebbs and flows before. But today I wanted to focus on expression, specifically the voices of our throat center.

So much of what we do, how we share is unique to us. Our voice, our words carry a unique frequency.


The “Voices” of the Throat Center

When I learned about my expression gates in Human Design, specifically the ones located in my undefined Throat center so many things finally clicked.

The Throat center is the hub for voice, expression, communication & action. It is where all the energy in our bodygraph is trying to make its way in order to be expressed!

It is through this center that manifestation, metamorphosis and transformation take place.

Each gate in the Throat has a theme and a “voice”. It is the center with the most gates.

Having an undefined Throat means that I amplify other’s Throat energy and when I do, this energy usually goes through my hanging gates. It’s not consistent and I don’t have control over how/when it’s going to be expressed—which let’s be honest, applies to all the gates (and channels) no matter what energy type you are!

Here’s my chart below:

So what are the gates in my Throat center?

In my case, I have the hanging 12 and 33.

  • Gate 12, known as the Gate of Caution. It’s the voice of “I know I can try or not”. This energy is about being in the mood or not in expressing/processing emotional depth. It’s an impulsive energy, part of the individual circuitry. Known as the voice of caution, it’s naturally cautious of the effects of how their energy is received—or not— because of the capacity to provoke or even mutate others through our silence or shares in the right time. It’s a projected gate, which needs to be recognized and invited in.


  • Gate 33, the Gate of Privacy. This is the voice of “I remember or not: Sharing lessons of the past”. It’s the energy of withdrawing in order to process the stories it’s received. It’s about ending cycles as part of the Collective circuitry. Which explains my pull to start a podcast to share people’s stories and experiences! This is also a projected gate, when it’s invited and recognized it has the capacity to course correct the collective.


Both of these gates are known as the Gates of Aloneness (the other one being Gate 40 from the Ego center), which means time alone is needed to process and alchemize this energy! They are also on my unconscious side, so not something I’m super aware of.

It all made sense now 🤯. So much of my expression is around my emotional reflections and when I’m in the mood the words just flow out. Giving myself the space and time to retreat helps me process + integrate everything I’m taking in until I’m ready and invited to share.

The lesson here? Forcing myself to show up, to write when there’s no energy available doesn’t just drain me, it also reduces the impact of what I share.

The more I’m able to honour my energetic needs, the more things are able to fall into place. I’m able to get out of own way and embody my gifts.

This is just a tiny part of my design! You might have similar energies but your patterns and ‘how’ will look different.

And of course that’s not the only throat energies I tap into. Remember, we experience all the energies in our chart through transits and in connection to other people. The other gates that occasionally get hooked up are the 45 (my gate 21 pointing towards it), 8 (from my gate 1), 16 (from my gate 48).

Reflection Prompts

Do you have a defined, undefined or completely open throat? How does this show up for you? What are your hanging/bridge gates?

If you have a completely open throat, look into the gates you have pointing towards the throat and consider the centers you have defined. That could help you get a sense of where and patterns of how your energy wants to express itself!

A key part of understanding our designs is being able to honour what we need and also tune into our own personal timing of when to act, to move energy. And yes, strategy & authority always but/and/also there is so much magic in exploring our the gates.

Want to dive deeper into your Human Design gates? Book an Advanced Session here and we’ll dive into gate details, planetary placements plus line details.

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