61 Gate of Mystery

61 Gate of Mystery

Jan 15, 2024

We’ve moved from Root pressure to Head pressure. For the past couple of days, we’ve been sampling the energy of Gate 61, the gate of Mystery. The pressure to seek, to dive into the unknown.

This is the mutative mental pressure to learn something new. Here to ask questions. It’s hungry to know the unknowable, to seek it’s truth.


From Crown to Ajna

Starting from the Crown—the hub for ideas, questions and inspiration. The 61 Gate of Mystery offers the fuel, the pressure to dive and look into the unknown. Asking ‘why’ type of questions.

It then reaches to the Ajna—our cognitive awareness center. Where Gate 24 processes those questions into something that can be rationalized and eventually transmuted, which then becomes a potential to inspire others.

Together they form the 61-24 Channel of Awareness.

This is the fuel to unravel mysteries, the mental pressure that jumpstarts our journey inwards. As you thread through all kinds of knowledge, you transform + mine your inner landscape & wisdom. Each search opening new pathways and doors. From spiritual, philosophical, scientific, historical etc. The “how” this shows up is influenced by other parts of your design. What are you fascinated by? What do you feel yourself pulled towards?

Yet Gate 61 without the 24, might not always have the capacity to answer the questions they stumble upon. The 61 is here to seek, to ask questions and see what comes back. While the 24 is here to ponder, to find answers. How can you hold the pressure of the unknown + release the expectations to find an answer?


Shadow Expressions

This gate is here to be inspired. Being in the Crown, it’s here to ask “why” type of questions. To openly cast their nets and see what comes back. The magic though, isn’t just about what they find but instead what happens in-between. Each quests come with it’s own challenges and lessons.

In the shadow expressions, the 61 might become obsess with wanting to know the answers, seeing everything as black & white, as absolutes with no space for uncertainty. Or hiding, repressing their their own questions out of fear, lacking the capacity to process and face them. How can you let your questions inspire you? And release the need for answers. If your 61 is in an undefined Crown, how can you have fun, play and release when there is no more mental energy?


Stream of Knowing

The 61 is the fuel for the Stream of Knowing. Streams represent the pathway of energy where we get to see the theme of how each gate + channel connects to one another. Along with the specific role they play in how they receive, transform and express energy.


The Stream of Knowing, which consists of Gates 61, 24, 43 & 23, is the individual’s search for knowledge + inner truth.

  • Starting from the Crown, the 61 Gate of Mystery provides the pressure to seek meaning, to dive into the unknown. It’s the fuel to ask ‘why’ type of questions, here to inspire.
  • Which then connects to 24 Gate of Rationalization in the Ajna, our cognitive awareness center. Which breaks down mystery into reason. It’s the energy to start processing and filtering potential answers.
  • Then the 43 Gate of Insight, sorts all the possibilities into breakthroughs & insights. It’s our inner knowing taking form, the dots connecting before sharing.
  • To finally reaching the Throat to the 23 Gate of Assimilation, the center for voice, expression & action. It’s here to give voice to their unique insights, perspective and knowing.


Individual Knowing Circuit & Projected

This gate is part of the Individual Knowing Circuit, an impulsive, creative + mutative energy. It’s here to empower the individual. It goes through periods of melancholy over lack of inspiration.

Even though this gate is here to be inspired, it’s not meant to be “on” all the time. Everything has a cycle. There are bouts of feeling “uninspired” and then periods of “output”, of creation. It’s how energy moves, process + gets transformed.

It’s also projected energy, recognition and invitation before sharing with others will allow for a better energetic exchange. Your questions are powerful + have the potential to open doors for those who are ready. And can have the opposite effect for those who are not.


A lesson from Gate 61

“However, at the frequency level of the mass consciousness of humanity today, the 61st Shadow prevails and humanity is simply a victim of the pressure of this Shadow. We will do anything and believe anything or anyone who promises to deliver us from the pressure. Thus because it promises us respite from the pressure within our minds, religion is one of the biggest businesses on our planet”—Richard Rudd

I see this energy expressed in the foundations of philosophy, science, religion, research, conspiracy theories, true crime podcasts etc. There is so much pressure to know, to have the answer. It’s certainly helped human beings evolve and grow.

But the irony is, the search for the Capital T Truth can be limiting. Things are rarely binary, we exist on a spectrum. We’re living energy that’s continuously evolving + changing. Perhaps one of the biggest lessons from this gate is, how can we hold our questions with curiosity + openness? How can we allow our truth, our believes to change with us?


Wisdom of Gate of Mystery

“You Are The Universe Experiencing Itself” Alan Watts

The Wisdom from Gate 61 is that you are divine, you are god and god is you. You’re the question and the answer. Everything you seek is within you.

This gate is here to offer a perspective, a answer, it’s here to open a door for you to explore. It’s not meant to be turned inwards to “solve” your life. This is about tapping into the depths of yourself and being transformed in the process.

Let your fascinations open new realms, take you to places you’ve never imagined. Let the answers come find you, because they eventually do when the time is right. How can you tend to yourself, nourish your garden as you plant your seeds? How can you open yourself up to receiving and releasing? How can you support yourself and build your capacity to channel, to let inspiration move through you with ease?



“Compared to the Collective mind, which is either focused on what happened in the past or predicting what may happen in the future, your Individual mind yearns for silence now, forall the voices and dialogue to stop. If you give in to the intense pressure, and let the unknown haunt you, your inspiration can become confused by delusion, leading to deep uncertainty and anxiety. The secret is to enjoy your thoughts and let your inner knowing, your inner truth, reveal itself in its own unique timing.—Lynda Bunnell & Ra Uru Hu

Inspiration cannot be forced or predicted, but comes when it comes and stays for as long as it stays. In between these heightened inspirational states, you may well become dejected or depressed. However, at a certain level of frequency you will reach a plateau, and at this level the inspiration itself gives you enough energy to maintain a heightened state. Once again, the key is some form of creative process. By its very nature the Gift of Inspiration is spiritual because it serves to loosen the hold of your mental constructs, opening and expanding your capacity for love.—Richard Rudd


Share your reflections

Do you have Gate 61 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, comment below to share.

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