Do not give your power away to Human Design

Do not give your power away to Human Design

Jan 17, 2024

Do not give your power away to Human Design. Do not give your autonomy to this framework ⛔️

I just saw an ad leveraging Human Design to find your soulmate. And it obviously triggered something in me, because I’m coming in hot.

While some energetics might look like a “match” on paper but in person they feel off. To make decisions based on purely mechanics without considering our humanness, our experience, our conditioning, our tenderness is not empowering.

To give all our power away to a system that’s made us feel “seen” is not taking responsibility for ourselves.

This is a framework, a tool to have more awareness of how we are. Our consistent energetics, where we hold the most conditioning, our cycles…but that’s it.

⚡️It shows potential but it’s not predictive nor restrictive.

It doesn’t hold the answers, it does not guarantee success, satisfaction, peace or surprise.

It does not heal as from trauma, from malnourishment, from toxic relationships.

It’s not here to shame or add more to your to do list.

And it’s certainly not to be used to outsource our decisions and life.

Nothing can do that.

We still need to show up, to take care of ourselves, to do the work, to make choices, to be in relationship with each other. To embody and decondition.

We still need to brush our teeth everyday, eat, sleep do all the human things.

This system is experiential, we learn so we can ground that into our designs and move from there. Gathering data on what feels supportive to us (not because someone said so, but because we’re tuning in the wisdom of our bodies and intuition)

Wherever, whoever you lean on for support, don’t let it strip you from your autonomy but instead how can it bring you a step closer to witnessing your wholeness?


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