The one thing that helped during my career transition

The one thing that helped during my career transition

Jan 18, 2024


A soundbite kinda episode, this was recorded a few weeks after season 2 wrap up in 2023 but I never got chance to edit and share until now.

I often get asked what’s the one thing that helped me the most while starting my business, my healing journey, my transition from 9-5 to my schedule etc. And it always catches me off guard, because it was never just one thing. It was a series of tiny steps that lead to more opportunities and openings.

Yet, if I were to summarize the theme of the steps I took for myself, this is the episode you’ll want to catch. But it’s important to remember, just because this worked for me doesn’t mean it’s what you need right now.

We’re all going through different paths, working through our own challenges and shadows with our unique set of skills and conditioning. While we can learn so much about ourselves through each other it’s also important to center into ourselves, to know where we’re at and recognize what we need in this phase of our live.

And towards the end of the episode, some reflections for each Human Design Type to ponder on. Here’s the full episode in an earlier post format.


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What was your takeaway from today’s episode?

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