43 Gate of Insight

43 Gate of Insight

Nov 13, 2023


After a few weeks away, some family weddings and seasons changing, I feel like I’m slowly settling in (but not quite there yet 😅). I feel like I say this in every other newsletter but there’s SO MUCH energy moving on a collective level right now. Paired with whatever the planets have in store for us—eclipses, new moon, cazimis— it’s been quite a doozy.

This is more a reminder to myself but make sure to carve out extra space to be, to decompress and to exhale. You might not have the energy to check off all the things your mind wants to do and that’s ok, listen to what your body needs right now to feel grounded.

So, we are currently sampling the 43 Gate of Insight. This gate is here to sort their knowledge and breakthroughs into new perspectives & ideas. It’s the possibilities of inner knowing taking form.


From Ajna to Throat

This energy is here to organize, give form to their inner knowing, their wisdom breaking through. New perspectives, theories constantly being shaped and taken apart.

Starting in the Ajna—our cognitive awareness center, 43 Gate of Insight transforms + organizes individual inner knowing into ideas and concepts.

Which then reaches towards the Throat—the center for voice, expression, communication & action. Where 23 Gate of Assimilation takes those insights and ‘packages’ them so they can be delivered/expressed.

Together they form the 43-23 Channel of Structuring.

This gate is always actively processing, making sense of the world around them. It’s constantly structuring their inner knowing, leading to personal quantum leaps. It’s also one of the gates of deafness, it doesn’t “hear” others, it’s focused on their knowing and here to reached their own conclusions. They’re not meant to be easily influenced by others after all.

In fact, these breakthroughs often come through in flashes, in an instant everything clicks—even when it doesn’t make sense to others. It’s not a rational knowing per say, nor necessarily backed up by facts. A big lesson is learning on when and with whom to share.

Yet the 43 without the 23 might not always know how to verbalize or have the energy to properly express that inner knowing with others.



Individual Knowing Circuit & Projected

This is part of the Individual Knowing Circuit, it’s about empowering yourself and leaning into your individuality. To ground into your own personal truth, daring to draw outside the lines and think differently. Some of your insights might mutate, inspire the collective and some might not land, that’s ok. This is your individual truth.

This is an impulsive energy it goes through the melancholy of inefficiency, of not being able to express themselves properly, of never knowing enough and fear of being terribly misunderstood by others. As a projected energy, recognition and invitation before sharing will ensure this energy is better received. Your breakthroughs are not for anyone or everyone. They’re mainly for you. Along with other parts of your design, your strategy & authority will guide you on when and with who to share.


Shadow Expressions

The gate of insight is great at sorting knowledge + connecting the dots. They see the bigger picture in their lives + the thread that binds everything together. But it’s important they don’t overly identify with their thoughts and mental capabilities.

In the shadow expressions, the 43 might distrust their inner wisdom, giving their power away, silencing their inner truth. Or they might be so obsessed in finding the answers that they disconnect from themselves + others. This is a stubborn energy that cannot be control, how can you relish in your insights while also releasing any stories & expectations attached to them? How can you relax into the unknown and make space for the answers to come to you? Sometimes the more we chase, the more we get in our own way.


Fear of Rejection

As part of the Ajna center, there’s a fear frequency, presented as a mental anxiety; the Fear of Rejection. Of being different, an outcast for having unique perspectives. Anxiety over your ideas being too weird + being rejected by others. The keynote for the 43-23 Channel of Structuring is known as “from genius to freak”. Specially when your wisdom is not recognized nor invited in, they might be perceived as “freak” but when shared in the right spaces + people, your insights are often well received + seen as a genius.

Your perspective, the way you see the world is your greatest gift and advantage. How can you spend more time nourishing + rooting into that wisdom? How can explore the unknown without pushing for answers or certainty?


Wisdom of Gate of Insight

“Breakthrough demands an environment of not knowing” — Richard Rudd

The wisdom of this gate is that breakthroughs happen when you’re not looking for them. The 43 is always obsessively looking to string together answers, it might be a bit compulsive in the process. Specially if you also have the Ajna center defined, you might consistently feel pressured to have to know, to have to be certain in order to move through your mental anxiety.

Yet the magic isn’t just in the answers, it’s the journey, the moments in-between your search. They’re all connective pieces leading to the light bulb moments.

Learning to hold your uncertainty, to be comfortable in the void of the unknown is important to help yourself stay grounded and regulated. Otherwise it could easily take over from your S&A.


Lesson from Gate 43

“The more I know, the more I realize I know nothing.” —Socrates

A lesson from the Gate of Insight, is that the only certainty is change. It might be ironic, being in the Knowing Circuit but perhaps it speaks to the depth of what being human, living on this planet is. We’re always changing, evolving as we learn more about ourselves and the universe.

Nothing is ever static, we’re constantly being transformed by our knowledge + awareness. While this gate leads to powerful breakthroughs they’re simply one of many portals. The purpose is not to know it all…it’s impossible but rather allowing this energy to move through you. How can you take a playful approach to that inner thirst and curiosity? How can you make space for the answers to come? How can you relax into the unknown?

“Modern society is locked into trying to create external security. We assume that happiness comes with financial or marital security whereas in fact it is not dependent on anything external. The true purpose of the 43rd Shadow at a collective genetic level is to create a more efficient society so that we can arrive at the breakthrough that nothing external can buy us happiness!

Our deafness to our fear eventually leads us to confront it. This is the power of the Shadow frequency as a driving force of evolution. This 43rd Shadow impacts you on a purely individual level — you are really only interested in taking away your own uncertainty, so you try to find the perfect relationship and you try to make enough money so that you can relax, or you try to change your body or your lifestyle so that you will feel good about yourself.

Modern society is built upon the individual’s desperation to escape the way we feel. In truth we are not really deaf at all. We are simply too busy worrying to hear, or we are too busy knowing what we are doing to listen —Richard Rudd


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