14 Gate of Power Skills

14 Gate of Power Skills

Nov 20, 2023


Gate 14, the gate of power kills is the Sacral’s life force’s power to pull in & multiply resources. Like Midas touch, this is the gate where loving what you do, brings a renewable energy to your projects and resources.

The Gate of Power Skills is the Sacral’s renewable force which has the potential to empower the individual, attract abundance + resources when expressed through aligned creative endeavours.

Coming from the Sacral—the hub for vital life force, reproduction, sustainability and sexuality. 14 Gate of Power Skills is the release of life force energy to empower us + others with resources.

Connecting to the Identity G—the hub for self, love, direction, identity, purpose, give & receive. Reaching to Gate 2, the direction, the guardrails on how to use, direct those resources. It’s here to receive, witness life moving through you.

Together they form the 14-2 Channel of the Beat.

The Gate of Power Skills is the Sacral’s creative life force looking to be transformed. It has the unique skills + ability to bring something new, different and fresh into the collective. It has the drive to work and commit. It’s the potential, where doing the work they love enables them to plant the seeds to abundance and the fruits return tenfold to them and those around them. It essentially releases energy (money, resources) to empower direction in life.

Yet the 14 without the 2 might not always know the direction they’re going, getting lost in the details and missing the bigger picture, the overall vision. It can generate resources but doesn’t know the best way to direct them. How can you instead, trust in the guidance of your strategy & authority?


Individual Knowing Circuit & Generated

This is part of the Individual Knowing Circuit, it’s all about leaning, nourishing your skills and trusting that their expression will bring you closer to yourself and purpose. It’s a creative, deeply mutative, melancholic and impulsive energy. It empowers you to do the work you love, creating a ripple and magnetic effect. Those that are in resonance will gravitate to you, add on to those resources. It’s fascinating because this is such an individual energy that has the potential to impact + bring abundance to those around them as well. The 2-14 is known as the keeper of keys after all 😉

As a generated energy, it’s here to be in response to life. Now, regardless of having a Sacral defined or not, notice how along with your Strategy & Authority, this gate shows up.


Shadow Expressions

The Sacral is a motor that’s here to be in response. Your life force being transformed by what feels nourishing + satisfying. With the 14 in an undefined Sacral, it simply means your energy comes in bursts. You’re here to rely on the consistency of your S&A instead. The 14 oscillates between melancholy about having to work or not. It’s so important for this gate to be doing work they love because it’s how this energy gets activated + alchemized so it can pull in the resources you need to bring forth change + mutation. The more you lean into that, the more opportunities open up.

In the shadow expressions, the 14 might not trust itself +instead waste their energy in jobs that are “secure” yet draining, dimming their power within, compromising themselves or overworking themselves to burnout in order to prove (specially if you also have an undefined heart).

When you are aligned with your design, and doing the work you love to do, you will generate wealth and power. These resources are not directly for your own use, however, but yours to manage in order to empower others, to support individual creativity, charitable activities, or leaders with a vision for humanity’s future. Just throwing your money, however, at anything or anyone, is a poor investment. To protect your valuable life force energy from misuse or abuse by others, and to remain properly aligned in order to bring out the right mutative direction, follow your Authority.” —Ra Uru Hu & Lynda Bunnell


Lesson from the Gate of Power Skills

One of the lessons from Gate 14 is how taking care of ourselves, honouring our needs and prioritizing our well-being are actually the keys to sustainable growth and abundance.

You can’t help others if you are drowning. You can’t give from an empty tank. While many of us have been conditioned to people please, how can you slowly reclaim your life force and ground into love and worthiness? The time you’re taking to nourish your passions, yourself are the seeds to your wealth and prosperity.

“With every act of self-care your authentic self gets stronger, and the critical, fearful mind gets weaker. Every act of self-care is a powerful declaration: I am on my side, I am on my side, each day I am more and more on my own side.” — Susan Weiss Berry

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.”— Deborah Day

“There is enough time for self-care. There is not enough time to make up for the life you’ll miss by not filling yourself up.” — Jennifer Williamson

“Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like you love yourself.” — Tara Stiles

“You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it.” — Liz Gilbert


Wisdom from Gate 14

Wisdom from the Gate of Power Skills is recognizing the abundance in our gifts. We all have gifts that are uniquely ours, no matter what design we have (& it’s entirely up to us to nourish them). You see, our energetics is not here to limit us, every single design has exactly what it needs to be successful once they stop pushing and trying to be like everyone else.

Knowing our designs can offer us insight into how we operate best, so we can use our energy in a more sustainable & aligned way. Yet not every opportunity, problem + person is for us. Think of our S&A as a filter that helps us discern what we do have energy for.

When you spend time properly tending to yourself, your skills + opportunities will also start blooming.

“As we have seen, within every human being lies a latent genius, and this genius emerges when you stop making compromises in life. Competence is the quality that accompanies a person who loves what they are doing. It is one of those gifts that cannot be taught. […]

The 14th Gift also has another latent power — the power of attraction. Competence creates a powerful magnetic field that not only draws in the right support but also has the ability to magnetise material wealth. [..]This is the origin of the many folk sayings about money and wealth — for example, “It takes wealth to become wealthy” or “Wealth begets wealth.” Prosperity is an infectious energy field that grows exponentially as long as it is used in the service of empowerment. Competence is unafraid of success and power, and radiates confidence and assuredness wherever it goes. It is a force field that naturally creates prosperity. It cannot do otherwise because it has so much creative power within it. It has only to find the right outlet in the world” —Richard Rudd


Share your reflections

With Gate 14 activated in my Personality Venus (line 3) I see how much of this energy has lead me to lessons about who I am, what I stand for and flavouring what I do as “work”. For me, it’s always been a priority to be able to do work that is meaningful and satisfactory. Otherwise, I would literally feel my life force draining and find myself getting sick more often.

I also recognize that for others, that wasn’t as important. Work is something they have to do to survive. So many people spend 10, 30 years at a job they’re ok with that. Because their life force, their vitality comes from other areas.

But my gate 14 will not be able to survive in that and trust me, I tried for many years at a job I was good and respected for but they were golden handcuffs because the cost to stay at that job was my sanity and health. So I chose the “hard” path but it was mine and exactly what I needed.

It’s been a lot of trial and error as I built my career to burnt it down and eventually start my business; but I only started to thrive once I was able to tap into my own worthiness and self love. And the abundance of the 14 requires precisely that. A self-recognition of not only what I bring to the table but the immense value of my joy as well.

As a projector with 7 centers open + a defined heart, it was easy to fall into the trap of overworking or misusing my energy for the well-being of others. My mighty will can move mountains, especially if the cause is something I’m passionate about BUT my body is sensitive and can hold on to amplified Sacral, Root/Crown pressure for a long time and exhausting myself if I’m not careful.

Learning to trust in my own personal timing, my design and spending time nourishing my mind, body and my gifts for the sake of, was actually what helped me tap into my own personal portal of abundance.

So many people are curious about how I’m making this business work but there isn’t any magic trick. I’ve been saying it for years and will continue to say, it’s about taking care and honouring ourselves. There are no shortcuts BUT it will lead you to your version of success, satisfaction, peace and surprise 😉

Do you have Gate 14 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.

PS. If you’re looking for some additional support in synthesizing the elements of your Human Design chart, book a 1:1 session or package here.

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  1. Judith says:

    I loved reading this – it came to me at a perfect moment in my life. I have often wondered why it is so hard for me to stay in a job that I don’t like, especially with others around me seeming to be ok with it. Even now that I am building my own business, which I love, and have a bridge job on the side, I still feel drained by the job and I would love nothing more than to leave. I’m not sure how to open myself up to more aligned opportunities though, but I’m grateful I found this article. Thank you

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Judith, I feel you! These big transitions, specially at the beginning stages of building our own business and also working on a bridge job can be a loooot. Uncertainty, excitement, confusion but it’s all part of the process.

      Sometimes it’s helpful to look at our undefined centers, since a lot of subconscious conditioning can show up when we’re “upleveling/transitioning”. Old patterns, beliefs, fears and stories about ourselves.

      It’s often not about having to “do more” but instead, looking inwards and tend to those shadow expressions in order to rewire/upgrade them. When we’re able to do so, we naturally make more space energetically for aligned opportunities to come our way! That applies to no matter what type you are! Good luck and hope I get to hear from you in the future!

    • Tiana says:

      This is my conscious earth. Something about having this gate in that placement is so empowering to me. I feel so much more connected to prosperity especially knowing that all I have to do is follow the path that lights me up and uplift others on the way to doing so. Thank you!!

      • Jessica Lock says:

        Yes yes yes! Follow that inner pull, that curiosity and making space to tend to ourselves. That’s basically what we’re here to do <3

        Of course there will be challenges but leaning on what we know and our capacity is enough to move through them!