44 Gate of Alertness

44 Gate of Alertness

Oct 31, 2023

How are you? There’s been so much bubbling up in the collective, it can be quite overwhelming at times. We’re not just handling our emotional wellbeing but also the unravelling of the collective themes around us. Whether you’re tuned into the news, social media or not…this is a marathon.

Do what you need to take care of yourself. We’re also in the midst of seasons changing, so our bodies might require different forms of nourishment and tools to support itself right now.

Sometimes we might have the energy to fight, to take a stand and other times we need to pause and retreat. One is no better than the other, it’s all part of the cycle. This is simply a reminder to check in with wherever you’re at and what your immediate needs are 💛

Now, today we moved into Gate 44, the gate of Alertness. An instinctual awareness of others potentials and gifts. It carries data from the past as it sorts through what skills, who are the people who can create new, better patterns for its community.


From Spleen to Ego

Starting in the Spleenthe awareness center for instinct, intuition, fear & the immune system. 44 Gate of Alertness holds our ancestral, instinctive memory of what is needed to survive, an instinct of other’s skills, capabilities and how to use them.

Which then connects to the Heart— the motor center for willpower, ego & the material world. Where 26 Gate of the Egoist, is here to manage, manipulate & share the messaging of the 44.

Together they form the 44-26 Channel of Surrender.

This gate has the ability to smell others through their cellular memory, which has been passed down through generations. On a genetic and energetic level, it can also sniff out who’s for them or not. It seeks the most efficient way to get something done.

It has a talent for reading the people they come into close contact with, along with intuiting their skills and gifts. Which gives them the ability to manage others in a group.

Yet the 44 without the 26 might just have the awareness but not the willpower to always manage others or know how to balance between working and rest, instead overcommitting or overdoing when they don’t have the energy for it.


Community Ego Circuit & Projected

This is part of the Community Ego Circuit and it’s all about supporting + providing resources for the community.

For the 44’s case, it’s about managing and guiding people’s skills to flourish as they support the community and viceversa. Facilitating efficiency and saving energy along the way as a new pattern for the future is created.

This is a projected energy though, just because you can see where others may excel, they need to recognize + invite your guidance first. You’re not here to guide everyone and anyone. Lean into your strategy and authority just like others are leaning into theirs.


Fear of the Past

As a splenic gate, the 44’s fear frequency is the Fear of the Past.

Fear of the past repeating itself and not being equipped to handle/break the pattern. There’s also a fear of the past catching up to the present. How can you recognize this fear that inspires you to grow, heal and at the same time not let it drive your decisions? Don’t let the fear of the past prevent you from living in the present.

You’re here to be transformed + transform others through your interactions. The only way of breaking a past pattern is through the choices and interactions you make in the present. How can you lean into your instincts and intuition to guide you, along with your strategy & authority?


Shadow Expressions

While you’re able to see patterns and even predict trends, remember this is simply awareness but not necessarily the consistent energy to work and manage. And being projected, recognition + invitation aka energetic consent when sharing, working with others is important part of your process.

In the shadow expressions, the 44 might use their awareness to manipulate or attempt to control others or they don’t trust their instincts about people and keep repeating the same patterns but with different people. They overextend themselves trying to manage and control everyone even when they don’t have the energy to do so.


Lesson of the Gate 44

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

One of the lessons from this gate is the power of working together. Everybody has gifts that are unique to them. Everyone brings something to the table. How can you allow this to play out? How can you nurture your skills along with those in your community? How can you collaborate with those that are in resonance with you?

I see this expressed in Human Resources, managers, mentor mentee relationships, community group programs, talent agents and scouts (makes me think of the relationship between The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and her agent Susie, although that could also have a hint of 1-8 channel as well!)


Wisdom of the Gate of Alertness

Wisdom from the 44 is that the knowledge from the past holds the key to changing our future. That genetic fear also holds the data and ways to understand what, why things didn’t worked out along with the lessons of what did. This is how old patterns; ancestral, personal, collective cycles are broken and rewritten. This is how the collective consciousness heals and mutates. Bringing what’s rotten to the surface so we can prune it. We’re seeing some pretty big themes playing out right now—in a way, depending on where you live, they never stopped, simply not pushed into the collective awareness until recently.

“If you do not learn the lesson of a certain relationship — even if you leave that relationship — the pattern will come right back into your life through another person.” —Richard Rudd


Share your Reflections

Do you have Gate 44 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.

The 44-26 is my only channel, the most consistent energy I can rely on. Which also means, the fear of the past is something that’s quite present in my daily life. Paired with my 6th line (4/6 projector here), there’s this perfectionist energy driving me. There’s a tension of desperately wanting to make a difference in the world, to serve, to create something of great value for the community and have a zillion ideas on what can be done but at the same time it can be paralyzing to be seen, to put myself out there and be rejected.

And add to that the flavouring of my Sun Gate in 48, the fear of inadequacy, of not knowing enough, I hid in the shadows for so freaking long.

But here’s the thing my 44 has taught me, that I’m damn good at reading others and what they need. I can see where things are going (but that doesn’t mean I get to control the outcome). At times, it’s made me into a people pleaser (hello undefined solar plexus 🥴) or even lose myself if I’m not grounded or motivated by guilt and fears.

However, through inner work and healing, I’ve been able to reconcile with the past. Harvesting the mistakes, lessons and wisdoms of those experiences have helped me move through that fear.

The past doesn’t have to repeat itself. In fact, the only thing we can “change” about the past is our perception of it. It’s what we take from it.

Time is not linear, past experiences still affect us in the present. Specially if we haven’t been able to process that energy and the effects it’s had on us. That’s why trauma therapy is so important. The past informs our future based on the decisions we make in the present.

It’s not easy work though, it’s untangling our energetic knots so we can create a better pattern in the future. Doesn’t mean it’ll be perfect or that no mistakes will happen again, simply means another level of awareness.

Who are the people that recognize your 44? Who are the people that invite your guidance?

Do you have any stories about your 44? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.


Exploring Further

And if you’re looking for some additional support in synthesizing the elements of your Human Design chart, book a 1:1 session or package here.

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  1. Ka says:

    44 is my Pearl in the Genekeys and my energy center/flow in HD. Your post was so synchronous as I was just reflecting on how I dip into community send my foracity of love, someone pedastool the leader and then they turn on me and I see the pattern of how power is a delicate balance that can become poison if one is not careful. However, harmony is very important to me and I see the call to become the power source and create a community that I lead and that each of these communities I’ve attached to have been learning tools. I am VERY a sensitive to the energies and needs. And will submerge myself in community and then have to take a 1-2 year hermit break. Lol

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your reflection! I love this reflection “I see the pattern of how power is a delicate balance that can become poison if one is not careful.”

      You’re so right. All these gifts and shadows are the same energy in a sense with a different motivation/ shift in frequency. The shadow is part of the gift just like the gift is part of a shadow.

      Do you have the spleen defined? that could also influence how this energy is moved and how it can sustain you. How can you carve out the space to release what you cannot control, to let go of your observations and what you’ve amplified? So you can show up for yourself and your community without overextending yourself.

      Of course that’s easier said than done, as a 4/6 I’ve definitely noticed my energy wanting to stay on the roof as often as possible!